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    It's good to see that you are working on this project really hard :), but if you can't solve it, it don't matter. (But if you want to make a plugin that works like LoL, turrets should have this functionality.)
    And i also came back with another impossible idea :DDD.: Is there a way to shoot someone with the eye of ender?
    It could may be the replacement of the death beam as it would be able to follow you...
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    Just wrote something to be on the first page :p
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    just wrote something to don't be on last page
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    Kodfod I just would like to know, if you found a way to get the death beam alive. (Or if you are still working on this project)
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    I'm sorry I have gotten slammed with work and now I'm having to relocate to the other end of the state. That's my hold up on it.

    Good news, I have it shooting, has Durability
    Bad news, Couldn't find a way to create the beam.
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    Here, I made a picture for the dev site. Hope you find it useful :D
    If I can't do anything, I can still help designig and support with other ideas.

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    I really don't want to make you hurry but please response soon...

    I came up with two other ideas :p - the first one is a way of showing the hp of an endercrystal.
    It shoud be solved exactly like how the wither's and the ender dragon's hp is shown, so when you look at it, it's hp is being showed in the purple bar. - Is this possible?
    - My second idea is to make it toggleable if the turret senses invisible players. (Those who has Invisibility potion on them) So you could be able to sneak around them in the wilderness, but not in a battleground.

    - I still can't wait to use this, seems to be a very good plugin [diamond]
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    Also not really possible. Purple bar is client side and only shows up when the client sees an enderdragon/wither. There could technically be a work around by spawning it with certain amount of hp and removing, but you'll probably hear it a lot and it could be annoying/not very smooth.
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    and why dont make a health bar with the chat or the lvl bar?
    you can change the visual lvl bar without changing the number of levels too
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    pff you always make me feel so ...disapointed :(. But okay then.

    Well, I just wouldn't like that. I don't want to see the health so much anyways. :D - But thank you for your interest.
    And what about the second idea? Is that impossible too?

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