Tune Java with a simple command and more by RFS [Bukkit]

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by padakoys, Mar 11, 2013.

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    Rfs team reveals it self. "*From this blog-website you will be able to download your own minecraft server and have the ability to play with your friends all over the world. We will keep this post updated with different versions from classic to mod servers using bukkit".

    *With this move we are asking from bukkit team, if its possible, to make this post sticky and we will present our work eigher through devBuild or through our blog.

    We are updatting our code everyday and we fully support bukkit servers since 2011.

    We are also asking from you the permission to show the url of our blog here. We won't post it right now to avoid accuses for spam

    We setted up our own command lines:
    Giving the option to choose your server's setup
    Or tune up your Java and more

    System checks if your computer is ready to run your server
    You can choose multiple server setup by your cpu bitrate
    You can Tune your Java up adding lines [Advance setup]
    Easy memory setup
    Restart Server option

    Next updates:
    Batch to C# "check system" &
    C# Interface
    Setup server option
    Setup plugins
    Config plugins
    Auto update plugins
    More Java tune ups
    and more:

    Download AlphaV1.06.zip

    Important, you have to add your own craftbukkit.jar into server and rename it to mc_server.jar to TEST it

    RFS since 2011

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    Moved to the correct forum.

    However, in order to keep this post valid (and not get deleted) you need to provide more information on this page, as well as a direct download link to your tool. Someone who finds this post should not have to click another link to see how to use this tool.

    This would not get a sticky any more than any of the dozens of other tools already available that do this exact thing.
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    We didn't post it on Bukkit Tools because we wanted to have a discussion first about it. This project
    is still in early production but we can show an already setted up bukkit server in a direct link. (Version Alpha v1.06)
    Thank you for moving our post to "Bukkit Tools".
    Here is the next update: v1.06

    We are working on C# and Batch.
    I am updating the main post now and adding direct link.
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    Looking good ! Can not wait to see the GUi.
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