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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by LucasEmanuel, May 16, 2013.

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    Hi, I got a request from an organization to make a "semi" economy plugin they need to have for a sponsored competition in a couple of weeks. The plugin is pretty much complete but I have still to find a fairly well balanced list of items and selling prices.

    The idea of the plugin is that the competitors have one week to sell as much stuff to the server as possible. The player with the highest balance at the end of the week wins some stuff from Qpad (the sponsor) etc.

    So, basically I need a list of all items in minecraft and a selling price besides it. Are there any good ones already out there that I could use, or do I have to spend precious debugging time to create my own?

    From some basic searches on google i found this:

    It seems to be the best one I can find, or do you guys have a better one? :)
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    Default essentials one? Maybe the mod EE2's EMC values could be adapted
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    Yea, i thought about the EMC values as well. If no one have anything better I might go with that :)
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    I made one a while ago that is equivalent prices. I went through all the recipes and added up the base resource prices i made.
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    Nice :) What does the # at the end of the prices of the woolblocks mean? :)

    I let a small script chew through your list for materials and selling prices and it seems to look good, thanks :)

    A heads up in case you are going to use it again, it seems to lack ~63 items :)

    This was the result:

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    Did it add them? and it was a old list i hadnt updated to the new updates.
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    No, Im going to do that manually later to get their prices right :)

    According to the script, these where the ones missing:

    Most of them are nothing that a player can use anyway :)
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    ok, well if you wouldn't mind posting an updated version it would be much appreciated.
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    No problem, I'll do it when the list is complete :)
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    Any chance you'd still like to post this? I'm revamping the market for our server & this would save an incredible amount of time. :)
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    Burnett1 grichecth
    Oh wow, I totally forgot this :p

    It's on my old computer, I'll post it tomorrow if I remember ;)
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