Trying to find a Anti Grief plugin(s)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by toon7, Feb 9, 2012.

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    a long time ago i had BigBrother but it seems to be outdated :(
    If i had Mysql i could have used a another logging plugin
    but seems i cant get it to work on my computer. ( mac)
    If u guys know any other Rollback/logging plugin that uses a flatfile
    Please leave a comment
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    Maybe the guide about MySQL I wrote can help you? check my sig below for a link =)
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    hawkeye works well for me.
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    WorldGuard? Protect regions, but HawkEye is more specific to anti-griefing.
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    ture, and more recourse intensive, but it's better, no doubt
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    LogBlock (rollbacks), MCbans (global banlist/banning), WorldGuard (protect areas), WorldEdit (fix large scale grief or use with WorldGuard to protect areas)...
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    btw, I wrote a guide today about anti-grief plugins, check out the link in my sig down below =)
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