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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by emericask8ur, Aug 29, 2011.

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    Well I dont think I would ever liked Coding! Bukkit not only has Inspired me to learn java in the first place but I think it also inspires young people to work hard, I mean you see all these young developers and thats just a awesome sign to see. Even as my self, Im only 15 turning 16 soon. I plan on going to college for C++ Java, and Html, Without Bukkit, I prob wouldnt have a future! Thank you bukkit!
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    Java for Dummies is a Really Good way to start Java
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    I will help you! add emericask8ur on skype ill be on tmrw and here in the mean time Look at This , This and This!
    And please Sign up for my site HERE
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    Daniel Heppner

    I'm totally willing to help you out as well. Let me know what I can do. I suggest "Thinking in Java" by Bruce Eckle. It's a VERY good book. It covers everything in a very nice way.
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    I started learning by doing. If you know the smallest, most limited elements of Java (methods, variables, if statements) you can start writing code. When you don't know something, look it up (Google, javadocs). If there's no info, ask someone! The plugin development forum here is pretty helpful
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    I am looking to get a book on programming and whatnot as well. Start with Java, get acquainted and then learn other things later. :D I'm currently going through Java videos and learning the basics. It's pretty fun so far. I hope that maybe one day I'll be quite well-versed! Seems like a mountain to climb but I'm confident I can do it. :D
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    Yop, very true story!
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    That's exactly how I learn best. I've learnt all my programming languages by just diving in.
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    I would like to advice you to buy a programming manual... Maybe it could be hard to understand in the first place, but it will cover every single aspect you should know. I've studied Java at University in Italy on an English book (i think it's name is Java 6 but don't remember well) and, even if was difficult to study in a language different from mine, i've found it usefull and easy to understand. Hope I'm usefull as well
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    very true! i now love coding! i wouldnt say i know ALOT but i do have the general idea :D. today i just taught myself HTML. i know how to create a basic web page :D. with bukkit-dev i use Dreamweaver to create my page :D.
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