Trouble in Terrorist Town for Minecraft

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    There is a game mode in Garry's Mod called Trouble in Terrorist Town, and I think it would be a good and simple plugin to make for Minecraft.

    The real Trouble in Terrorist Town is a game where a small number of players are designated as "traitors", and they have to kill the "innocent", which is everyone else. The innocent can also win by killing all the traitors. The traitors know who else is a traitor, but the innocent don't know who is a traitor or who is innocent. The players must find or buy weapons to kill the people they are supposed to. The traitors must keep their kills secret so that no innocent people find out they are traitors and try to kill them.

    I think this would be an easy game mode to move to Minecraft.
    My idea for the Minecraft Trouble in Terrorist Town:
    1 player does a command to open a lobby for the game.
    Players do a command along the lines of '/join' or perhaps '/trouble join'.
    The player who started the lobby can then do a command to close the lobby and start the game, so no players will join in the middle of the game.
    The plugin then designates positions by sending a message saying if you are a traitor or not.
    If you are innocent, you receive a message that will say "You are innocent."
    If you are a traitor, you will receive a message that is something like: "You are a traitor! The other traitors are 'X', 'Y', and 'Z'!" Where X, Y, and Z are the names of the other traitors.
    The ratio of innocent people to traitors should be between 4:1 and 3:1. There should always be fewer traitors then innocent people.
    The game will automatically end when all the traitors or all of the innocent are dead.

    The rest, like building a map or hiding weapons and food do not need to be built into the plugin. The only essential part is that the plugin designates who is a traitor and who isn't.

    I would appreciate someone trying to make this idea into a plugin, I think it would be a lot of fun. Thanks!
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    I would love this plugin! I would code it myself but I am a bit rusty on java :p
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    Do you know anyone who can write plugins? I really need this one.
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    Yes, somebody please make this, I would love to be able to put this on a server :D
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    It would also be good if the map cycles or resets. But if you need a bit of a bad one (not judging) try killers or killerz (forgot what its called :p)
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    I'm making this using Skript and it's almost done. But I highly doubt I'll make it public as it was a private request.
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    Would mind letting me use it too?
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    It depends on if I can get it working and the requester gives the Ok.
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    i would make it, but i have too many plugins to work on @ the moment

    Also it seems as the staff mamber gave a nice link to someone who already did this

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