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    Trollplus+ Trollplus is a trolling plugin, used to punish those who deserve it. There's only 1 permission : trollplus.execute There are loads of commands, but the plugin is still in progress. /trollplus help - Show all trollplus commands.
    /trollplus igniter - Ignite targeted player.
    /trollplus potion - Give negative effects to targeted player.
    /trollplus chattroll - Flood chat with weird messages.
    /trollplus dimension - Teleport targeted player to nether.
    /trollplus end - Teleport targeted player to the End.
    /trollplus bats - Spawn bats around targeted player.
    /trollplus tnt - Spawn TNT inside targeted player.
    /trollplus squids - Spawn Squids around targeted player.
    /trollplus hacked - Send messages acting like server has been hacked. If you experience any issues, please report on this forum thread.

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