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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by PandazNWafflez, Jul 26, 2014.

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    Bukkit is a great API. Craftbukkit is a great server mod. The Bukkit forums are a great community - mostly.

    I understand that you don't support third-party software - this obviously makes sense as it would be ridiculous to expect Bukkit staff to provide support for things they didn't make. However, it has reached a point where threads are locked for having a mention of any non-Bukkit-related words in them.

    Take this thread:

    It was locked. Why? Because Bukkit doesn't support third party software. But if you were to read the thread, then unless you are a retard, you would realise that actually, the thread applied 100% to a normal Craftbukkit server, and was not limited in any way to a modded server. ANY Minecraft server can crash - generally because Minecraft is a godawful piece of programming, but also because of people who find exploits or other things.

    This thread:

    It requested a plugin to give players a different inventory depending on their rank. It required no modification, and no hooking into a third-party piece of software. It was a normal bukkit plugin which was being requested. So why was it locked? Because the staff saw the word 'Bungee' in the thread, despite the fact the plugin was in no way related to BungeeCord apart from the requester's server, they locked it.

    The above examples are two of many, and it is utterly ridiculous that thread's are locked because of background information they contain which doesn't even have any relevance to the request, in the plugin requests section. Obviously, poor administration happens outside of the requests section too.
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    The crash restart plugin request was for a modded server. Modded servers do not crash in the exact same way as CraftBukkit. The batch file was a good option, but won't cover most of the crash instances. Many times, at least with CraftBukkit, a crash (often caused by a misbehaving plugin) will not fully terminate the Java process. To handle a crash restart properly, an external program watching the log file for crashes specific to that software (especially if you want to make sure its an actual crash, not just a partially frozen, or slow server) so it can kill the Java PID and relaunch the server. This would need to be written specifically for mod in question, just like writing one for CraftBukkit would need to be written with the plugins running in mind. However, the person wasn't asking for a crash restart program for CraftBukkit, they were asking for one from some other mod. Our moderators properly redirected the person to get support from that mod's community, just as I would expect Mojang's support to tell people running CraftBukkit to seek support with our community. It would be unreasonable to expect Mojang to take on our support, including finding some way to handle CraftBukkit crashing and automatically restarting the server in that event.

    The per rank inventory plugin request was for a proxy server that forces offline mode, which is not supported. Requesting plugins for proxy software, mods, or unofficial builds should be requested on the forums for where that software is found. Again, this is very reasonable. If that community is unable to help their members write software for their platform, the responsibility does not fall on our community to do so.

    It is unfortunate that people expect these forums to take on the support load for other software, take on Java development for other software and encourage people to use a mode of operation that makes their server vulnerable, simply because we're one of the largest communities that mods the Minecraft game. Attempting to do so only distracts our community away from supporting the software we make and creating plugins for that software, when using a mode of operation that can be supported without causing other issues that can't possibly be fixed.

    Finally, I'd suggest you take a good long look at the attitude you portray when you say something. You could have easily gotten your point across without resorting to name calling and definitely without the insulting attitude.

    Locked. This discussion has been hash, rehashed, beaten to death, beaten some more, equines have been killed and beaten once dead. No sense doing it again.
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