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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by NoRC, Feb 3, 2011.

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    So I love MineCraft, and have always wanted to learn Java... Ive spent the last 2 weeks writing this plugin for Bukkit which allows alot of control over the server and some bandwidth savings as well as performance by restricting parts of the world so that people dont go off on a endless walk causing chunk generation.

    Best part of this plugin it allows for 3 types of players...a random, a regular and a premium. The reason we have premium before I get flamed is because australian servers cost alot of $$ per month so to offset server costs we have the 3 levels. But as a free member you still can do almost everything a premium can.

    Anyways heres the current feature list... as best I can remember it from what I've written. Oh before I forget the server talks with the website server to allow stat tracking and other stuff that im working on for the plugin,

    Current Features:-

    * Account Types, there are 3 levels (Unclaimed/Claimed/Premium)
    * Account Types have Time Restrictions (How Many Minutes P/Day on Server, Time Windows that you can connect)
    * Live Playerlist visible on Website
    * /sethome & /home should be self explanitory
    * Global Chat
    * Faction Chat
    * Proximity Chat (30 Blocks)
    * /sethome & /home should be self explanitory
    * Tribe Tags on Chat Messages
    * Abilities for each faction (Spirit can fall any height, Fire takes no damage from fire, Water can old beath underwater etc...
    * Leveling System 1 -> 20, Based off XP
    * XP System that rewards your activities in game
    * Block Types are restricted to levels
    * Different Level Players get access to different items and can interact with different items ie: Level 1 can not use Diamond but level 10 can.
    * Tribe Support (Private Tribe Chat & Tribe Area Claims and Tribe Bank plus new Tribe Home)
    * Whois system that reports your Name, Level, XP, Kills & Deaths
    * Area Claims (Size & Hight Settable along with Build, Mine, Access & PVP settings. Area claims cost gold coins... user claims are cheeper but have less max size, where as tribe claims are more expensive but can be alot bigger.
    * Community Shop Buys/Sells Items from Players
    * Virtual Currency in the form of Gold Coins, You can convert gold ingot into gold coin by typing /convert while you have gold ingot in your hand.
    * Spawn Protection from both Mining/Building as well as PVP. Admin can however build & pvp in spawn protection area.

    If you wanna check it out head over to our site,

    Server Hostname :
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