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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by AnorZaken, Mar 28, 2014.

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    Getting back to plugin development to update SaplingAssist for the new tree types.

    But... is there still no proper way of grabbing the TreeSpecies from the LOG_2 type blocks?
    (I was told on irc that this was being worked on back in december, which is why I'm hoping I might have missed something?)

    Basically the (relevant part of the) code would look something like this at the moment:

    1. if (isLogMaterial(block.getType()))
    2. {
    3. MaterialData mData = block.getState().getData();
    4. TreeSpecies ts;
    5. if (mData instanceof Tree)
    6. ts = ((Tree)mData).getSpecies();
    7. else //(LOG_2 not using Tree::MaterialData)
    8. ts = mData.getData() == 0 ? TreeSpecies.ACACIA : TreeSpecies.DARK_OAK;
    9. }

    isLogMaterial() simply checks if Material is LOG || LOG_2

    I'm hoping there is some better way? (not overly optimistic)

    I'm going to interpret the lack of replies as there not being a better way and mark it as solved.

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    Thank you!
    Watching it now.

    (I agree with the expected behavior - it would also mean the above code would not break once this gets fixed, which is very nice!)
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