Transitioning from C/C++ to Java/Bukkit

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by dotnabox, Feb 28, 2011.

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    Hi guys,

    I've been poking around here a few days and I have decided that it's time to use my enormous amount of free time for something a bit more productive than watching tv and playing video games. I'm a CS major and have been working in c/c++ for a few years now and want to try my hand and Java, specifically with the intention of developing simple (although hopefully not forever) plugins for MC.

    With that being said, what's a good place to start reading about Java as well as the Bukkit API? All of the Java resources I've found seem to be too basic (discussing fundamentals of programming in general) or too advanced (assume you are a seasoned pro).

    Oh! And I've already taken a look at both of Samkio's videos and they are a great resource, but I feel like I am lacking too much general Java knowledge to fully understand each line of code.
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    I am a C programmer, so programming is really the same, you just need the api and for that there's javadoc. For some java objects there's still google. That how I made my plugins.
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    Ah hah. That's a useful page to have. Not sure how I never came across it. Thanks for the link.
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    Definitely get started on the wiki! That's the "Documentation" link in the main header :)

    There are tutorials there that will walk you through getting a dev environment set up, which is really 99% of the work.

    Java, you will find, is not the problem- it's a very similar syntax to C++, and it's far, far more forgiving, in practice :)
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    Just dive in! I came from a C++ background, but Java was based off of C++, and for the most part, things line up. Well, except structs, garbage collection, pointers, but yeah.
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