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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Kiwz, Oct 21, 2011.

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    Hi, I have a server with about 20-40 players each day, and as soon as the number is above 15 my TPS is lower than 10. I have stripped down to 0 plugins, added one by one, the problem is there anyway.
    TPS is pretty stable at 7-10 even with 50 players online.
    I teleportet around to see what the players are up to, and they all just building and farming in the normal way. I do think this problem started at MC v1.8, so could it be a 1.8 bug?
    My specs:
    AMD x4 3,7Ghz
    16Gb DDR3
    120Gb SATA2 SSD harddrive
    25/25Mbit internett connection
    Win7 64bit pro
    Java6 64bit
    6 different worlds
    maximum-heap-size=14G (RemoteToolKit wrapper)
    initial-heap-size=4G (RemoteToolKit wrapper)
    Avarage players online: 20 (peaks at 60players)
    List of plugins.
    If more information is required let me know.
    Appriciate any help I can get.
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    Its most likely your cpu not being able to keep up.

    Try giving it a overclock or consider buying a faster one.
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    faster than 3,7ghz? this was the fastest I could get in Norway from AMD for a few months ago. Overclocking a server, no thank you, there must be something else.
    And btw the CPU is at a stable 30% load.
    I do think that there is alot MC servers out there with 30players and a slower cpu than mine without this problem.
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    1) it isn't always about clock speed, architecture matters (ie sandy bridge intel would be the best architecture)
    2) have you tried a RamDisk to hold the server to get IO bottlenecks out of the way
    3) you realize that 6 worlds is a lot to handle, might want to think about 6 running servers (there are plugins to migrate between servers)
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    30% of one core or 30% overall? 30% overall could easily mean that you have 1 core of a quad core CPU maxed out, indicating that it is indeed a cpu issue.
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    30% on one core the three others are lower

    Never used a RamDisk before, though I have heard about it, will try.
    About all the world, I could strip it down to 2 worlds and run it online for a day or to.
    Thank you for your tips :)

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    I stripped it down to 2 worlds, and still the same TPS issue.
    I also made a clean Win7 install and still the same TPS issue.
    I also removed all my plugins and still the same TPS issue.
    I do have a pretty fast harddrive, it is an SSD disk (a ramd-disk),
    if the TPS issue is caused by a slow harddrive, what harddrive could I then use?
    I would like to stay away from Ram-disk as I do not know that much about it.
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    a ram disk is simply a software driver that turns some of your memory into a disk (from the OS' perspective)

    i use Dataram RAMDisk free version (up to 4GB), it works quite well

    if this doesn't work i would say it isn't an IO bottleneck and don't know
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    It is most likely the six worlds. Try unloading them (NOT DELETING) /mv world unload

    If this improves performance, that will be a fix to part of your problem. However, 1.8 is much, much slower than 1.7.3 was. Now that Notch is just fixing bugs and performance, you can look forward to better speeds.
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    I allready tryed with a clean 1 world CB#1341 on a fresh installed server with 3,7Ghz, 16Gb, SSD and as soon as more than about 15players join the TPS slows down.
    And yes, I have also tryed to delete ALL entityes and turned off all Redstone Clocks and disabled animals/monsters.
    The only thing that helps the TPS is when I ask ALL players to gather at spawn.
    I would also point to that when I ran 1.7.3 and 6 worlds even with 60players there was no TPS issue. So yes, I would like to think 1.8 is rather buggy at this point.
    Anyway, for about 4 weeks I have tryed everything to get a better TPS and I am now pretty fed up.
    So if there where anyone here that could confirm that it is the 1.8 version that is causing some TPS issues,
    I would be werry happy :)
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    Well I would ask about the upload speed, however since it worked on 1.7.3, that probably isn't the issue.
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    I have a 25Mbit Fiber Optic connection, and btw, I am in LAN with server and still TPS issue, even console outputs TPS=7 pr.sec.
    If this is what you asked for.
    I appriciate all your help :D
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    I am having similar issues. I found lowering the render distance from 15 to 8 helped a bit but there is still a definite issue with tps. Im currently getting 11 tps and there are 30 Players online.

    My machine is hosting 3 servers at the moment. Each has mysql database and two have block logging plugins. All worlds are run on a ramdisk. The one i am noticing low tps on most is my pvp server because its by far the most popular. The address is if anyone wants to see what its like.

    The server Specs are as follows.
    OS: Windows server 2008 R2
    CPU: Intel Xeon W3520 @ 2.67 Ghz
    RAM: 24 GB (10 alocated to the pvp server)
    Bandwidth: About 100 to 170 Mbit upload
    HDD: 2 TB (not too sure on speed guessing 7200 RPM)
    RAMDISK: 3 GB for all worlds

    All my servers are using mcmyadmin wrapper which should not be effecting performance. Although i have not tried without it. out of my plugins some of the biggest hogs in performance should be hawkeye and RawcriticsOreObfucationPlugin. I have only just added The Obfuscation plugin and it doesnt have any effect on the tps as far as i can see. I have tired disabling hawkeye and it also made no difference to tps.

    The cpu doesnt seem to be under any pressure. It doesnt really every go over 50% in total and any one core doesnt seem to be maxed out. See screenshot below.

    Somthing i should probably be paying more attention to is my startup script. I am using mcmyadmin so i must enter the java opts in the mcmyadmin config file. I have the following options set.

    -Xms2G -Xincgc -XX:ParallelGCThreads=4 -XX:UseSSE=3 -XX:+UseLargePages -XX:+UseParNewGC
    If anyone has any tips for me that would be great. Again i havnt done a pile of messing with the startup options because its hard to test if you dont have lots of players on and when there are lots of players on i dont want to be restarting the server all the time.
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    Thank you so much that’s extremely detailed. I have started the server with those arguments now. So far it’s running absolutely perfect with 17 people. It’s actually over 20 tps for some reason. It's getting about 20 to 23. The only thing i noticed is when i started up the server it said. "JVM cannot use large page memory because it does not have enough privilege to lock pages in memory." so i will have to look into that some more later. I’m not running as admin which is probably what’s wrong. I will post back after i get about 30+ players on and let you know how it’s working. Thank you again for that explanation it definitely helped at a little even with few players online.
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    Show Spoiler
    "C:\Programfiler\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe" -Xms4G -Xmx10G -XX:permSize=128m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -XX:+DisableExplicitGC -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:+CMSParallelRemarkEnabled -XX:parallelGCThreads=3 -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=50 -XX:+UseAdaptiveGCBoundary -XX:-UseGCOverheadLimit -XX:+UseBiasedLocking -XX:SurvivorRatio=8 -XX:TargetSurvivorRatio=90 -XX:MaxTenuringThreshold=15 -Xnoclassgc -XX:UseSSE=3 -XX:+UseLargePages -XX:+UseFastAccessorMethods -XX:+UseStringCache -XX:+UseCompressedStrings -XX:+OptimizeStringConcat -XX:+AggressiveOpts -jar craftbukkit.jar nogui

    Didnt solve my problem :(
    And I am about to give up.
    My server is running pretty well with less than 15players, above 40players TPS is down to 4-7.
    And this is when I run CB#1337 and commandbook (commandbook has a TPS meassure command).
    No other plugins, just 1 world, I do not use RemoteToolkit anymore and no other programs running.
    My CPU is not overloaded, the one core with highest load is at stable 30%.
    See OP for my hardware specs.
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    I’m still having issues too. :(
    I really thought it had fixed it. At the moment with 27 people online I am down to 7 - 10 ticks per second (measuring with command book) even straight after a restart its bad. There are not many more people on from when I tested first and it was at 20 tps but there is a lot more movement and activity in chat at the moment. I think the issue is mainly down to minecraft itself and the chunk loading. I just hope that the next release will fix some issues.
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    I soooo agree with you madman about "I think the issue is mainly down to minecraft itself and the chunk loading"
    And I do think we share the exact same problem.
    I will for now rest my case and check back here when MC1.9 is released.
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    Can you guys test with an older RB of bukkit? Or with one of the newly released builds?

    Your hardware should be fine, so there must be either a misconfiguration somewhere or a bug.

    Try re-installing java from scratch. Uninstall any anti-virus.

    Also, yes, to use large pages you do need to be running as administrator.

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    Don’t really want to go downgrading at the moment because everything is running much more stable now plugin wise. I was having trouble on the last few versions and i also had same issues with tps on earlier builds. They have never been perfect but performance took a noticeable dive since the 1.8 update. I’m just hoping 1.9/1.0 will be better.

    Do you think large pages are an important thing to have? There are a number of admins that have access to the server via rdp. I would prefer not to be giving admin access to that account but i guess it's not a big deal.

    Also do you have any say on ram disk stuff? Would I get any performance gain from loading all the minecraft config files etc. onto a ram disk vs. just having the worlds on the ram disk?
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    I have had this issue ever since CB#1185 and I have tryed like 9 different builds after that and are now @1363.
    I have also re-installed WIN7 (ofc java aswell).
    I have not disabled my antivirus though, since I dont like running windows without an antivirus,
    but I made a try now and disabled Avast, still low TPS :(
    I would say I have tryed almost everything there is to try over the paste 4-6 weeks.
    Thanks for helping us though :)

    Btw, I do notice a pretty high TPS dropp if I and/or more ppl are flying around werry fast.
    But I do only have like 5 ppl that are able to fly, and even when they are offline the TPS is low.

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    Well if it's something in one of the newer builds it would be handy to know which build first introduced the problem.

    Using a ram disk shouldn't have this much of an effect. Your system specs are good.

    Does it get worse when specific users are online? maybe someone has a mod or hack that is messing with things. That's just a wild guess though.
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    Well, I didnt rly notice any TPS issue untill MC1.8 was introdused. But I dont think we had any trouble before.
    When it comes to my players, I have about 200 of them, and it is a new "set" of players from week to week, and TPS is rly slow no matter who is online.
    I tryed to remove all my plugins to check if this was a plugin issue, but then my users just stopped doing anything and just gathered at spawn. TPS is PERFECT even if there is 50 players aslong as everyone is at the same place.
    So this makes troubleshooting pretty hard.
    So for now I will just back off and wayt to see if the problem solves it selfe or if someone else can fix a similar issue.
    I am pretty tired of all this troubleshooting and there is few players complaining, since this only affect day/night and stuff that grows like seed, melons, grass +++.
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    Try something like Ptweaks. Perhaps you have a lot of monsters spawning? I've noticed times where hundreds of squid will spawn in the same area and start to cause some lag.
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    Tryed it weeks ago, I have also tryed disabling ALL monsters/animals and also used /stoplag from worldguard (clears all entityes and stops redstone clocks etc.).
    I have also tryed NoLagg.
    I did read somewhere that a vanilla 1.8 build also suffers the same sickness..???... :/
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    Phaedrus id like to give you some feedback on the settings above that you told me to try out. I have had them on my servers since you have given them to me and they have helped a lot. I still had bad enough tps a lot of the time on 1.8 but i think that the settings you gave me decreased block lag and helped keep the ticks per second a bit higher than they were.

    Currently I am running on bukkit B1477 which is minecraft 1.0.0 and it seems to be performing better than ever. With 20 players i was getting over 19 tps and now with about 70 players I’m getting around 7 tps and no block lag which i think is fantastic. The only thing thats really different is we now have a new world.


    (I still haven’t got around to enabling large page size though so that might squeeze an extra bit of performance out of it)
    I would like to thank you again for your help with this. It really helped me out :)

    PS. Hows things going for everyone else? I know a lot of servers arnt updated to 1.0 yet. Mine is running fairly stable with 1.0. we had a few crashes with read timed out. But noting serious.
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    Glad to hear it helped out!
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    Nathan C

    Holy cow, that is amazing!

    What are your specs?!
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    OS: Windows server 2008 R2
    CPU: Intel Xeon W3520 @ 2.67 Ghz
    RAM: 24 GB (8 alocated to the sever im talking about)
    Bandwidth: About 100 to 170 Mbit upload (never really usees more than 10mbit upload)
    HDD: 2 TB (not too sure on speed guessing 7200 RPM)
    3GB RAMDISK for all worlds

    We have had 100 players online with not very much lag but there was a low tick rate of around 5 tps. Its been running much better since the 1.0 update. I think if this cpu had a higher clock rate per core that we would get better performance. Somthing like an overclocked sandybridge would be the best. Although i dont really see any one core ever going above 50% at the moment so i cant say for sure if it would be much better.
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    (wild guess)
    When i went to my maps "farlands" the hole server started lagging .... and it didnt stop (not even with everyone at spawn and a server restart)

    The way i fixed it was by deleting the farlands form the map folder

    so check your map folder for any files where "30" (or higher) or "-30" (or lower) is a part of the name and delete them
    (if you want to be sure .... delete everything over/under 20/-20)
    Remember to make a backup :p
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