Inactive [TP] xWarp v3.1.7 - MyWarp fork (w/ prices, economy, visibility) [1.2.5-R1.0]

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    Hello everyone,
    I forked the MyWarp project and added some functionality. In basic it is the same as the MyWarp.

    Now on BukkitDev
    This plugin is already on BukkitDev. I will transfer this post to BukkitDev.

    3.1.7 + marker (Tested: 1.2.5-R1.0)
    3.1.7 (Tested: 1.2.5-R1.0)
    2.12.0 (Tested: cb819, Should run ≥ cb691)
    All downloads

    The versions for other builds are normally only compatibly updates. So they don't provide other features. This means version “a-cb684” is the same (in basic) as “a-cb556” or simply “a”.
    Notice: With version 2.3.0, 2.6.0, 2.8.0, 2.9.0, 3.0.0 (or later) I changed the database layout. Previous versions of xWarp couldn't read this database. So backup it for sure.


    Changelog moved to BukkitDev. The full changelog is still on github.

    Since 2.8.0 it is possible to use prices for warp and creation. It uses the Permissions nodes to change define basic prices. Also it is possible to define a price for each warp. At the moment iConomy version 4 and 5, Essentials Economy (at least Dev build 2.2.104) and BOSEconomy supported.
    Global/Public/Private warps
    With the Version 2.0.0 beta 13 I introduce the new state of global warps. Every user can create warps for its own (public/private) like before and hasn't be aware of already existing one's from others. So Player “A” could create a warp named “foo” and another Player “B” could also create a warp called “foo”. Now to access these warps you have to specify which warp do you want to use.
    Therefore I added a parameter to specify the owner of the warp. To warp to the “foo” warp of Player “A” you simply type:
    /warp foo A
    You could exchange the second parameter (= A) with a B to warp to B's warp “foo”.
    Now to shorten the warps you could globalize a warp with
    /warp global <name> <owner>
    Now you don't have to add the owner of the warp. For example if somebody globalized the warp “foo” of player “A” you now can simply type:
    /warp foo
    There is one rule: “If you don't define the owner it searches the global warps.”
    But a global warp also has a owner (in our case Player “A”) so you also define the owner.
    So there is one major change: If your warp contains a space you have to escape it, otherwise it will guess the second part as a owner (to escape see the section above).
    For further information visit the wiki.
    Sign Warps
    Creating a sign warp is really easy. You have 3 layouts: MyWarp, Single Line and xWarp.
    In MyWarp your sign has two lines. In the first place only “MyWarp” and in the second the name of the warp. This works only if the warp is in the global map.
    The “Single Line” layout only needs a line with “Warp: <name>”. If there are more than one lines with this layout on one sign it won't work. The colon is optional, the W could be lowercase and the spaces between “Warp:” and the name have to be at least one.
    With xWarp layout you could place “xWarp” in the first line (case-insensitive) or “Warp”/“warp” and optional a colon.
    In the second line is the name of the warp and in the third the owner (optional)
    Upcoming changes
    Backups? (unknown)
    If possible I maybe make it possible to backup the warps with others backup plugins. It is only an idea at a moment, but maybe sometimes xWarp supports this.
    tkelly's suggestion system (Suspended)
    tkelly created a system, that can get a warp similar named if you didn't spell it right.

    Fabian aka xZise
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    Hello ! Is it possible to set a price for use warps please ?​
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    @Ghostaunt: This feature is already in progress. The warp owner could set a price for his warp and you could define via Permissions a base price for a warp creation and a warp itself. Maybe I will integrate this in 2.8.0 which will come with limits, or I will bring this update later, as I couldn't easily test iConomy.

    @TPMJB: Your database seems to be correct. So please test if you could list warps within the console, and if you could teleport to a warp. Because the plugin will tell you, that you don't have the permission to teleport.

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    City Builder

    seems to be working fine for us on bukkit 670

    Although this is also getting written to our permissions file
    public: -1
    private: -1
    public: -1
    private: -1
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    Known and not my “fault”. Use EssentialsGroupManager or live with them:

    See also:

    Also does xWarp don't behave different, as a warmup time of -1 seconds behaves like not set (also for the cooldown).

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    hey where is the xWarp.jar located in the folder? i cant find it
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    City Builder

    Ummm impossible to live with as it messes up using xwarp, once that gets written into the permissions file I have to go and delete it to make xwarp work again.
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    Which folder?

    What is, if you make it Read only?

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    City Builder

    No, I hadn't tried making the permissions file read only, I'll try that now.

    I had meant that having that stuff that I posted above added to the permissions file was stopping xwarp from working for some users that got that added to their permissions, so I'll make the file read only for now.

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    Can I set it so groups have a set amount of Private Warps, a different amount of Public Warps, and a Different amount of Global Warps?
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    I figured out that the problem was instead groupmanager. I had a groupmanager folder, but I switched to essentials group manager a while ago since anjo died or something. Anyway, the new bukkit (or essentials) wanted to rename the folder "essentialsgroupmanager" to "groupmanager" but couldn't since that folder already existed.
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    So you have insufficient permissions? That does make sense.

    In the version 2.8.0 you will have this option. I'm trying to release this update today.

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    the whole xWarp folder in my plugins folder
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    Ehr? You download xWarp from one of the links above and place them (like any other plugin) in the plugins/ directory where your CraftBukkit.jar is (by default). Then start Server and you are done.

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    Would it be possible to add an option in the config for the 'force-to' thing - it's really annoying having to do /warp force-to pvp, rather than just /warp pvp. It also confuses our users.
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    Okay, I will add an option or disable this check completely as I never had problem with this anymore.


    So here come the new version 2.8.0 with the new feature “limits”. It changes the database layout so make a backup for sure. The change is a little bit complex, as I renamed the creator to owner and add a new field creator. So don't mix them, because a non global warp is unique for a owner not creator (anymore).

    I will complete the documentation as soon as possible. I couldn't add prices/force-to option, because then I couldn't release it now because both are untested/unimplemented.

    So this is my next roadmap:
    • Add force-to option (maybe release with prices)
    • Release legacy build (maybe release with prices)
    • Add prices
    • New build (non integer) without prices/limits/cooldown/warmup because of the Permissions/Bukkit bug. This should be simple, as I simply doesn't request the Permissions plugin and use the default value.
    Update for the roadmap: I added the “total creation limit” and the “option”. I will together test them with the prices system which is also pretty ready. Maybe I could finish the implementation in the next hours and test them over the day and release them within 24 hours. But only if everything works perfect.


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    How does one limit the amount of warps per group? I can't figure that out. Also can you make it so its like /warp [privcreate,pubcreate,gcreate] [name]? Make it a lot simpler? And then just like /warp [NAME]? If they warp name is taken just choose another :p instead of over complicating it.
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    Per group is not possible, only per player. To do so, simply add a integer in the Permissions like this:
        - permissions.reload
        group: Admins
          warp.limit.public: 83
    What do you want to make simpler? Use “/warp create <name>” to create a public, “/warp createp <name>” to create a private and “/warp createg <name>” to create a global warp. All commands are in the wiki.

    What do you want me to do? Could you please describe what your problem is, and what I could do here?
    Here I described the changes between the visibilities and in the last section I described, how xWarp determines which warp it select if you leave the owner field blank.

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    I get this error

    [SEVERE] (class: org/sqlite/SQLite, method: run_0x1e200 signature: ()V) loading xWarp v2.8.0 (Is it up to date?)
    java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: (class: org/sqlite/SQLite, method: run_0x1e200 signature: ()V)
    at java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method)
    at java.lang.Class.forName(Unknown Source)
    at org.sqlite.NestedDB._open(
    at org.sqlite.Conn.<init>(
    at org.sqlite.JDBC.connect(
    at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(Unknown Source)
    at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(Unknown Source)
    at de.xzise.xwarp.dataconnections.SQLiteConnection.initFile(
    at de.xzise.xwarp.dataconnections.SQLiteConnection.create(
    at de.xzise.xwarp.dataconnections.SQLiteConnection.load(
    at me.taylorkelly.mywarp.MyWarp.onEnable(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.d(
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    I have no idea what issued this. Did you use xWarp before?

    Also I finished version 2.9.0. Then you have prices, the force-to option and a total “warp creation limit”.


    Okay the new build is complete uploaded.

    Also my new “update routine” is:
    1. Upload new file (xWarp-<version>.jar)
    2. Remove old file (the xWarp.jar)
    3. Update post/wiki
    4. Upload missing files
    And you maybe noticed, the 2.9.0-legacy: Yep I will release a new legacy build (untested again) but it ~19 % of the downloads are the legacy downloads.

    And please update from 2.8.0 to 2.9.0 because I had a serious bug with the hmod like data connection.

    [update]legacy build is now released.[/update]


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    Don Redhorse

    Thanks Fabian

    Would it be possible to also have a generic limit and an overwrite?


    WarpsLimitPublic: 1

    Overwrite Permission
    xwarp.ignorelimits true

    that would allow for a general limit instead of a per user which needs to be added manually.
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    I'm using Permissions, so you could also set the value for a group. For example if all users/groups depends on the group “Default” then simply define the value in the “Default” group. And to disable this simply set the value to a negative value.

    A example:
        default: true
          warp.limit.private: 1
          warp.limit.public: 0
        default: false
        inheritance: foo
           warp.limit.public: 1
        group: bar
        group: foo
        group: bar
          warp.limit.private: -1
    So everybody in the group “foo” could create one private warp and no public/global warps. Everybody in group “bar” has the same restrictions as the “foo” group, but additionally they could create one public warp. So the user “nobody” could create one private and one public warp.
    The user “superduper” could also create one private and one public part (because the user is in the “bar” group). But the info section overrides the settings, so the player could also create one global warp and infinite number of private warps.
    And the user “somebody” simply could only create one private warp.

    One “problem” is, that in the moment it will count all warps and not only the warps in the specific world. So you couldn't limit the warps in the normal world but allow them instead to create more warps then in the nether. I will try to solve this issue. Nevertheless you couldn't define “user/group x could create y warps in world A and B together”. For example set the y to 10 you couldn't achieve, that you allow the user to create a mix of all combinations like creating 7 in world A and 3 in world B (but don't allow more then 10 in total).

    I also found a “bug” in iConomymy plugin, so you could have a negative iConomy balance, although I tested before if the player had enough.

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    Warps with spaces in their name (as mywarp supports) are still not supported by this, right?
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    Warps with spaces are supported the complete life time of this plugin:

    So either place the name in quotes or escape the spaces.


    Okay I uploaded a fix for hmod files which could crash your server, if the world is invalid (e.g. because the world gets loaded after xWarp was loaded). Also some other changes, everything is listed in the changelog.


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    I can't find how to add a global price for warps. Also how do I make it stop saying "Yeah. This warp is free (like beer). "

    Also, is the cooldown for warps in seconds?
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    Refering to this wiki-page you could define the variable "" to define a basic price.

    There is no option at the moment to disable this.

    Yep (also reffering to the wiki page):
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                prefix: '[Citizen] '
                build: true
                suffix: ''
                            public: -1
                            private: -1
                            global: -1
                            public: 75
                            private: 75
                            global: 75
    What am I doing wrong?
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    What do you expect? This should enable cooldown for citizen and all successive groups for 75 seconds.

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    Is there any chance you could add a separate permission for /warp invite? The warp.admin.invite node only affects whether you can invite someone to a warp you do not own.. I would like to give a group the ability to warp to a warp they have been invited to by another group, but not be able to invite other players to their own.
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    and it does. But when I have this stuff under info: it causes my Prefix not to show up while still not having a warp price
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    Something like this will come, so you could allow owners only some modifications.

    @Donny: Place a space behind any colon ;)
    This should work.


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