Inactive [TP] xWarp v3.1.7 - MyWarp fork (w/ prices, economy, visibility) [1.2.5-R1.0]

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    Hello everyone,
    I forked the MyWarp project and added some functionality. In basic it is the same as the MyWarp.

    Now on BukkitDev
    This plugin is already on BukkitDev. I will transfer this post to BukkitDev.

    3.1.7 + marker (Tested: 1.2.5-R1.0)
    3.1.7 (Tested: 1.2.5-R1.0)
    2.12.0 (Tested: cb819, Should run ≥ cb691)
    All downloads

    The versions for other builds are normally only compatibly updates. So they don't provide other features. This means version “a-cb684” is the same (in basic) as “a-cb556” or simply “a”.
    Notice: With version 2.3.0, 2.6.0, 2.8.0, 2.9.0, 3.0.0 (or later) I changed the database layout. Previous versions of xWarp couldn't read this database. So backup it for sure.


    Changelog moved to BukkitDev. The full changelog is still on github.

    Since 2.8.0 it is possible to use prices for warp and creation. It uses the Permissions nodes to change define basic prices. Also it is possible to define a price for each warp. At the moment iConomy version 4 and 5, Essentials Economy (at least Dev build 2.2.104) and BOSEconomy supported.
    Global/Public/Private warps
    With the Version 2.0.0 beta 13 I introduce the new state of global warps. Every user can create warps for its own (public/private) like before and hasn't be aware of already existing one's from others. So Player “A” could create a warp named “foo” and another Player “B” could also create a warp called “foo”. Now to access these warps you have to specify which warp do you want to use.
    Therefore I added a parameter to specify the owner of the warp. To warp to the “foo” warp of Player “A” you simply type:
    /warp foo A
    You could exchange the second parameter (= A) with a B to warp to B's warp “foo”.
    Now to shorten the warps you could globalize a warp with
    /warp global <name> <owner>
    Now you don't have to add the owner of the warp. For example if somebody globalized the warp “foo” of player “A” you now can simply type:
    /warp foo
    There is one rule: “If you don't define the owner it searches the global warps.”
    But a global warp also has a owner (in our case Player “A”) so you also define the owner.
    So there is one major change: If your warp contains a space you have to escape it, otherwise it will guess the second part as a owner (to escape see the section above).
    For further information visit the wiki.
    Sign Warps
    Creating a sign warp is really easy. You have 3 layouts: MyWarp, Single Line and xWarp.
    In MyWarp your sign has two lines. In the first place only “MyWarp” and in the second the name of the warp. This works only if the warp is in the global map.
    The “Single Line” layout only needs a line with “Warp: <name>”. If there are more than one lines with this layout on one sign it won't work. The colon is optional, the W could be lowercase and the spaces between “Warp:” and the name have to be at least one.
    With xWarp layout you could place “xWarp” in the first line (case-insensitive) or “Warp”/“warp” and optional a colon.
    In the second line is the name of the warp and in the third the owner (optional)
    Upcoming changes
    Backups? (unknown)
    If possible I maybe make it possible to backup the warps with others backup plugins. It is only an idea at a moment, but maybe sometimes xWarp supports this.
    tkelly's suggestion system (Suspended)
    tkelly created a system, that can get a warp similar named if you didn't spell it right.

    Fabian aka xZise
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    Actually, sometimes when I teleport (this includes T++) I get errors, yep. Because of this I think it is a issue of Bukkit/Minecraft. Do you get the error every time?

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    I've been getting the chunk error every time. Wasn't doing it before the update to 818. The error persists till I log out and log back in.
  4. Bit busy so havent read the thread (sorry), but i'm using 818 and warping between worlds is acting strangely (not sure, but i think it warps you to original spawn of the world). Once there, warping withing the same world works ok. I'm using * as im an admin. Thanks.
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    Update to 819. 818 is glitched with multiworld teleport.
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    Actually also other teleport plugins (e.g. MyHome) have issues with unloaded chunks. At the moment I think it is a problem of Bukkit. But maybe not, and 2.11.2 will (strangely) fix this.

    By the way, the update is out ;)

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    Hey even after giving my players permissions, they are still denied. I have #818 and permissions 2.7. This issue did not occur before the update!

    To clarify my problem, I get this on startup.
    2011-06-02 21:56:42 [INFO] [xWarp]: No Register found. Deactivating Register support.
    2011-06-02 21:56:42 [INFO] [xWarp]: 29 warps loaded
    2011-06-02 21:56:42 [WARNING] [xWarp]: Doesn't link to disabled permissions system: Permissions v2.7
    2011-06-02 21:56:42 [INFO] [xWarp]: Loaded no economy system, because it is deactivated.
    2011-06-02 21:56:42 [INFO] [xWarp]: xWarp 2.11.2 enabled
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    Does this support Permissions 3.* yet?
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    There is somewhere a info, that it is now linked with Permissions 2.7. It was (at this moment) not enabled, so it will ignore this plugin. But if it gets enabled, it will get notified and linked to it.
    [update]Okay, I have a little error there. I will check this, don't know what the error does, but the message (line 3) doesn't mean, it is disabled.[/update]
    [update]Okay new “update”: This error is fine :D it says everything okay! I will release 2.11.3 soon, with a fix of this messages.[/update]

    Hmmm … I will check the changelog … ah there we go:
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    I don't quite understand what your saying as when I play, it is quite clear that xWarp is not linked to permissions. Is there a way for me to enable this or do you need to update it?
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    Quite clear? Okay I don't understand :D because my server says “doesn't link to disabled permissions blabla” but it meant, that it was linked to it (and it is working). Okay I have to notice, that I use Permissions 3.1, but I don't know why 2.7 shouldn't work. I will look into this, but would be nice, if you could give me some additional information:
    1. Could you execute xwarp permissions <player's name> and tell me the result?
    2. Is there any more log message from xwarp after these you quoted?
    3. Is there any error message if you warp.
    4. You couldn't warp? This means, that it linked to the permissions plugin (otherwise you could warp to every warp, except those which are private and you are not invited).

    Okay I uploaded the 2.11.3. I recommend to use the latest Permissions plugin. I plan to remove my legacy support (means from 3.0) with releasing xWarp 3.0.

    Also it now prints the correct message, when it try to link to a plugin.


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    I am having the same problem as lolzrofl, in that it does not work with permissions 2.7.4. I upgraded to 2.11.3 and the only difference it made is that it now prints '[INFO] [xWarp]: Linked with permissions system: Permissions v2.7.4' during start up (earlier it printed '[WARNING] [xWarp]: Doesn't link to disabled permissions system: Permissions v2.7')

    Warps works for my admins who have the permission node '*', but not for anyone else with the permission node 'warp.*'

    P.S I do have essentials installed, but it never conflicted with xwarp before.
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    And use xwarp instead of warp. There you could be sure that you are using xWarp and not warp.

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    I did xwarp permissions <player's name> for a regular player and it outputed:


    They only have the permission '*' and so it should be working, yet they still get the message 'You do not have the permission to use that warp...'

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    I'm having the same issue as amunro.
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    Same here. I can warp everywhere since I'm an admin, but my "default" group can't warp anywhere, nor can they list warps.
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    Yup. I thought I would add a little information just to try clarify more if it helps. We are running Permissions 2.7.4 (most other plugins don't support P3 yet), and I have found a few things:

    People in the OP.txt file can warp
    Admins with the '*' permission node can warp
    Moderators with the 'warp.*' permission node CAN warp
    Players with the '*' permission node CANNOT warp.
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    Jonathan Bloom

    I also have the issue where players with* can't warp.
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    Lunar Delta

    Users on my server with* also cannot warp.
  20. Great plugin, working fine :)

    Could you add a permision node to warp for free even if there is a price for this warp ?
    (for admin, guests, vip, ...)

    You need to give them the<world> permission. It's used to allow them to warp in your <world>.

    I had the same problem.

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    @Lunar Delta,
    @Jonathan Bloom,
    could you all check, if they have any “…” permission? If not, this is your problem. So if you missed to add these permission, I want to ask you why? I created a wiki page Permissions for every permission used by me. It is linked in the Permissions section in the OP and there I said:
    Now my question is, is it my English so bad, that you don't understand what I wanted to say? And it is there a couple of versions, and would affect all permissions systems.

    List groups? I don't know any function to list groups in xWarp?

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    Is this new to 1.6.6? My confusion was only caused because this error only occurred after the update to bukkit 818. If this world permission is required, it was only required after updating to 818. Anyway, I can't test at the moment because I'm abroad, but it sounds like that was the problem. Can any of the others confirm? Sorry you are getting stressed fabian, we appreciate your help, but there is no reason to be rude. I did not change any permissions before and after updating, it used to work, and now it doesn't. Anyway, it seems this problem has now been resolved.
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    Lunar Delta

    Well, excuse me then. It's just that I have been using MyWarp and xWarp for such a long time I didn't think that you would suddenly change all of the most important permissions nodes. You should either not do that or make more of an effort to clarify such things.

    Also, this.
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    I added the limits in 2.9.5 which is from 4th May, so about one month ago. There were also some pages about the confusion so I renamed the permission name in 2.11.0 which I uploaded on 15th May.

    So I thought that this feature is clear and I didn't want to be rude, but sometimes it appears that some users do nothing on it own. I don't want to say who exactly this is, but I could only shaking my head, when somebody asks the same exactly question a couple of posts below the same question.

    I won't show all major changes, I'm on my own, checking the changelog before updating the plugin. So I quickly see what was changed. But nevertheless, hopefully this will fix your issue.

    @Lunar Delta: Sorry, but I had to rename the permission node in 2.11.0, because there are some which get confused by the old permission node names. And I always post any change (which is relevant for you) in the changelog. I couldn't leave the permission nodes untouched, as there will be new features and sometimes the name selection isn't very good.

    And this feature/problem is nothing special in 1.6.6 or 818, so I got confused by saying “I have the problem since 818”. I thought you updated from 2.11.0, 2.11.1 or 2.11.2 and got now the problems. If so, adding the permissions should solve the issue, as this problem is there also right before updating as I didn't change it in 2.11.1-3.

    And how big I have to clarify, that there is a change?
    Do you need a big red hightlighted text like:
    And how long should it stay there? A day? A week? Next update? A month? Sorry, but these texts are destroying the layout and looks terrible, and how important are those notes? Sorry, but my tip is: Read the changes when you updating.
    Why? A update is a change, and maybe I changed something you are needing? So you should know what changed.

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    I think this might be a bukkit/minecraft bug but when some users warp they always end up on an ungenerated chunk. Is there any way to fix this?
  26. Anything about this ? x)
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    I missed that new permissions setting. Good to go there now.

    Have confirmed it has to be bukkit or minecraft causing the chunk errors. I have had it happen with /tp /home and /warp. xWarp seems to do it more often but at the same time xWarp does do a lot more. Some of the solutions I've found to avoiding it is to place a block down at the same location and jump on top of it and update or remove and remake the warp. After doing that with all my warps they mostly seem to be doing fine. I remove the block after i update or recreate the warp.

    Hope that helps some.
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    @Arno00: Nice idea, and I thinking about how to implement this. One way would be, add a permission and you won't be charged any price. But maybe I could do this more complex :D and allow you to manage to which warps it will be free. But I have no idea how to this (the best way).

    @thekris1234: Firstly I don't think you mean “generated”, as you have to be at the chunk when you create the warp. So the chunk is already generated, when you create the warp. I think you mean loaded or something like this.
    At the moment I have no idea how to deal with this. I hope that Bukkit will address this issue soon. And as a second possibility will provide MyHome 2 by Spathizilla a little fix. Simply use this, and shouldn't happen.
    But this is only a (very) dirty workaround, as this will produce large overheads if any other plugin will do the same (e.g. me) and you use both. So hopefully Bukkit will fix this soon.

    @Croyd: To be honest, but I have no idea, why this helps on your server :) I mean, relocating a warp changing some position values :D But if solve most problems of the others, go ahead :)

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    I try /warp list but it says the warp does not exist >.<
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    You use Essentials, which overrides your warp command (I think). Try /w list or /xwarp list. If this work, it should be the case. → See also

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    Sorry xZise! I had not updated xWarp for a while, and didn't notice the new functionality.

    Thanks for your work in making the best Warp plugin.

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