[TP] Wormhole X-Treme - Multi-World capable Stargates - Moved to BukkitDev!

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    Wormhole X-Treme v1.016
    Multi-World capable Stargates for bukkit powered servers
    Craftbukkit 1846

    This project has been moved to BukkitDev
    Please visit the new project page on BukkitDev http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/wormhole_x-treme/

    Project moved to BukkitDev

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    put the name of the gate in qu
    Put the name of the gate in quotes. I know it works when dialing a gate, should be the same to remove one.
  3. Idea: Could you make a Gateshape mit brown whool which is an Ringteleporter and a Golden/yellow whool dhd. And could you make it bright when its teleporting like in real Stargate?
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    trying to instaal this plugin under bukkit 1.0.1-R1 and get this error.

    10:55 PM [WARNING] [WormholeXTreme] Not a supported version of Help. Recommended is 0.2.x
    10:55 PM [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling WormholeXTreme v1.011 (Is it up to date?): me/taylorkelly/help/Help

    Could someone elaborate on this.. I am new to minecraft bukkit
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    I'm sorry to have to do this... but I just don't understand would to limit permissions to a group with PEX.

    How do I stop group "default" from being able to do anything to a gate, group "members" being able to only use gates, and group "admin" being able to create, remove, config, and use a gate.

    I have been looking and trying things for a while now... I really feel like I missed something.

    Thanks in advance.
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    One thing that needs looking at is that different networks shouldn't share gate names with other networks. So you could have gates with the same name but on different networks.
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    Pleeeeaaassseeeeee tell me this plugin is not dead, again........ It works with 1.1, I have about 30 gates on my server but there are some funky errors sometimes - I will start posting them here.
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    erdrickk it isn't. Its just time consuming to check every single method. And as the Topic states its only compatible with 1337 which is not 1.0.1 Bukkit nor 1.x

    Posting errors of 1.0 doesnt help me well, it just spams the thread.
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    It's running perfectly for me on 1.1. The only issue I'm having is when it loads it is automatically joining a Permissions 2.7 which I've never loaded onto the server. I'm trying to use PEX to manage permissions for the Portals, but am not having any luck getting the two to talk. Is this just a problem with using the plugin that's not meant for my version or is there a setting somewhere I don't know of?
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    Does PEX have a 2.7 bridge available? I know with PermissionsBukkit you can use a bridge to emulate 2.7 and make it work, that's what I do.
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    Matsuro you need Permissions.jar from the PEX Package. Thats all. PEX does have superperms included as well.
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    is there a link to a guide so i can link other worlds togeather? i will be very happy i have like 5 worlds i need to connect on the same server
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    Simply use the plugin you are using to manage multiple maps, find an administrative command to move between maps, then build a Wormhole via this plugin just as if you were making one on a single-map server. No additional setup or options required.

    EDIT: While I'm here; lycano, is there currently a bug associated with removing Redstone-activated gates that only have an RD (as in, no RA or RS)? I can get error reports and the problematic shape file to you later; it is rather late over here and I need to get to bed. I tend to forget to ask these kinds of questions, though.
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    Help please.
    I have maded stargate, but I can`t "complete " gate.
    I input /wormhole complete Stargate1 and will have in console helping about other commands.
    Help please!!!Many thanks!
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    You are getting the prompt to complete the gate, correct? Upon successful creation, followed by flipping the lever on the DHD, the game should prompt you to use the complete command.
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    PeterY please lookup the command spoiler in my thread. It is /wxcomplete not /wormhole complete
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    Hey, i had this for a while now, i like it but for the permissions how does that work. do i use bukkit permisions or is there another plugin. to make gates i have had to be an op which i can do but it would be easier if i had permisions.
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    rourke750 you should use permissionsEx. Make shure permissions.jar is also included as this version does not have native pex support.
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    it works but i get a lot of error messages. doesnt really affect but there still shouldn't be. i have the PermissionsEx and permissions.jar. do i have to say in permission.yml under permissionsEx each program name to stop the errors.
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    Maybe a positive comment will help you :)
    You do a great job !!! and I know you work as hard as you can.
    We just need to have patience, wich is a rarity these days.

    Without your plugins my server wouldnt be what it is today.
    and I am very thankfull that you took over this great plugin.
    Dont let the tards get to you. They just have no idea the work thats involved.

    Greets Sat
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    Hey thanks saturnine_nl i really enjoyed your comment!

    And a little update on this topic. Im actually now working on a 1.1 RB compatible build. As i managed to shield me against some funny guys who where thinking "attacking my server is fun" .. anyways stay tuned!
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    works fine on RB 1.1
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    Update notice: Hi guys, as you may have noticed WormholeXTreme Worlds got updated. This will break compatibility to the current version of wormholeXTreme Wormhole.

    Don't use the 1337 build along with 1818 wxw! It will possibly break your database!

    Wxt will be updated after work. This plugin has many events to listen on and as i have to adapt to the new system this could take a while. So i hope i can update and release today.
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    Mineman2000 meh .. thanks for sending me this info. I will contact him to get back support as i did updated wxt and all of its events. Currently doing final checks then it will be out.

    Update v1.015
    • Fixes for 1.1-R1
    • Changed SQLite DB filename to WormholeXTreme.sqlite
    • Database will be moved automatically
    • Added failsafe check during Database move
    • gate removal and recreation fixed
    • Colorized current dial-sign target
    • changed database journaling to truncate
    • TargetSigns are now bi-directional when clicked left or right
    • fixed possible infinite loop during SignTargetChange
    • removed sign recreate when a player clicks a sign
    • removed "Dialer set to message" when interacting with a sign
    • fixed wxremove bug: sign would be recreated if using remove -all
    • temp-removed world id searching
    • disabled new world creation when a world was not found. Throw a warning instead.
    Before you update make a backup of your current Database in case something does go wrong during DB transfer.
    The Database is located under /plugins/WormholeXTreme/WormholeXTremeDB

    Also note: This plugin runs best when used with WormholeXtreme Worlds having WORLDS_SUPPORT_ENABLED. You can use another World-Management Plugin. In that case make shure editing the SQLite Database manually when moving a world to another folder or it will be recreated, because there is no native check available against non-default loaded worlds.

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    Great work!

    Thank you for updating.
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    Mineman2000 just curious did you have any problems during startup? Is your database now named as WormholeXTreme.sqlite?
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    Currently i'm not able to access the main server. But starting an 1.1 R3 server from the blank gives me no errors.

    At first startup it gives me a WormholeXTreme.sqlite and an empty WormholeXTreme.sqlite-journal, which will disappear when creating the first gate.

    I did now look in the updated server. WormholeXTremeDB got replaced with WormholeXTreme.sqlite. All gates were transferred successuflly and do work.

    While enabling it the first time, there are this trasfer-success messages:
    As you see it works well. But there are no multiworld gates included, so I can't tell you about that.

    Write me, if you need some further testing.
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    Everything works good with the new update for me - I get this error sometimes...doesn't seem to break anything but I thought I'd let you know

    05:09:57 [WARNING] Task of 'WormholeXTreme' generated an exception
    java.lang.ClassCastException: org.bukkit.craftbukkit.block.CraftBlockState cannot be cast to org.bukkit.block.Sign
    at de.luricos.bukkit.WormholeXTreme.Wormhole.model.Stargate.dialSignClicked(Stargate.java:1908)
    at de.luricos.bukkit.WormholeXTreme.Wormhole.logic.StargateUpdateRunnable.run(StargateUpdateRunnable.java:130)
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(CraftScheduler.java:137)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(MinecraftServer.java:502)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:434)
    at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:465)
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    Mineman2000 thanks for giving me this intel! Im glad it works well 0) I first thought "uuuh it could break if access to this file was locked" but it seems the precautions i've taken are working.

    About the journal file, yes this file is needed during file move but is completely normal (internal sqlite feature). As i've changed the journaling from delete to truncate it should also improve performance and improve stability.

    erdrickk this happens if you dont use wormholeXTreme worlds and/or not having Wormhole Worlds support enabled when using wxw. Because chunks are periodically unloaded this will happen as soon the chunk is unloaded.

    Means if no player is in the targets gate proximity then the sign cant be updated or cast resulting in having this error in log. This shouldn't break anything but to prevent this error i recommend using wormholeXtreme Worlds and enabling wormhole worlds support in wxt. Wormhole Worlds would then make shure that all chunks of your gates are permanently active so they will be accessable any time.

    Maybe i should outsource this feature into a seperate plugin as it is crutial in my opinion.
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    meh thanks for the info but there is no way I am installed a plugin that I don't need or use. I don't need a multi world manager because I don't use Multi worlds (yet) Running 75 Plugins I have to be choosey and can't just be slapping in pluguins here and there.
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