[TP] WorldManager 1.2.3 - THE light-weight world managing solution [1240]

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    WorldManager 1.2.3 - THE light-weight world managing solution!

    WorldManager was created so that servers could have multiworld without lagging up their server. Thus, WorldManager was created very simply, with efficiency in mind.

    • Very light-weight
    • Create, load, remove, and just plain manage your worlds!
    • Display various messages on world join.
    • Teleport to worlds
    Commands & Permissions:
    WorldManager supports SuperPerms/PermissionsBukkit, Permissions 3.x, Permissions 2.x
    Permissions are NOT required.

    worldcreate/worldcreate [type] [name] (seed)Create a world.wm.create
    worldremove/worldremove [name]Unload a world.wm.remove
    worldjoin/worldjoin [name]Teleport to a world.wm.join
    join/join [name]Teleport to a world.wm.join
    worldload/worldload [type] [name]Load a world in the server directorywm.load
    worldlist/worldlistList the worlds currently loaded.wm.list
    worldhelp/worldhelpDisplay the help documentation.wm.help

    #Should we display a message to the player on world join?
    useArrivalMessage: true
    #What message should we display to the player?
    arrivalMessage: '&eYou teleported to world %world%!'
    #Should we broadcast a message to the server on world join?
    sendBroadcastMessage: false
    #What message should we broadcast to the server?
    broadcastMessage: '&e%player% has arrived in world %world%!'
    Version 1.2.3
    • Fixed a stupid /worldhelp bug (that's what happens when I copy/paste my code)
    Version 1.2.2
    • Fixed issues with commands and permissions.
    • Fixed the OP and lost the rest of the changelog.
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    Flat world type. Just saying.
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    Download link is down/corrupted. Seems that their site is gone entirely.
  4. The dowload link sends me to a parked domain.....
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    Can you put a new link Old ones dead
  6. Link went to junk site (presumably parked). Please update the link or this will be moved to inactive.

    EDIT: Linke to BukkitDev counts too :D

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    Scream Aim Fire

    Is there a download anywhere? I've seriously been looking for at least 3 minutes.
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    Anyone have the download link?
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    I have a single player world I would like to import however it gives me a new world every time I try. Is there a way for me to do this or do I need to recreate my old world?
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    Where can i download it?
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    were r the download liks?!?!!? :'(
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    Link would be nice fyi.
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    Ugh i cant find any download link :( Plz help
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    is it just me or is the download link missing??!
    Please give me a link :D
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    Use MyWorlds by bergerkiller Much better than this and MultiVerse.

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