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    Warpy - The compact warping plugin.
    Version: v1.0.0.0

    Warpy is a simple warp plugin inspired by SimpleWarp. At the moment, it only has a few features, but the ones it does have are highly tested and "polished".

    Permissions support is complete! If you don't have Permissions, only OPs can add and remove warps.


    warpy.warp - Warp (Well, no, it lets you throw cake)
    warpy.add - Lets you add warp and OP-only warps
    warpy.remove - Lets you remove warps
    warpy.list - Lets you list warps


    showWorlds (boolean) - True to display world names next to warps, otherwise false. True by default.


    /warp [warpName] - Warps to the warp point with the specified name
    /addwarp [warpName] <opOnly> - Adds a warp point with the specified name
    /removewarp [warpName] - Removes a warp point with the specified name
    /listwarps <worldName> - Lists all of the available warps, with the option of limiting it to a certain world. If you aren't an op, it doesn't list any op-only warps.

    • Ability to list warps from both the console and the server
    • Ability to add and remove warps as an op
    • Ability to warp to pre-defined locations
    • Cross-world warping
    • Op-only warps
    • Full compatibility with Permissions
    Download the plugin
    View the source code on GitHub


    • Added full Permissions support
    • Added a configuration value for listing worlds next to warps
    • Added op-only warps
    • Added exception handling
    • Updated to build against #953
    • Initial release

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    Details when loading

    Listing the warps in the console

    Attempting to warp in the console

    Listing warps ingame

    Deleting warps ingame (including one that does not exist)

    Creating warps ingame (including one that already exists)

    Listing no warps

    Warping (including one that doesn't exist)

    Example of multiple worlds

    Example of multiple worlds without world names


    Coming soon

    Just updated this to build against #953.

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    I just have a few suggestions.
    1. Make it so I can put a cap on how many warps people set
    2.Make it so that only, for example, admins can delete admin-only warps, and normal warps, while defaults can only make and delete their own warps
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    Alright, I'll see what I can do :)

    Oh, right :\ Good luck! I haven't been able to find much about it yet, I'm hoping to today
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    I have a question. How do you warp from one server to another, I am setting up a second minecraft server and it basically a exact copy of my current server, but problem is how do you name the warp the what world?
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    This looks like a sweet plugin, but whenever I try to create a warp it says "Oh, something went wrong while adding that warp. Please try again later!" Any ideas on what's causing this problem?
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    @CruzBishop I would love and I mean <3333 to see a ability to add permissions per warp base system. aka the option to allow it.

    So right now you have warpy.warp = /warp anythingyouwantifitsthere

    I would like warpy.warp.something = /warp something = works /warp kaneshideout = DIE!

    hehe :)
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    @Davyyjones There should be an advanced log in the console and server.log, could you post it here? I can't really do anything without it <,<

    @Kane We'll see :) That's a really good idea!
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    While your plugin looks amazing and does almost everything I want a warp plugin to do, it appears that your plugin's /warplist is 1 warp per line of text. Considering I have an alternative warping plugin with 40+ warps, I don't think I can switch to your plugin quite yet.

    Perhaps you could add a filter by letter or page or creator?
    For instance /warplist p:1 would print out only the first page
    or /warplist mc* would find all warps containing letters MC?
    or /warplist by:flying would list all warps created by flying_pancake

    Or, a simpler solution would be to add a compact printout of warps.
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    I will be watching this plugin closely :)
  10. I want to be able to set non-ops to set warps, but the permission isn't working.
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    I get this too, my donators cannot set a warp (even if they have the permission) because they get the error: "Only ops can add warps. Sorry!". But they have the permission: warpy.add

    Not sure why it won't work.
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    @HmmmQuestionMark @Stroved Is this with CB 1000 or 953? If it's with 1000, I think I know the issue and I'll get it fixed over the weekend
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    1000, I think it was working fine with the build before.
  14. 1000 for me as well.
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    1000 for me as well .. using permissionsbukkit 1.1
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    Can you please fix the warp list? We have about 40 warps and we can only see maybe 15 or 20 because they scroll by too fast. Could you make pages or just list them out horizontal? I love the plugin otherwise...
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    I'm having the same issue with only OPs createing warps.
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    Is there a fix for this yet? It would be awesome if there was :)

    Thanks for all your hard work as well, its a very nice plugin.
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    Can sombody please help me it keeps saying Sentex Error corect usage blaa blaa blaa please help me! BTW im using it with permissions...
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    this plugin don't work every time i got to make a warp it says i did it wrong and tells me HOW to format it i have tried everything even reinstalling HELP!!!
    ive tried
    /addwarp mall false
    /addwarp [mall] <false>
    /addwarp i give up
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    Has this plugin ben updated to allow people who have the "warp create" permission to create warps?
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    CB1137 update? Or is it compatible with 1.8.1 and 1337?
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    Bukkit won't let me, even though perms are set to admin.

    Is this plugin up to date?
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    Yeah Same with me..

    Bukkit won't let me use the Commands even with full Permissions ><

    I really want that Plugin to be updated :(
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    [cake]Thnxs was looking for this plugin very long couldnt find any good warp plugin <3

    2011-11-07 18:47:25 [INFO] Starting Warpy version
    2011-11-07 18:47:25 [INFO] Can not test connection as heartbeatsql is not set
    2011-11-07 18:47:25 [INFO] Closing Connection[Warpy.1] psReuse[0] psCreate[1] psSize[0]
    2011-11-07 18:47:25 [INFO] Can not test connection as heartbeatsql is not set
    2011-11-07 18:47:25 [INFO] Closing Connection[Warpy.0] psReuse[0] psCreate[1] psSize[0]
    2011-11-07 18:47:25 [INFO] DataSourcePool [Warpy] grow; id[Warpy.2] busy[3] max[20]
    2011-11-07 18:47:25 [INFO] Installing database for Warpy due to first time usage
    2011-11-07 18:47:25 [INFO] runScript
    2011-11-07 18:47:25 [INFO] executing 1 of 1 create table warpy_warp ( id integer primary key, name...
    2011-11-07 18:47:25 [INFO] ... end of script
    Whats wrong?

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    Please make it support commandbook.
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    Users with adequate warp permission nodes still get the 'Bukkit is Sad' error when trying to warp or view the warplist. However, when the player is opped, he can use the commands. What is wrong here, I am using permissions. 3.1.6 and the latest version of everything?
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    I have permissionsbukkit set up like this:
    - admin
    permissions.build: false
    permissions.*: true
    warpy.add: true
    warpy.remove: true
    - user
    permissions.build: true
    warpy.warp: true
    warpy.list: true
    build: '&cYou do not have permission to build here.'
    I can warp to existing warps, but when I try to add/remove one, it says "only ops can create warps" what am I doing wrong?
    [EDIT] I know the permissions there aren't indented with four spaces like they should be, but in my file they are, they just copy/pasted wrong.
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    hello love the plugin i cantfind one that works first working one i came across thats updated and well i can create a warp but cant warp to it it says doesnt exist when i know it does cause i just made the warp i looked over it 6 times everything and i mean EVERYTHING was typed in correctly but the only warp i can warp to is shop cause maybe its the only one i had on my OLD warp plugin that is now inactive so dont know the problem my OLD warp plugin is deleted and everything but somehow i cant warp anywhere but shop and when i create shop it dont warp me to the correct plaxe please fix
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    Have a Question.
    I cant give a group the permission for listwarps and warp.

    Here is the users permission code

    Here is the groups permissions code

    Standart should have no rights. It works.
    Mitglieder should have only sethome and home. It works.
    VIP should have sethome, home, listwarps, warp. Sethome and home works. Listwarps and warp wont work.
    Admins can do all. Works.

    Wheres the Problem??
    Does Warpy only work for OPs ?

    Thanks for replys.
    Best Wishes

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