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    Plugin category: Teleportation

    Suggested name: Warp Stations

    What I want: Very similar to public warp, but you must be at a warp to warp anywhere else. Warping is only from one warp station to another.

    Ideas for commands:
    Upon entering warp area: "You are in warp station <name>"

    /warp create <name>
    #creates public warp at player location of name <name>

    /warp create <name> <private/public>
    #same as above, but specifying whether the warp will be under private or public

    /warp destroy <name>
    #destroys warp named <name>

    /warp list
    #lists all public warps

    /warp <name>
    #warps player to warp <name> if they are at another warp

    Ideas for permissions: There should be some way of making sure not all players have permission so that they can't just build a warp whenever they want to go somewhere. If only admin could create warps, that would work for my purposes.

    When I'd like it by: Whenever. No hurry, it would just be a major upgrade to the warp system I currently have which nullifies the need for shelter during exploration.

    Similar plugin requests: Travel Pad, Public Warp

    P.S. Thanks for any and all help, I'll really appreciate it :D

    Is there already something that does this? It seems like there should be.

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    hmmm, this isn't really what I'm looking for. It seems like people could still take advantage of it to get out of walking back after exploring into the wild for a while.

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