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    Voxel Box

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    There's no shame in admitting one's errors. And you have my respect for that, because only a few are able to put their ego in the backseat in order to do that.
    Nobody's perfect and we all make mistakes. But that's the best thing that can happen, because now you know about Windows' pesky default setting regarding known file extensions and I bet you'll never forget that.
    Win - win.^^
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    Invalid Input! You entered something wrong!
    java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero
    This is what I get when attempting the:
    command. No matter what I put, that is the error generated.

    Also, none of the ports work. I've installed correctly, with all the files required, rebooted twice, and still nada.
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    Voxel Box

    toss me your server info in a PM. maybe i can come take a look in a while.

  5. Ok, i've just installed this great plugin now, i had some oddness with the admns.txt file, apparently it wasnt supposed to be in the plugins folder, but the VoxelPort folder in the pluginsfolder in order for me to be allowed to make ports.. However i have the file in both folders now :p

    Issue is, when im done setting up the 2 portals i cant "activate" them..

    my process :

    portal 1.
    look down one corner, do /vp point
    look up opposit corner, do /vp point
    /vp create portal1

    portal 2.
    down and up with /vp point
    /vp create portal2
    stand in doorway and do /vp arrive portal1

    move to portal one, stand in dorway and do /vp arrive portal2

    enter /vp target portal1 portal2
    followed by /vp target portal2 portal1

    After this i then do the /vp instaport portal1 followed by instaport portal2

    When i enter either portal it wont work :|

    for information im using the custom 910 craftbukkit build made by http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic...pling-hook-utilities-alblakasindustrialcraft/

    then im using industrial craft 7.20

    Plugins im using are following


    All the latest builds from their respective plugin site :)

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    /vp arrive portal1 means the arrival point OF portal1, i.e. when you arrive AT portal1.
    So at the moment the way you've set it up, you'd step into portal2 and arrive at the arrive-location of portal1, which you've placed at portal2, thus making the teleportation obsolete.
  7. Doh!!!! i misunderstood the instructions then!
    But odd experience now it did gate me, after a server restart, only i just "tp'ed 4 bloks :p

    Could it be that the server required a restart before working ??
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    I've fixed it now, one of my personal plugins was conflicting. Sorry for the bother :3
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    Voxel Box

    Totally 1.7 compatible. Ports ahoy!
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    Is it possible do not destroy a ticket with a teleporter ?
    I explain me : I've a minigame on another map. This game requiert a fishing rod for to finish it. So, I would like to use a fishing rod for to teleport, without destroy this item.

    Is it possible ?

    Sorry for my english, I'm french. :)
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    Voxel Box

    The only way to create non-consumable tickets is via the admin key item, which requires a player to be an admin to use it. We added tickets precisely because people wanted an economic tie-in with the plugin, and they help to anchor players who are exploring large vessels without departing accidentally until they are ready to leave.

    If you do not wish a ticket to be consumed, simply do not require a ticket for your VoxelPort at all. Players will either have a fishing rod or not. Place a chest or dispenser full of rods on the other end of the portal where your game is if you are worried they may arrive without one.

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    I'm a little confused about the ticketing system.
    I watched the video, and it seems that to make a ticket kiosk you simply place a dispenser and put ticket items inside of it.
    However, what I want to do is make a kiosk that sells tickets for __ dollars, so when you left click the dispenser you get a ticket and pay __dollars. I saw this on another server but I'm not quite sure how to make them.

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    Voxel Box

    Those functions are not present within VoxelPort and never will be. Any implemented purchasing system would come another plugin out of our purview, and likely one I've never even heard of. There is no money of any value on The Voxel Box, and our development team has general disdain for the player-frustrating design of virtualized money as a means to restrain players from exploring, enjoying and interacting with the world of the server they're logged into (especially in a game that is generally as exploitable as Minecraft is).

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    I'm having a problem. I made my area, set tickets off, used this command

    /vp gendisp <name> 7200 0

    It said it did it, but when I stand on it I keep getting
    The next departure will occur in : [Never]

    EDIT: Nevermind, it threw and error about the interval, but immediately followed it with a success message so I missed it.
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    I've been stuck on this for a good hour and a half, reading and re-reading to see if i missed anything. I wanted to create two-way teleport zones. The steps I took are:

    /vp point x2 - to get the 3d zone i wanted.
    /vp create maplecourttp
    /vp point x2
    /vp create tpmaplecourt
    /vp target tpmaplecourt maplecourttp
    /vp target maplecourttp tpmaplecourt
    both arrive points are at their respective teleports. The thing is, the teleports don't activate at ALL. I've tried holding an admin ticket, redoing ALL steps with different, simple names (i.e. 1 and 2,) and even installed VoxelSniper just to see if it required it, even though I'm sure it doesn't.

    I've restarted the server numorous times. When I go inside the teleport, it allows me to /vp set [name] but not /vp set. It acts as if i'm not actually inside a teleport.

    My question is, is it possible I have any conflicting plugins? my plugins are:
    AntiBuild, CreatureBox, DynMap,
    Essentials + Essentials Spawn, GroupManager,
    HeroChat, HeroicDeath, Landmarks, MotherNature,
    Runecraft, SignEdit, VoxelAir, VoxelSniper,
    VoxelPort (I'd certainly hope so >.>) WirelessRedstone,
    WorldEdit, WorldGuard.
    If you need any more information I'll give you anything you need.
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    Have you

    a) Set arrival points? (just to be safe)
    b) Set them to be Instaports?
    c) Generated a dispatch schedule if you dont want b) ?

    If the commands above are all you did, you so far only linked two ports, but never told them what happens when someone enters ;)
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    Sorry i left that out, i have done instaport both ways as well as setting arrival points.
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    I'd also try setting requireticket to false for both ports.
    If it still doesn't work, delete each port and try again.

    When I set up a port, I do the following, in order (note I am not including the args here, put in the appropriate args):
    /vp point (x2)
    /vp create
    /vp arrive (make sure you are standing in the port)
    /vp requireticket

    then create the other port. *After* both ports are created, set the target for each port.
    /vp target

    I also prefer to have dispatch schedules because I ran into an issue where I got into a transport loop when instaport was enabled. So, I set:
    /vp gendisp portname 1000 100

    Also note that if you are setting the dispatch up for the first time (on the server, not per port), you will need to restart the server after setting them.
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    not sure why, but it's working now! thanks for all your help anyway guys​
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    I request Iconemy support, even though I'm quite sure you won't add it ;(

    edit: nevermind saw firstpage....
    well gotta attempt to hax it in later then
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    I just installed this and set up two connected teleporters (like in the tutorial video) and they work perfectly for me (an admin), but no one else can use them for some reason. I made sure that they are connected and that no ticket is required - does anyone have any idea what went wrong?
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    Have you set up either instaport or configured a dispatch schedule?
    Have you tested your setup without using the admin key (gold ignot)?
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    I set up instaport for both of them - and it works fine (for me). I don't need the admin key to use them. Maybe I should just try deleting them both and setting them up again :/

    EDIT: I fixed it - like someone said earlier, you have to restart your server after setting up the ports the first time (as far as I can tell). Either way, restarting fixed my problem.
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    I'm having no problems with the portals so far but I do have a quick question about editing the server properties of worlds created with VoxelPortal. I have WorldA which is the original world I created. Server.Properties reflects that worlds when checked. I then created World B which I made via Voxel Portel and then another which I created by changing the server.properties to create a specific seed. I then changed it back to WorldA settings. I want to turn off monsters on WorldB and WorldC but I'm not sure where/how other then setting it in server.properties and running the server? Anyone have any ideas. Feel free to PM me if u need help with the portals. I feel like I've gotten them figured out.
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    Jake Rees

    does voxelport work like multiverse where it will teleport me to different worlds?
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    Yes it does, you need to use the /vp targetworld [name-origin] [targetworld] [default/nether] command.

    You can either create the world using VP or create the world manually and then just enter the name of the world.
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    Actually, targetworld should only be needed/used when you want to create a world. Otherwise all you have to do is simply create a VoxelPort in each world (location has no difference) and than link the two together. The Ports are created on separate worlds so VoxelPort will follow that though and when the port is used teleport you between the two locations in the two worlds.
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    How do you edit the properties of each world once they are created. I'm trying to remove monsters from one world and leave them in the others.
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    One question, the "Voxel Tickets" are they part of this mod? Also is the ticket a new item or does it take the place of a item in use already?
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    The VoxelPort Ticket ist the leather item.
    On the VoxelBox Server they use a custom texture pack which let's the leather item look like a ticket.
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    im using the latest build of bukkit [1000] aaaand the plugin commands doesnt work. It shouldnt work or thats a problem only for me?

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