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    Current version: 2.2.4

    This project is moving to BukkitDev! Go here!
    The information on this post is no longer being maintained. This topic is here for historical reference. I would strongly prefer if BukkitDev were used over this, so that I can keep communication all in one place.

    2.2 brings a few new features and a ton of bug fixes. Most tickets that were open against the plugin are now closed with this release. Check it out over at BukkitDev!

    So, I was thinking the other day about how long it takes to travel from place to place. I figured that portals to the nether would be pretty cool when they work, (oh hey now they do) but I wanted a quick way to get anywhere. /warp works, but that is just too easy for users. As such, I decided to write my own plugin to do this. One day later, enter TravelPortals.


    They're fairly simple to use, though I will admit that I would like a more intuitive interface than using commands. Portals are 3x3, and consist of 6 pieces of obsidian, a door, and a redstone torch for the center. From above, the portal looks like this:
    n o n
    o R o
    n D n
    o is a stack of two obsidian blocks, D is a door, and R is a redstone torch. n can be any block or air. It does not matter. After you have constructed the frame, place a redstone torch at the bottom. It should tell you that you have created a portal, and fill up with water.
    Just add a redstone torch!

    After this, just give the portal a name, and give it the name of another portal for the destination and you're set. As long as the destination portal exists, walking into it will take you straight there. For help in-game, type /portal help.

    Yes, this does work across multiple worlds.

    Using /portal help will list all of the commands in game. The important commands are /portal name, /portal warp, /portal list, and /portal hide.

    Here is a video explaining exactly how to make them, provided by MinecraftZero.

    Old Change Log (open)

    New changes will be shown on the BukkitDev project. This is no longer maintained.
    Recent Changes:
    - Fixed a small world loading issue. If you ever had issues with multiworld worlds not loading right, this build is for you!

    - moved TravelPortals.ser to the data folder (finally)
    - also moved travelportals.txt to data folder
    - more intuitive backup system that should remedy any problems with saves
    -- new configuration variable; lets you define how many backups of the portals to keep. This should make recovery easy if anything ever goes wrong.
    - lots of code fixes - if anyone saw all of the misuse of static in the plugin, it's fixed!
    - A minor typo that may not have even been in a released version of the plugin
    - Gives a user feedback when just using /portal.
    Note: Another build may be released in the coming days, but it will have no new functional updates. I just want to work on the documentation a bit; getting a functional release out seemed more important than this.

    - Cooldown time is now variable. The config option is "cooldown" and the default has been changed to 8.
    - Made hidden portal destinations show up as such.
    - Fixed a small issue with the included config file. Replace or repair yours if you want both door types to work right. The second instance of door needs to be door2.
    - Permissions fix because I goofed up something minor. If you don't use permissions, don't worry about this one.
    - Fix for portals not always triggering in recent versions.
    - /portal info now shows info about nearby portals, or those named. (Permission node:
    - /portal deactivate [name] will deactivate a portal given its name. The physical portal will be untouched, but all data related to it will be deleted. This is op only without permissions, and should only be used for cleanup. (Permission node: travelportals.command.deactivate)
    - /portal export Will export all portals to a text file. The format is: x,y,z,name,destination. There is a new configuration option that will automate this process whenever a portal is made or destroyed.
    - /portal list is now paginated and shows portal destinations. This looks indescribably better than the old version.
    - Support for metal doors is now on by default. There is now a second configuration option for doors - both block types can be used to make a portal. If you do not want this functionality, set the second door type to be the same as your first door type, as laid out in the comments in the new configuration file.
    - Minor changes to the save system; whenever TravelPortals.ser is saved, the older version is moved to TravelPortals_ser.bak, and the new one takes its place. This might help with the random deletions one user referred to. There is also more debugging information available if something happens to go wrong.
    - Migration to the BLOCK_DESTROY hook; I figured this would trigger when a block was destroyed by anything. WRONG. It is more optimal than the alternative, however.
    - Various bug fixes, code cleanup, and user output cleanup.
    - onCommand fix.
    - Block damage fix. (To developers wondering, org.bukkit.block.BlockDamageLevel.BROKEN has become org.bukkit.block.BlockDamageLevel.STOPPED. Your code will compile fine but blocks will not break right.)
    - Configuration file support! (plugins/TravelPortals/config.yml)
    -- Customize the types of blocks used to construct the portal
    - Permissions support (Thanks to Cecer)
    - Minor bug fixes.
    1.2 (and its derivatives)
    - Multiworld support!
    - Various bug fixes.

    Latest Version: Download

    If you want help with this plugin, please provide the following information about your server setup. It will help me figure out what is wrong, and what you or I can do about it. Your failure to include this information in support requests may result in your post being ignored.

    Help Requests (open)

    I receive a good amount of requests for support with this plugin. Some of them are better than others; if you do not want to be part of the second category, I will need some information about your server, and how it is set up. Simply telling me "it doesn't work" does not tell me anything. I run the most recent version of this on my own server with around 60 users; I'm pretty sure it is capable of working in at least some settings.

    Please provide as much of this information as you can reasonably find. If I detail how to get it, I want you to do that!
    - an EXTREMELY detailed description of the problem (Don't spare any words; I don't mind reading)
    - Any errors shown in the console
    - Any errors shown to the client
    - All of the information from /debug info and /plugins
    - Server's CraftBukkit build (go to the console and type /version; provide that.)
    - Any changes in your setup that preceeded the errors
    - Any other details that could be relevant.

    Source code is in the dev.bukkit git repository!

    Please report any bugs via email, or here.

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    That's what the portal deactivate command does. You'll want to limit it to trusted players, however.
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    Hm, I have a portal named 'foo', and when I type
    /portal deactivate foo

    it just says

    /portal help

    I'm logged in as an op and also have '*' permissions, so I'm assuming I should have access to any permissions node needed.
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    I've seen that happen before, but generally that only happens if the plugin is malfunctioning on some massive level. (ie. it doesn't work at all) Your permissions are right; I can tell you that much. I cannot recreate this problem using a normal setup, so as usual, I'm going to have to ask you to actually fill out the bug report thing from the first post.
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    Walking through a warp gets you kicked and says "Moved too quickly (Hacking?)"

    Just to let you know :)
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    Yeah, there's an issue with teleporting in the most recent RB. (Or was it a build right around it? Not sure and unable to check right now.) I suggest you move a few more builds up. If my understanding is correct, you should find this with any TP plugin. I might be wrong, however.
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    This plugin helps me so much in my server.

    I highly recommend you to modify the mechanism of the teleportation a little bit.
    Current mechanism: Portal A water to Portal B water
    Better way: Portal A water to Portal B door block position(in front of water)

    Why is it better?
    1.Sometimes chunk loading is slow, player return the original position.
    2.Increasing the cooldown time will somehow help but sometimes many people want to go to the same portal. It may take a few minute for all people going inside.
    The 'better' mechanism solve all the problem!

    I hope it helps.

    By the way, when my server is upgraded to mc1.6(#818), there is serious teleportation problem. The chunk usually fail to load when we teleport, whether using /home or portal are the same! Is it bukkit error or my plugin conflicts or mc 1.6 bug? It makes me mad:(
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    That gets users stuck in doors. and also may not work in all cases. I tried this in the past, though that was during hmod days. I suppose considering it again isn't the worst idea. I'll at least try it again; no promises though.
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    Then teleport in front of the door. It is the same (except losing feeling of leaving portal)
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    What if there's a solid block in front of the door? There is no reason the space directly in front of the door has to be air. There's no top required on the portals. you could realistically block off all 4 sides of the portal and have people go in/out through the roof. Randomly breaking this for existing users does not seem like a good idea.
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    I have this same issue. I absolutely LOVE your plugin, but right now it seems unusuable =/
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    1) I just explained why that is less than feasible unless something has changed. My response remains the same; I'll try for the door thing, but I can't promise a release with it.

    2) I can't do anything about bukkit loading chunks in the wrong order, sorry. Unfortunately this behavior is even present in the most recent builds, so there's no fix out there yet. I really expected there to be one, especially where this problem has occurred with EVERY MC UPDATE bukkit has been made for, more or less. If you want to move to another plugin, go for it, but I think you'll find the same problem. :< (and if I'm wrong give me a plugin name)
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    OH, you are right. I never thought of the fact that we can go in/out through the roof.
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    So I got a decent workaround for the chunk loading issue for anyone that's interested. As you have probably figured out, logging out and then back in will reset the chunk, and then allow you a split second to exit the portal. Normally, in my experience, this just starts the infinite, unescapable, loop again. What I did, was set the "door" to air, and the "fill" to air as well. Doing this, I simply have an enclosed obsidian structure, and placing a redstone torch inside turns it into a portal. What this does, is if you log out and back in, you can simply run straight out FAST and you'll escape the loop, without the water or door to slow you down. Hope that helps someone else.
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    I advise against using air as the filler for portals. The use of water was to prevent the check running every time a player moves. You now have something that iterates through all players online, and for each one iterates through every portal, and checks the player's location in relation to said portal every time a player moves. How's your processor feel about this fix? :p

    Yes, it will work, but it has serious side effects you should be aware of.
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    Eww.. thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately, it's either this or not be able to use TP (which would be sad) since I can't be online to pull my users out of the infinite loops that keep happening. Unless anyone has a better idea... o wait maybe filling it with portal will work?
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    You can try it, but if memory serves it'll destroy portal blocks on-sight at the moment. Torches will work but are easily broken; redstone torches could work that way as well but you'll see a duplication issue. (Put in 1 redstonetorch, get out 2) other non-solid options might also work. At the time I released it, nothing I could find would work well. Reeds could be your best option, but again those can be broken.
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    Hi! I love this plugin, but I'm experiencing an issue with chunk loading: basically, if I (or anyone) uses the portal to go somewhere far away (thinking over 1,000 blocks), the chunk we step into does not load, and even disconnecting doesn't help. By the time you do that, it sends you back to where you were. Would it be possible to make it so that it deposits you 2 blocks outside of the portal (as in, right outside the door)? This is the only thing I can think would help, now that 1.6.6 has nasty chunk errors. Maybe configurable?
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    Please read the past 5 or so posts - I answered this exact question a couple hours ago. Thank you.
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    You're right--apologies, and sorry for wasting your time. Looking forward to whenever chunks start working properly again!
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    cooool, respect
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    Hey, this is a great mod, and my server would be unusable without it, but I am having some issues, if this was brought up earlier and i missed it, my apologies. My server has been using this mod since the server started, and we now have quite a few portals, over 20, and now when a new one is made, it warps one way fine, but when you try the return trip it sends you to an off location, and a block into the ground, so upon arrival you take damage. Does anyone know whats wrong? I can make a vid explaining this if my explanation is insufficient.
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    Well, the good news is that your explanation made perfect sense. The bad news is how strange and foreign that sounds. This is definitely a new issue, and I'm afraid I have no idea what's going on. I've (unsurprisingly) also been running it since its inception, and have never seen that issue. If it's just a few I'd say break them and make them again, and hope it never happens again. I literally cannot think of any reason this would happen unless you for some reason used worldedit to move portals, or something like that.
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    no way im gonna world edit, to much work, brohosters hosts for me and uploading and downloading is a hassel, ill try it and tell you what happens?
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    No, I was questioning if you HAD done that in the past. Clearly not; I'm just trying to figure out how that could have happened.
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    I ment i would try ripping them out and rebuilding
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    Good luck; let me know if there are any new developments.
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    Ok, I have been playing with the portals, and it seems that if you use shorter name you get better results. Maybe im carzy, but that is working for my server, and i found a mod that help with the chunk loading its called chunkload, i am just starting to test how well it works, but so far it seems to help. Link
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    Moving to build 860 entirely solved the chunk problems for me. I STRONGLY suggest this for all users of this plugin.
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    I believe permissions error is because anyone with permissions 3.* will have issues with this. Please upgrade to permissions 3.*.
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    I have not tested this with Permissions 3 and do not currently support it. When I have some time perhaps I will, but as of now, upgrade at your own risk.

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