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    Transporter - Teleportation between gates, worlds, and servers

    This support thread is no longer active. Please visit the project's new site on BukkitDev:

    Version: 7.2

    Make sure to read the Release7 wiki page for important information before you upgrade from v6!

    For the absolute latest information about the plugin, including source, see the Google project site.

    Thanks goes to Raphfrk, whose Server Port plugin served as inspiration.

    If you like this plugin, please consider donating.​

    • Teleport between gates in the same world
    • Teleport between gates in different worlds (multiworld support)
    • Teleport between gates on different servers (includes client patcher)
    • Teleports minecarts and boats, with or without a player
    • Server to server chat based on gate proximity
    • Inventory and health transfer (including storage minecarts)
    • Includes client patcher for automatically reconnecting clients
    • No need for client patcher if you're running the BukkitContrib or Spout client
    • Supports server proxies like CraftProxy (v6.9)
    • World creation/loading/unloading (v6.9)
    • Built-in command help
    • Extreme gate design possibilities, including 3D and horizontal
    • Supports gate access using player specific PINs
    • Item banning and transmutation
    • Built-in simple permissions system
    • Permissions plugin integration (preferred)
    • PermissionsEx plugin integration (preferred)
    • iConomy plugin integration
    • BOSEconomy plugin integration
    • Dynmap integration
    • Minecraft-Overviewer integration
    • and more to come...
    • Added client patching for client 1.8.1 (1.8.0 was skipped).
    • Supports RB 1185.
    • Can now remove bad gate links (issue 35).
    • Changed world loading to be delayed after server start.
    • Minor tweaks here and there.
    • Fixed Dynmap integration; requires Dynamp v0.22 or above.
    • Added more customizable gate messages.
    • Now enforces gate permissions on player interactions.
    • New permission `trp.gate.changeLink.<gate>` to limit ability to change gate's current link.
    • Fixed gates not saving to disk properly.
    Changelog for Older versions (open)

    • Working with CB RB 1060
    • Too many things to list here. See the Release7 wiki page for IMPORTANT INFORMATION BEFORE UPGRADING.
    • Working with CB RB 1000
    • Utilizes latest CraftProxy redirect detection so no more need for the craftProxy config setting
    • Compatible with BukkitContrib for client side redirects, so no need for the client patcher if you already have BukkitContrib client side installed
    • Tightened up network protocol handshaking
    • Server to server keepalives with automatic reconnection
    • Prevention of stationary liquids used for portal blocks from flowing under certain circumstances
    • Config setting for custom inter-server chat message formatting
    • Elimination of the minecraftAddress config setting; now it's done on a per-server basis as an additional argument to the "trp server add ..." command; this will almost certainly require you to change your existing server connections, but there are some sensible assumptions made that may allow many setups to "just work"
    • Automatic conversion of servers.yml into the main config
    • New debug command to submit debugging data to my web server so I can review it if necessary
    • Fixed "trp world go ..." command

    • Added world commands.
    • Added gate destroy command.
    • Added CraftProxy support.
    • Change semantics of minecraftAddress global setting.

    • Updated client patcher for MC 1.7.3.
    • Fixed client/server errors when teleporting in CB 953.

    • Updated client patcher for MC 1.7.2, CB 953.

    • Autoloads worlds linked to from local gates.

    • Fixed client patcher. If you've patched the client with a previous version, you must reapply the patch.


    • Added client patcher.
    • Changed client reconnect kick messgaes - now requires new client patcher.

    • Tweaked spawn position when exiting gates.
    • Removed debugging code.
    • Added "Booth" and "Small" gate designs.

    • Fixed problem of network not shutting down properly.
    • Fixed minecarts going server-to-server.

    • First publicly available release.

    • Never saw the light of day.
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    Since the 1.72 update the plugin isn´t working anymore.
    What´s the problem?
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    How would you connect a hamachi server to a regular port forwarded server.
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    Been away for the holiday. Back now.

    I have no idea yet. I haven't had a chance to play with 1.72 yet. I'll work on it later tonight, but if anyone can give me some clues what the behavior is, that would be nice. I may be able to get a quick fix out sooner if anyone can give me guidance.

    I don't understand what you're asking. Hamachi has nothing to do with my plugin, MC, or bukkit.

    Maybe your MC server is running on a host that uses Hamachi so you can log into it remotely? That implies it's behind a firewall. You must already have set up port forwarding for the MC server/port (e.g., port 25565) in the FW, so to use server-to-server with my plugin, you also have to setup port forwarding for my plugin's port (e.g., port 25556).

    Once the servers are connected (verify with the "trp server list" command), you need to link gates. To link a gate on your server with a gate on your friend's server, you need to know the name of the gate and the world it's in on your friend's server. You can use the "trp gate list" command to get a list of all known gates, both on your server and your friend's server. Each gate name is a dot-separated string with the dots separating name parts. Gate names for gates on your server will have 2 name parts, world name and gate name. Gate names for gates on your friend's server will have 3 name parts, server name, world name, and gate name.

    So, assuming your gate name is world.A and your friend's gate is, you can create a link FROM your gate TO your friend's gate (a forward link) with the command "trp gate link add world.A". To create a link in the other direction (for bi-drectional gates), have your friend use the command "trp gate link add world.B" where "otherfriend" is the name of your server on your friend's server.

    You can also create the forward link when you create a gate on your server by entering the 3 name parts for the destination gate on the last 3 lines of the sign you place (and the name of the new gate on the first line, like normal).


    Is there really a need to make threats? I mean RB 953 was released on Friday right before the 4th of July weekend (in the USA), and you're threatening to move the plugin to INACTIVE the day after the holiday is over? It's kind of funny, because you haven't even made it a released plugin yet, so how can an unreleased plugin be inactive? I haven't been home since Friday and that's the message waiting for me when I log in on Tuesday morning. Am I being too sensitive?

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    Yup pretty much, this was a copied message that needed to be visible to all devs (almost 50 or so threads).
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    I can semi-confirm the report of non-functionality in 1.7.2. The server-server function works. Gate creation and linking works except with gates like Minecart and Web. There is a problem with same-world gates where the client crashes and the server reports "(name here) moved too quickly! Elapsed ticks: 1, Distance change: 30274.16681973892" going one direction, and going the other, I get the regular 'moved too quickly. hacking?' message on the client. I am not using the client mod. Also, going from an above-ground gate to and underground gate, when reconnecting, I am placed on the ground above the location of the underground gate. Going from underground to above-ground, when reconnecting I'm placed in the right location.
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    I have the same problem
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    Me to :(
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    I can't reproduce this problem. Any more details?

    I rolled v6.8 which fixes the problem in my testing. Please give it a shot.

    Again, I can't reproduce this, but maybe it was fixed by the changes I made for the previous problem.

    Also, v6.8 can now patch a 1.7.3 client.
  10. Very nice plugin, but could you please provide some documentation how to connect to servers on the same host.
    So both are running on the Interface

    Also is it possible to just use CraftProxyLiter to be used as non Client patching reconect proxy?

    Thanks for this great plugin
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    If you're running multiple MC servers on the same host, you must have already changed at least one of them to use a port different from the default MC port of 25565. You need to do the same with this plugin. The plugin's default port is 25555, so change it by using the "trp server set listen ip:port" command. You also need to change the "minecraftAddress" by using the "trp server set minecraft ip:port" command to match the IP/port of the MC server the plugin is running in. See the wiki pages for help with the config settings and commands.

    But I have to ask, what's the point of running multiple servers on No one can connect to them except you. Either you're doing something really funky which will require more explanation, or your understanding of networking is sorely lacking (no offense intended).

    Not at the moment. It's my intent to fully support that, but Raphfrk has not made a particular change I requested. However, since it seems Raphfrk may not be available any more, there's a change I can make in my plugin to make it work. Look for it in the next version.
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    V6.8 works well. It solves the problem mentioned yesterday. thank you :)
  13. When i step into portal i get kick and massage You move too quick. HACK. How can i fix this?
  14. Thanks I got it working now, but with a patched client it always tells me "Connection refused" when I try to connect to the other server after walking thru a gate.

    Do I have to open any special ports for the reconnect to work?
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    So, you walk through a gate and your client goes to a "logging in..." (or something) screen, but then says "Connection refused"? That would indicate you need to open the port for the other MC/Bukkit server. If you get as far as you've got, it means the Transporter plugins on each server are talking to each other, but you're client can't actually connect to the server the plugin is telling it to (the address/port of the minecraft server: "trp server get minecraft").
  17. I can connect to both servers entering the port manually so no problem on that side.

    For clarification. I have three diffrent server instances which are running on the same root mashine and I want players to be able to travel between those servers without having to connect to them manually.
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    Then is sounds like you need to make sure the "minecraftAddress" plugin setting is set correctly. For each server, that setting needs to indicate the ip address and port a client must connect to in order to connect to that MC server. Use the "trp server set minecraft" command to set it, and the "trp server get minecraft" command to check it. Setting it will require you to restart or reload the server.
  19. So I need to set my hostname there or the localhost address?

    Thanks for the fast replies btw =)
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    I seem to be having trouble connecting between worlds on 953... Linking between signs and such for example when it is a link between Gate1 and Gate2 They both say "No Such Link as Gate1/Gate2", any support?
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    You need to set the minecraftAddress to whatever host/port you would enter in your client if you were to connect directly to that server. The plugin gives that address to the client when you teleport to that server.

    When linking between gates in different worlds, you need to specify the gate's full name, which includes the world name. So if you want to link a new gate, Gate1, to Gate2 which is in world2, enter "Gate1\nworld2\nGate2" on the sign when you create Gate1 (where \n means new line). To link the gates with a command, assuming you're in the same world as Gate1, use the command "trp gate link add Gate1 world2.Gate2". Or, no matter what world you're in, or even on the console, assuming Gate1 is in world1, "trp gate link add world1.Gate1 world2.Gate2".

    It's similar when linking gates on your server to gates on another server, except that you also need the destination server name, like server2.world2.Gate2.

    When in doubt, use "trp gate list" to get a list of all the gates your server knows about (even gates on other servers you're connected to). The gate names in the list are fully qualified gate names (FQGN) and will always be accepted by the various commands. You can leave off world names for gates on your own server when it makes sense to and when the plugin can figure out what world you mean. If the plugin has any doubt about what gate you mean, it will tell you.

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    Im trying to do server to server teleport, but im still at the begining.
    When i try to connect the server IP3 to IP2 (/trp server connect IP2), i got this error on the server named "IP2":

    On the server "IP3" i got:
    This error is like "symetric", if i try to connect from IP2 to IP3, the error just switch.

    config.yml - IP3 (open)
    serverKey: test
    reconnectInterval: 60000
    reconnectSkew: 10000
    arrivalWindow: 20000
    allowBuild: true
    allowLinkLocal: true
    allowLinkWorld: true
    allowLinkServer: true
    useGatePermissions: false
    exportedGatesFile: overviewer/gates.json
    usePermissions: false
    useIConomy: false

    server.yml - IP3 (open)

    - enabled: true
    name: IP2
    key: test

    config.yml - IP2 (open)

    serverKey: test
    reconnectInterval: 60000
    reconnectSkew: 10000
    arrivalWindow: 20000
    allowBuild: true
    allowLinkLocal: true
    allowLinkWorld: true
    allowLinkServer: true
    useGatePermissions: false
    exportedGatesFile: overviewer/gates.json
    usePermissions: false
    useIConomy: false

    server.yml - IP2 (open)

    - enabled: true
    name: IP3
    key: test

    Port 25605, 25607, 25556 and 25555 are open.
    I use bukkit 953.

    Do you have any clue?
    Big thanks for your work! :)
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    Anyone know what the comparability of this client mod with bukkitcontrib's? In fact, any thought about merging that functionality into it?
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    You've configured the plugin to connect to the other MC server, not the other plugin.

    Based on your configs, do this:

    On IP2:
    trp server change IP3 test
    On IP3:
    trp server change IP2 test
    Assuming I didn't typo anything, that should fix it.

    Notice the port numbers in the commands above. When you add a server, you configure it to connect to the plugin on the other side, not the MC server. The second command (on IP3) doesn't have a port number because you're running the plugin on IP2 on the default port of 25555.
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    How can i delete Transporter? Destroying by hand dont work.
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    You mean destroy a gate? Destroy one of the signs for the gate. You should see a message about the gate being destroyed.

    I've finally put together a real ServerToServer wiki page. Hopefully it will help folks out. It's long, but I encourage anyone trying to do server-to-server to at least read the first scenario. It also covers upcoming support for CraftProxy (in v6.9).

    There's a change coming in v6.9 that slightly changes how the global config setting "minecraftAddress" is interpretted. It probably won't effect too many folks, but it might trip you up if you've already got a bunch of server connections working. I've already updated the wiki page. Basically, it changes how the regular expression part of the address is matched; it used to match (up to v6.8) the plugin's address, but will now (v6.9 and above) match the player's IP address. I don't know how I screwed that up.

    Also coming in v6.9, "world" commands for creating/loading/unloading worlds. The "go" command will also be augmented to allow teleportation to a world without a gate. This will make it easier to do multiworld setups without the need for an additional plugin just to create new worlds, travel to them, and create the first gate.

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    Don't work, when i destory the sign i become the message "[TRANSPORTER] this gat hase no links" but on /trp gate list the Transporte is furthermore and other Gate can always link to this gate.

    Edit: I found the Problem. It only work when you don't use the Adminpickaxe
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    I almost missed this post. I took a quick look at bukkitcontrib. It sounds interesting, but I'm not clear as to how it relates to Transporter. What were your thoughts?
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    Mostly just the client mod compatability
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    Is there anything in the API that would allow me to tell a client to connect to a different server? I took a look at the API docs but nothing like that jumped out at me. It would be cool if there was another way to do client-side reconnect besides my patch.
  31. Works perfeclty now =)
    When do you think will Version 6.9 be released? Proxy Support is awesome :D
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