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    Transporter - Teleportation between gates, worlds, and servers

    This support thread is no longer active. Please visit the project's new site on BukkitDev:

    Version: 7.2

    Make sure to read the Release7 wiki page for important information before you upgrade from v6!

    For the absolute latest information about the plugin, including source, see the Google project site.

    Thanks goes to Raphfrk, whose Server Port plugin served as inspiration.

    If you like this plugin, please consider donating.​

    • Teleport between gates in the same world
    • Teleport between gates in different worlds (multiworld support)
    • Teleport between gates on different servers (includes client patcher)
    • Teleports minecarts and boats, with or without a player
    • Server to server chat based on gate proximity
    • Inventory and health transfer (including storage minecarts)
    • Includes client patcher for automatically reconnecting clients
    • No need for client patcher if you're running the BukkitContrib or Spout client
    • Supports server proxies like CraftProxy (v6.9)
    • World creation/loading/unloading (v6.9)
    • Built-in command help
    • Extreme gate design possibilities, including 3D and horizontal
    • Supports gate access using player specific PINs
    • Item banning and transmutation
    • Built-in simple permissions system
    • Permissions plugin integration (preferred)
    • PermissionsEx plugin integration (preferred)
    • iConomy plugin integration
    • BOSEconomy plugin integration
    • Dynmap integration
    • Minecraft-Overviewer integration
    • and more to come...
    • Added client patching for client 1.8.1 (1.8.0 was skipped).
    • Supports RB 1185.
    • Can now remove bad gate links (issue 35).
    • Changed world loading to be delayed after server start.
    • Minor tweaks here and there.
    • Fixed Dynmap integration; requires Dynamp v0.22 or above.
    • Added more customizable gate messages.
    • Now enforces gate permissions on player interactions.
    • New permission `trp.gate.changeLink.<gate>` to limit ability to change gate's current link.
    • Fixed gates not saving to disk properly.
    Changelog for Older versions (open)

    • Working with CB RB 1060
    • Too many things to list here. See the Release7 wiki page for IMPORTANT INFORMATION BEFORE UPGRADING.
    • Working with CB RB 1000
    • Utilizes latest CraftProxy redirect detection so no more need for the craftProxy config setting
    • Compatible with BukkitContrib for client side redirects, so no need for the client patcher if you already have BukkitContrib client side installed
    • Tightened up network protocol handshaking
    • Server to server keepalives with automatic reconnection
    • Prevention of stationary liquids used for portal blocks from flowing under certain circumstances
    • Config setting for custom inter-server chat message formatting
    • Elimination of the minecraftAddress config setting; now it's done on a per-server basis as an additional argument to the "trp server add ..." command; this will almost certainly require you to change your existing server connections, but there are some sensible assumptions made that may allow many setups to "just work"
    • Automatic conversion of servers.yml into the main config
    • New debug command to submit debugging data to my web server so I can review it if necessary
    • Fixed "trp world go ..." command

    • Added world commands.
    • Added gate destroy command.
    • Added CraftProxy support.
    • Change semantics of minecraftAddress global setting.

    • Updated client patcher for MC 1.7.3.
    • Fixed client/server errors when teleporting in CB 953.

    • Updated client patcher for MC 1.7.2, CB 953.

    • Autoloads worlds linked to from local gates.

    • Fixed client patcher. If you've patched the client with a previous version, you must reapply the patch.


    • Added client patcher.
    • Changed client reconnect kick messgaes - now requires new client patcher.

    • Tweaked spawn position when exiting gates.
    • Removed debugging code.
    • Added "Booth" and "Small" gate designs.

    • Fixed problem of network not shutting down properly.
    • Fixed minecarts going server-to-server.

    • First publicly available release.

    • Never saw the light of day.
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    FINALY!! someone who has hooked into the server port plugin!
    Thank you i needed this :D
    even though i havnt fully figured out how to use the server port plugins i will be looking forward to this
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    Just to be clear, I haven't "hooked into" anything. This is a from-the-ground-up, clean-room effort. I borrowed no code from any other project. It has very similar functionality to Server Port (and hence the thanks to its author for inspiration), but it does some things that Server Port doesn't, and some things that Server Port does, but in my humble opinion, my plugin does them better.

    My plugin does not do some things Server Port does. Specifically, it doesn't do "bind gates" or "limbo" handling. Those are things for which I need a better understanding of how they're intended to be used before I can design the equivalent features. The environments I run this plugin in don't require that functionality, so I haven't had to think about it.

    The server-to-server functionality of this plugin, while fully functional, is not well documented in the wiki yet. It's not hard to setup if you understand a bit about networking, but it might be daunting without the docs for the uninitiated.
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    Looks great! I've been looking for a plugin that links nether portals together into teleporters without any excess networks or commands.
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    changelog needs to be here, at least 2 latest versions
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    I added the change log.

    I don't think this plugin will do what you want then, but I admit I'm not sure exactly what you're saying.

    This plugin will allow you to create "nether-like" portals, in that they're shaped the same way and made of obsidian. They don't use portal blocks, however, because that causes my nether gates to behave just like real nether gates. My gates don't interact with real nether gates at all.

    And to get my gates to work together, you'll probably need to use some commands. Especially if you want server-to-server.

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    Updated thread title to indicate compatibility with RB 928 - no new version of the plugin necessary.
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    The multiworldsupport isn´t working for me, it can´t find it
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    Can you add it for anywhere?

    Edit: And can you add a command for teleporting to an other server?
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    The chat forwarding is gate based, so can make server to server chat work effectively anywhere by setting the proximately radius to some unreasonably huge number and making sure the gate is always open. The gate receiving the messages (on the other server) also needs to have it's proximity set huge.

    Normally, the chat works like this:
    If a player is within a certain distance of an open gate (the proximity) and the gate is open to a gate on another server, anything the player chats will be sent to the other server's gate. Any player within a certain distance of the receiving gate (the proximity), will receive the chat message with a modified "from" in the form player@server.

    There is a command, "go", to teleport to another server, but it requires a destination gate on the target server. You can only pop out of a gate right now. I might change that someday, but it's not high on my list. However, the "go" command has not been tested much, so it might have issues, but I'll fix them if you find them.

    I admit I haven't tested that part much. I didn't do anything that would explicitly not make it work. Can you be more specific? What kind of messages (or errors) are you getting on the server console?

    I just tested multiworld. It works perfectly. What seems to be the problem?

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    I found my mistake sorry
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    Well, I just uploaded v6.6 with a multiworld related fix.

    Now, when you reload gates (either explicitly via the 'trp reload gates' command or at plugin startup, all worlds that are linked to from the local gates are loaded automatically, and the gates those worlds contain are loaded, recursively. This doesn't solve the problem if a gate on another server links to a currently unloaded world; in that case, the gate won't work.

    It would be nice if the bukkit folks made a way for a server to autoload all its worlds on startup.
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    Where is the config for the proximately radius? How to be sure the gate will stay opened?

    Edit: How to link two gates on different servers?
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    These are gate options, so the actual values live in each gate's config file. Those files exist in a Transporter/gates directory under each world's directory. But you should use the in-gate/console commands to change them. To get gates to do server-to-server chat, there are 3 options to set: relayChat, relayChatDistance, and duration:
    trp gate option set relayChat true
    trp gate option set relayChatDistance 1000
    trp gate option set duration -1
    All the commands above work on the currently selected gate. If there is no selected gate, append the gate name to the commands above.

    The first command turns on the gate's ability to relay chat messages and second sets the distance within which a chatting player has to be from the gate in order for the gate to "hear" the chat. The distance is in meters. The third command tells the gate to always stay open. If you specify any value above zero, it's the number of milliseconds to remain open. Gates based on the "Nether" design have their duration already set to -1.

    All these commands need to be run on both gates, on both servers.

    That's a bit more complicated. I REALLY need to get a wiki page done on the topic, but here's the basics for two Minecraft servers on the internet running on default ports with no proxies between them, assuming you're using the client patcher:
    trp server set minecraft myServerIP
    trp server set key myHardToGuessKey
    trp server add theirServerName theirServerIP theirServerKey
    Where: "myServerIP" should be the IP address or domain name of your server (the address outside folks connect their clients to), "myHardToGuessKey" should be some secret password-like string of characters you share with the other server's admin, the "reload" command restarts your Minecraft server so the previous 2 commands will take effect (they only ever need to be used once), "theirServerName" is the name you want to give to the other server, "theirServerIP" is the address or domain name of the other server, "theirServerKey" is the the other server's secret key.

    Once you enter the commands above on one server, it will repeatedly try to connect to the other server. Once the commands are also run on the other server, the connection will succeed. To add another server, just issue the last command again with the appropriate values.

    To see what servers you have configured and their connection status, use:
    trp server list
    Oh, if you're running your Minecraft server behind a firewall, you need to make sure you port forward the listen port of the Transporter plugin (default 25555) as well as the Minecraft server (default 25565).

    I hope that helps. Like I said, the wiki is sorely lacking this info, but I'm working on rectifying that.
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    What would be epic especially if Raphfrk doesn't come back is something that will convert current serverport custom gates and warp gates to this :p Our server is filled with gates and the thought of having to redo them is scary. Anyway let me know what you think or if its even possible. Thanks
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    I'm sure conversion would be possible, but I'd have to write a bunch of code to accomplish it. It's not out of the question, so we'll see what happens.
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    I posted this on the serverport thread as well as Raphfrk said he may be able to if it is easy but what its doing is:
    When you use a gate in the same server it puts you in and endless warp loop. so you instantly tp between the 2 gates until the gate is deactivated or you kill the client.
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    I'll have a look later tonight. It was working for RB 928 and there's no change log for RB 935, so I don't know what they "fixed".
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    hmm it was 928 where i first saw the problem and serverport build 375

    **edit: well i just tried it again on 928 and 935 with serverport 375 being the only plugin and definitely does the loop in both
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    That's the Server Port plugin, not Transporter. Transporter is mine, Server Port is Raphfrk's. Similar functionality, completely different code base, and completely independent of each other.
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    I know you told me to post the problem here on the serverport thread
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    Because I thought you were talking about my plugin. My bad. On the other hand, I'm glad there's not a problem with mine.
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    Need to update to latest CB.
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    would be f***ing awesome if you'd add simple design adding
    my stargate (pretty big one) doesn't "do work" with any TP plugin, piece of crap... at least it looks not bad
    VoxelPort maybe but i got errors >.<

    anyway... please add easier design adding OR possibility to port with self made portals (not /trp design build ones)
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    I'm not quite sure what you're asking for.

    If you're asking for in-game gate design, I considered, but rejected it as far too complicated. There are simply too many things you can do with my gate design system to be able to make in-game design worth doing. The way the design system works now, you can share designs with other folks just by providing the design file.

    You don't have to use /trp design build to build a gate. You can build a gate "by hand" by putting blocks in the right places. But the plugin needs the designs to be able to recognize what you've built as a valid gate.

    Working with 935.

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    yes i meant in-game designing something like selecting two points in 3D space, but never mind.
    You're right it's better as it is now. Thx for reply
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    how do you make custom gates in this? Its looking like i need to get away from serverport cause raphfrk doesn't have time anymore or something. I have several custom gates and a LOT of gates all over the place and on multiple worlds so I am going to have to switch them all to something else. Im hoping that your gate file is somewhat similar so that I can manually change them :/ this next update is going to be painful but your plugin looks the most similar to serverport so hopefully it will be a good replacement any suggestions you can give me on an easy way to do this?
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    The technique for custom gates is similar to Server Port's (and Stargate's, which is where Server Port got the idea, I think), with each gate design in a separate file. The structural concepts of the file are similar too, but the syntax is completely different. My design files are YAML files. Here's the Nether gate:

    The main interesting bits are the "blockKey" and the "blocks" structures. The "blocks" structure is a "drawing" of the gate, one vertical slice at a time. The slices are arranged in order. If you imagine yourself facing north, the slices are arranged north to south. Each alphanumeric character in a slice is represented in the "blockKey" with a set of options that apply to all instances of that character in the slices. The options are where things get very interesting and allow for far more things to happen than in the Server Port or Stargate plugins.

    I'd recommend you look at all the designs in the plugin, and if you can, build each gate on a server to see how they look and act, comparing what you see in the game with what the design says.

    Also unlike Server Port (to my knowledge), if you make a change to a design, you can reload the designs in-game (trp reload designs). This makes developing a new design much easier.

    It should be noted that changing a design DOES NOT change any gates already built based on the design. If you look in the gate files (under each world directory), you'll see they use a similar format to the design files and store a "snapshot" of the gate design as it was when the gate was created. That means you could conceivably make specific changes to specific gates by editing the gate files directly (when the server's not running, that is).

    It's on my TODO list to put a wiki page up about designing gates, but I haven't got there yet.

    I'll offer any help you'd like here in the forum, and maybe that will lead to enough content I can create wiki page from.

    OK, you twisted my arm. Here's a wiki page on Gate Design.

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    How I link the gates between different servers? A server of a friend is already linked with mine, but not a chance connecting the gates.
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    Update the plugin to latest recommended build and change the title accordingly.
    Failure to do so will result in this moving to INACTIVE section.
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