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    TeleportBlocks Version 0.2
    Download TeleportBlocks.jar

    TeleportBlocks lets you select a block to function as a teleporter. When players stand on the teleporter, they will be teleported to a destination unique to each player. You can also make multiple networks, each with unique Teleporters and sets of destinations.

    • Select a block to be a teleporter.
    • Each player has a unique destination.
    • Multiple networks of teleporters.
    You may be asking yourself, "But where would I possibly use this?" One use I thought of was to put it in a town. I would put the main teleporter in a city hall, and each member of the town would have a destination in their own lot.

    Usage (open)

    Note: The command are case-sensetive, but names of networks and players are.

    Add a main teleporter to a network:
    /tpblocks add main <network>
    Then right-click a block. This will automatically create the network. To add anything else to a network, you first have to create a main teleporter for the network.

    Delete all main teleporters in a network:
    /tpblocks delete main <network>
    This will automatically delete all main blocks in the specified network, but not the whole network. I plan on adding an option to delete individual teleporters.

    Add a destination to a network:
    /tpblocks add destination <name> <network>
    Then right-click a block. This will add the block to which the player specified by <name> will teleport to upon standing on the main teleporter of that network. If the specified player already has a destination in the network, it will be deleted and moved to the new block.

    Delete destination from a network:
    /tpblocks delete destination <name> <network>
    This will delete the destination specified by <name> from <network>

    Delete an entire network:
    /tpblocks delete network <network>
    This will delete all main teleporters and all destinations from <network>

    • A network can have more than one main teleporter, but teleporters from different networks cannot overlap.
    • A main teleporter can overlap a destination, but if they are both in the same network, anyone who steps on the block will be stuck.
    • There can only be one destination of a given name in a network.
    • Destinations can overlap, and won't cause any problems.
    • When making a destination, its name does not necessarily have to be that of a player, but if it isn't, it will do nothing. I plan on adding features later that will make them have a purpose, though.

    This is my first plugin, and is rather messily written. If I get enough interest in this plugin, I will rewrite it and add more features.

    Also, special thanks go out to the wonderful people at #bukkitdev, for putting up with my constant dumb questions! :p

    V0.2- Updated usage in plugin.yml

    V0.1- Initial release.
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    You're missing a changelog.
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    Ok thanks. Thought I wouldn't need it for first release. :p
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    you must have the latest two entries in the changelog outside of a spoiler :D

    since you've only got one entry, you don't need a spoiler.
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    Done! Jeez, these guidelines are strict! :p But I understand why, so I think I can suffer through a few post edits to make everyone's lives easier. :D
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    Update the plugin to latest recommended build and change the title accordingly.
    Failure to do so will result in this moving to INACTIVE section.

    They are not strict at all, they should even define formatting to make all releases look the same, not the chaos you gus create by thinking that centered text looks nice...

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    Sorry for the delay. I've tested it with the latest RB and it works fine.
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    can u make this so anyone who steps on the block will be teleported to the ceiling of another selected block..

    I'm trying to make a endless hole in hell as a jail.. :D so when u first jump down the hole , ull keep falling
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    Download link is broken :'(

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