[TP] Tele++ v1.3.4 - Full-featured teleportation suite - Moved to BukkitDev!

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by lycano, Apr 20, 2011.

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    Tele++ v1.3.4
    The complete teleporting solution for bukkit powered servers
    Craftbukkit 1846

    This project has been moved to BukkitDev
    Please visit the new project page on BukkitDev http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/tpp/

    Project moved to BukkitDev

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  2. Slightly confused with the permissions, is it possible to set it so only a certain group have lightning TP's?
    Also I see that lightning TP's are not toggleable per person (say for being able to sneak TP to determine if someone is griefing.

    having some trouble getting my head around forking your repo then pushing changes from my source, so i'll just upload a zip of the source n eclipse project. It was built off of 1.3.3a, shouldn't be too hard for you to find my parts :)

    Hope this helps make this plugin even more awesome.
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    @tehbeard: yeah it is currently only global as i did forget to implement it during the release (was working on some backend changes) but this will change as im planning to set global and per-user settings.

    In detail there was no configuration manager present that can save data so i had to implement a simple toggler for global options. And because im currently working on a code rewrite for a more flexible command handler im not planning to extend the present code too much. This was the only way to get it done fast as i want to have this option saved to config and not only toggleable at runtime.

    Yeah my repo is currently not syncable with any previous versions because of many code- and directory changes.

    Thanks for the zip. ill look into it.

    Thinking about it again after a short look into it i think i was a bit to tired and focused on implementing it as persistance. Ill implement it in about 1 hour ^^

    And i really do like your description you've added to the help. Will change that too. Thanks for your contribution.
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    Something weird is happening with the mover. I tag a player, and I right click on a far away blokc, it says "Moved" but then it says "Block tagged". And the destination block gets tagged without me left clicking.
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    Getting weird stuff happening with permissions nodes on this and i dont think its permission issue.
    basicly the nodes arnt working unless you have '*' node in which case it does. but when putting your nodes one by one or using the tpp.mod.* nodes for group nothing works. just giving no permissions. regardless of that it seems to work for Op's and non Op Admins that have the '*" node
    Also note that im getting no errors in my Console or anything. Normally if something was whack it would tell me but here nothing. Just No command appears as if i never typed it.
    So really. no basis.. i can go off here with an error log and every other mod ive used seems to synergize perfectly with permissions and no errors unless i screw up txt which normaly will give a "Your stupid and fucked up the format error"
    Any info would be greatly appreciated
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    @phaed: ill check that.

    @SynfulOne: i did checked it with giving permission to "tpp.mod.*" to myself. It just works as expected.

    Maybe you will find is usefull that there will be more log-stuff available. I.e. it now tells you if permissions is found or not. I dont know if you have used the default config.yml that comes with the zip file. If not use it. There are many log options turned on by default and i currently suspect that Permissions is not found. That would explain why many of those options will not work.

    Anyways upcoming version is near completion. It will contain major updates and less pain while handling with options. I think you will like it.

    There will be a full help available that nearly tells you anything you want.

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    lee smith

    i have all the other commands but where is the command to simply tp me to someone ?
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    /tp name
    This teleports you to name
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    Hi Lycano...

    Erstmal danke für das Super Plugin...Macht mega Fun.
    Ich hätte da ne kleine Anregung für V.1.3.5 oder so. XD

    Was hälst du davon draußen im Freien ne art Spawnarea zu setzen, wo dann die Steine die man mit einem Werkzeug (ähnlich wie mit dem /tp Mover) anklickt, hingebeamt werden.
    Also wenn ich im Berg mit dem Werkzeug auf Iron Ore klicke landet der Block oben wo man ihn dann bequem abbauen kann.

    Hoffe du baust sowas ein.


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    Regarding: "Setting a spawn area for /tp mover tool"

    @ff-xr2i: actually you can queue your items with right click on entities. I could expand that to blocks as well. Ill think about it.

    @ff-xr2i [german]: zur zeit gibts das nur für Entitäten also Player oder Tiere. Ich könnte das ganze auch auf Blöcke ausweiten. Ich denk drüber nach.

    PS: versuch in englisch zu schreiben dann brauch ich das nicht zu übersetzen ;)
  11. just curious, wasn't there a /tp back command to tp back where you were? i can't find it now!
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    yes /tp back sends you back 1 tp while /tp origin sends you back to the start of the tping
    /tp clear resets the tp queue which those 2 use
  13. i try /tp back and it says player "back" not found...
    EDIT: excuse me it says no querry "back" found...
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    Go into the Tele++ config and ensure that tp back is enabled, only thing I can think of
  15. alright, thanks. ill check

    uh, theres no config ?!?!?!
    but, the jar is there, and the features all appear to be working..

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    Well if there is no config then I don't know what more to say, the default for tp back is enabled
    Try creating a config
    Take the example config from the OP, and change it as you please
    If that doesn't fix it then I'm out of ideas so you will need to wait for lycano to get back to you
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    @aidan matzko: as Maxis010 said you can use the recommended config.yml packed in the zip file under TelePlusPlus or stick with the default created. All values will then default to false and you have to define them by your own.

    BUT i would wait until i've released 1.4 with that, because you can then do configuration changes from within your client. Plus there will be per user settings ^^

    * ill officially announce 1.3.4 as pre-release as this version is was a work-in-progress release
    * Version 1.4 is 95% done and contains a huge update. Some commands will change due to a new command handler i've picked up from th3kod3 but nothing serious. I think you can handle it because its more intuitive.
    * I've integrated Elforen's suggestions. You will be able to toggle thunder teleports for tool, others and self teleport

    Per Player settings (all togglers available /tp me thunder, /tp tool thunder, /tp others thunder) will be saved in a seperate config file. So you dont have to retype your togglers after server reload.

    Config settings will be global. If something is disabled in section disabled it will be regardless what you have stored as toggler for those three commands. This disabled stages are changeable with "tpp.admin.conf" permissions node through /tp config set disable.thunder.tp 0|1 or disable.thunder.others 0|1.

    5% includes: Testing, testing, testing and testing. Well, also includes persistance check and dividing teleport backend into types (TeleportManager) as currently there is no way to see where its called from. This will be fixed in 1.4, too.

    You are wondering why 1.4? Well, you'll see if the changelog is available to you ^^
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    Can I negate that for non-ops if I'm also using permissions by ussing negative permissions?
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    @Ketrel: if you use Permissions plugin there is no check against isOp() in Permissions afaik. Internal isOp() checking in TelePlusPlus is only active if Permissions plugin is not found. In the upcoming v1.4 you will have a log entry that informs you about "is permissions enabled?" i also have added a command for checking if this is true via command usage. /tpp plugin health - List internal health status (dependencies met recommendations)

    I would recommend to add the following nodes if you want to disallow tpp.mod.* and tpp.admin.*

    tpp.tp.*, tpp.jump.*, tpp.others.*, tpp.world.*, tpp.request to your group and leave out mod and admin node. Don't use negations if you dont need them =)

    Edit: Did i say that i have implemented a new command that loads and stores the recommended config that is included in the zip file? xD You dont have to copy it manually then if you dont want to jump onto your servers console =)

    /tpp plugin health will be checked against tpp.plugin.health permision. disable.plugin.health is set to false by default. As it is safe to use like tpp.plugin.version ^^
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    please please add tp world permissions. I have a couple worlds I dont want certain groups on but still want to keep the tp function open for all. I know defaultcommands has these permission nodes -
    - dc.teleport.self.* Teleport, * = world
    - dc.teleport.other.* Teleport, * = world

    I don't mean to be rude I just wanted to show you exactly what I mean. I am forced to use the tp part of dc till this feature is added and its causing a lot of other problems since its a full server suite. Great job on this plugin and I really hope you add this feature I really don't want to use any other tp plugin.
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    @kush: what exactly do you mean? If you want to disallow teleportation through /tp world to another world just disallow tpp.world.tp to that world.

    If you mean add a method that will check against "you can teleport to that world and not to the other" this is something im not currently working on.
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    Oh ok, that's good. From the way I was reading it, having ops.txt superseded the permissions plugin.
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    yeah I mean the method the check if they are allowed to go to that world. just please consider it. Thanks
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    @kush: hmm i could add a permission node tpp.world.restricted. Only a player who has this flag set can be ported to that world. Admins would then have the tpp.admin.bypass.restricted flag set so that they can teleport to this world or teleport players to that world without access.

    As i am currently in testing stage i think i will implement this.
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    I may be picking up a fag end here but I thought I should add my suggestion here as I think wormhole xtreme does this so well.

    Basically world tp permissions would be world name sensitive.

    So for all worlds:

    For worldname:

    For caseSensitive:

    Obviously I've used some nonsense permission class at the start as I cant remember the way you've written permissions so far. You could also consider making world networks??? Deffo check out how wormhole x-treme portals does it. Allows for such fine tuning and easy management.
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    @Mentioum: permission nodes devided by <plugincmd>.<section>.<action> most likely ^^

    Ah okay .. i can see your point! By not using one generalized permission node like restricted they check against "do i have permission to teleport to world" in its permission section in same world. Well, personally i dont like to have something like "tpp.world.<worldname>" in permissions nodes as this is variable. if someone uses accidently tp as worldname then you are screwed up ^^.
    I could subsection this into its own node hive but i think this is not needed. My aproach is the same only that i view it from the opposite point.

    E.g. if you pass "/tp world MyWorld" target world permission for user must contain "tpp.world.restricted" to let em teleport or be teleported to by another non-admin to targetworld. In fact anyone who does not have tpp.world.restricted in targets world cannot teleport to. They must have tpp.admin.bypass.restricted to bypass this check or they must have been teleported by a user (most likely an admin) that has permission node tpp.admin.bypass.restricted.

    This way you dont have to worry about worldnames ie someone has 5 or tree worlds... and the permission node is static. I hope this works as i currently dont now if its possible to check permission in targetworld from sourceworld ^^ Yepp this is possible =)
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    When I use /tp Player to x y x
    it's not doing anything. The only way I'm having any luck with that is
    /tp x y x
    /tp here player

    (I have all permissions)
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    I've the same problem actually
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    @Ketrel, @Mohye: i downloaded version 1.3.4 and checked it. It works as expected. Please make shure that you dont have the following set to false in config.

    - disable.tp.here
    - disable.tp.coords
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    Both are set to false.
    It's confusing because

    /tp <x> <y> <x>

    /tp here <player>

    /tp <player> to <x> <y> <z>
    does not work
    (no error, just does nothing)
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    @Ketrel, that you mean! Yeah .. its not working because there is no teleport action. Syntax is okay and should work but as there is no teleport action it does not teleport the player but should output "Teleported player to coordinates" if you set say.others.coords to true.

    Do you need this? I mean i could release a Hotfix for that but as 1.4 will contain many improvements in usage and performance i would like to leave it that way because it is a WIP version anyways and im quite finished releasing 1.4 (about 98% done).

    Confimed bug in Tele++ <= v1.3.4: /tp <player> to <x> <y> <z> does not teleport player to coordinates. Teleport action is mising.
    (You can circumvent that bug by using "/tp <x> <y> <z>" -> "/tp here <player>" and then "/tp back")
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