[TP] Tele++ v1.3.4 - Full-featured teleportation suite - Moved to BukkitDev!

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by lycano, Apr 20, 2011.

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    Tele++ v1.3.4
    The complete teleporting solution for bukkit powered servers
    Craftbukkit 1846

    This project has been moved to BukkitDev
    Please visit the new project page on BukkitDev http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/tpp/

    Project moved to BukkitDev

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    Short Update: Sry guys but i was ill this weekend. No changes for this weekend :/ Well, but there was a huge code update done today that will speedup things. (will be included in the next version)

    * reformated all classes for better readability

    Furthermore (thanks to flames) ill redirect the links to a new locatation after testing. There will be a public folder, where you can download the plugin by version or latest.

    This file will be called TelePlusPlus-HEAD-bin.zip or TelePlusPlus-master-bin.zip. For version downloads you can browse the directory @ http://ci.luricos.de/public/TelePlusPlus

    I noticed that when i used xAuth for authing but never with TelePlusPlus. What plugins do you use?

    EDIT: see quoted post
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    Plug-ins on our server

    Fake Message
    Petition Plug-in
    Pick Boat
    Player Lives
    Cold Lightning
    Plug Warp
    Portal Stick
    Proper Time
    Submersible Items
    Torch Missile
    Virtual Chest
    Wolf Pound
    World Edit

    That's the whole list directly from the server itself
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    TelePlusPlus nor xAuth was causing this problem. I've checked this behavior and its not reproduceable as long you disconnect yourself from the internet and minecraft auth servers are not available ^^

    I noticed it in combination with xAuth only because it reloads the player data after login via xAuth. BUT again it was not causing it.

    Because i noticed a short error message quickly disappearing yesturday during login it seems to me that the player skin is fetched after each Launcher-login and if the players data is loaded and/or periodically maybe during intentory open event, too.

    I dont know how this is implemented in detail but i think if the connection to the auth server is lost your player skin will not display correctly. To others it will still be visible because of cached data but because your players inventory view is a live view it will then not be visible to your client in that case.

    @faroutmat: Please let me know if your problem persists. If it does i would apreciate if you provide more details ie. "how to reproduce"

    @Maxis010: Do you have more details about "global tp bug"?
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    ANY form of teleportation will cause this bug
    Teleporters I use: Ancient Gates, MultiVerse (Commands Only, Portals Untested), MultiHome, Tele++ and the default tp
    When moving short distances (inside the client cached area) the bug doesn't occur (from what I've seen)
    I've found that the more RAM a server has and the fewer people there are online the faster the skin is restored (2-3 seconds @ 256 Mb with 6 people)
    I've never known the skin to be restored without reconnection if over 10 seconds have passed since the tp
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    hmm .. 256 MB is quite low. ill try to lower down ram usage to that value on my devserver and check that out but i thin this isnt a bug that has anything todo with plugins. If you're out of memory it has to be swapped and reloaded later .. this could cause those effects. Try to check how many ram your world is using. Recommended 1024 MB

    my current world stats:
    307 chunks, 48 entities
    Max Mem: 969 MB
    Free Mem: 426 MB

    You see i have 543 MB left in the instance. In your case it will be less i think. I wonder how you run the server with 6 players @256 MB RAM Oo
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    Your right, it's not a plugin bug, ANY form of teleportation that isn't handled by minecraft itself can strip your custom skin off

    I don't run that server any more, long story short I couldn't use the teamspeak server they wanted everyone to connect to

    I'm managing a 24 slot server for a new community now, soon to move from public hosting to VPS
    The ram is 512 so I rarely see the skin strip now but I remembered the benchmark from the last server
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    Hey I'm the server admin that faroutmat plays on. Admittedly right now the server is crud. It has 2 GB of RAM which is barely enough to run the server as is. I'm guessing from all these comments that, this is the problem?
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    Any ETA on the implementation on /tpa commands? TeleconfirmLite broke on our server and I'd love to use your Plugin as a replacement. Nobody else is even attempting it :-/ Pretty vital to our server play style.
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    Hey I have been using this plugin for about a month now (it is awesome btw! thanks) and I updated a bunch of stuff on my server (craftbukkit build, essentials and this plugin were among those) and the /tp commands no longer work, I can still do /tpp commands (eg. /tpp jump ect. ect. ect.) so it isn't a big deal, but it threw me off, I was just wondering if there are any compatibility issues I am unaware of, or maybe a config. problem (haven't touched the config file) anyway, Just wondering!
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    Having the same problem here with the /tp command being broken.
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    Don Redhorse

    Any timeframe for this?
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    @Don Redhorse: im currently working on it ^^

    @Flatliner: if another plugin overwrites the command there is nothing i can do about . Because of that there is a command alias present /tpp

    @Flinkleton: im using latest essentials and its not overwriting /tp
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    Thanks for the tip. I'll look into what might have caused it, it's bizarre as i don't recall updating any plugin that touches the /tp command :/
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    @Flatliner: you could post a list of used plugins. Maybe we could find whats causing it.
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    Noob question sorry.
    What file do these go in? I'm using ops.txt and not permissions.
    tpp.admin.* #give to admins tpp.mod.* #give to moderators tpp.tp.* #give to all players who you want to tp tpp.jump.* #give to all players who you want to jump tpp.others.* #give to all players who you want to tp other players tpp.world.* #give to all players who you want to tp to worlds tpp.request #give these players the ability to request tp's from those who have the tpp.mod.take permission
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    You would need to run a permissions plugin to use those.
  18. hello Lycano,
    Just like to say thanks for the awesome plugin, and thank you very much for releasing the source.

    I unfortunately don't use mavin, but I will A.S.A.P release my fork of your code on github, which includes lightning for mods when they teleport as a toggle-able option. (Our mods seem very pleased with it).
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    Nice idea, here's the list (all are up to date):
    • Commandbook (customised to remove several commands)
    • Multiverse
    • Jail
    • logblock
    • sortal
    • supplysign
    • worldedit
    • worldguard
    • minecart mania
    • spyer
    • falsebook
    • giveto
    • lockette
    • lightvote
    • creaturebox
    • multiinv
    • multihome
    • mcdocs
    • giveto
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    question: do these commands override default /tp <player1> <player2> commands?
    If no, can you make it so they do?
    I ask because the default /tp commands do not support multi-world, and if you try and /tp to someone on another world you will just end up in the corresponding coordinate on the world you are in; I would like to fix this.
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    Yes this overrides the default TP command
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    @Gadget: Everyting that dont includes tpp.admin.* or tpp.mod.* will be given to non-Ops. All other commands including the whole command set is useable for Ops. If you do not want to use Permissions you can use the disableOptions for a permanent disable. But note that all including the Ops cannot use them then.

    I recommend using Permissions to fine tune command access.

    @Flatliner: Try to disable CommandBook for testing. But i would wonder if this is causing it because its using /tp only as an alias and /teleport as main command.

    @kmccmk9: Running a Server with 2GB of RAM for minecraft is a bit risky as Minecraft is RAM-intensive. I would suggest running Minecraft-Server with at least 4 GB RAM and 2 GB assigned. If you want to use this server for http requests be aware if you have a website running that is frequently used like a forum this could cause response time problems.

    @tehbeard: You should thank tkelly and Phead ^^
    I hope you have used commit: d8239016cfbc5c6876091a0e238e373ee60d2e80 as this includes at least my class reformating ^^ Ill look forward to your fork. But maybe i will have implemented it today as this is a four-liner ;)

    @Darkstand: I dunno what you mean with default?! You need a plugin for that and if that plugin registered the /tp command first every other plugin cannot assign this command later on. Thats why Tele++ has an alias.

    @Maxis010: Where did you get this intel? You cannot override commands from unknown sources. Currently what comes first grabs first and the PluginLoader is somewhat tricky .. i didn't looked into the code that deep but for what i've seen it looks for dependencies and loads it in that order. Furthermore it will be loaded in alphabetic order depending on the namespace/filename (i think). But if a command e.g. /tp is registered by another plugin previously and you want to register the command after that plugin it will fail.

    Note to all: if you have problems using the /tp command try /tpp or disable the plugin that uses this command if you hardly want to use /tp


    Many changes are on the road. I think you can expect a release today (GMT+1)
    * Full Help Support restored
    * new command added /tp help|menu - Lists Tele++ commands
    * you can now use /tp help <page> or /tp menu <page> to list a specific help page for Tele++
    * Added HelpManager that now handles the internalHelp-Menu if no Help plugin used.
    (this command will show you the internal or the Help's Menu)
    * More Logging added. HelpManager will now inform you if Help support is found or not.
    * Settings toggler ingame (WIP)
    - /tp options get <node> - Gets the option for node
    - /tp options toggle <node> - toggles value for given node
    - /tp options search <node> - search for option key (wildcards allowed, alias for "options get")
    - /tp options reload - reloads options
    - You can edit the file first and do a reload as this will reload the config without saving.

    Im not quite happy how SnakeYaml destroys the Integer List for through-blocks onSave() maybe ill change this to itemname based indexing. To get this changes on the road without any further delay you can only toggle boolean values for now.

    Im planning to extend it to change the "through-Blocks" commnd options as well but this will be done in future releases because i want to baseline the structure first before continuing adding too much lines to the old structure.

    And yes, the lighting effect will be included in this release as well. I wonder how this will feel to ride on a bolt of light ^^

    * Cooldown/Warmup is currently delayed until the new commandInterface is up and running.
    * Another nice feature will be added soon. I dont want to tell you too much about it now but it will extend the glassed-functionality.
    * Im planning to give Admins/Mods the ability to disable all command functions for a specific player. This will depend on tpp.admin.? or tpp.mod.? nodes permission. Admin can allways revoke permissions to a mod but a mod cannot restore it if taken. (this will be saved. A reconnect will not restore full functions if not restored by an admin)
    * Option will be added to set default behavoir of /tp <world>. If no option given teleport to spawn instead of x,y,z You can still use /tp world <x> <y> <z>!
    * There will be a command to get your current location and use it with location dependened coordinate commands

    Stay tuned ^^

    Regards, Lycano
  23. oh thats great! Less work for me having to splice in lightingTP's if its part of the offical build :).
    Couple of quick words, please make it toggleable, very useful for using it only for srs business.

    Also, a word of advice, don't use strikeLighting(Location location), i did that in the first version and accidently BBQ'd the guy I TP'd to, strikeLightingEffect(Location location) is 100% awesome with 100% less flame grilled players.
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    Your plugin will override the BUILT IN tp command which is only player to player, just like if a plugin uses /list it will override the built in list command, that is what Darkstand asked and that is what I answered
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    Well curiously, after making absolutely zero changes to any plugin or config, it's started working since rebooting this morning (even though I rebooted yesterday to no avail). Wacky stuff... same thing happened with another plugin i was using :/ All is well now though so I'm happy :) Looking forward to the upcoming changes too!
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    @tehbeard: haha thanks for the advice ^^ but i like the idea of teleporting a player to you and then grill them with a bolt of light just to see them burning xD maybe ill add a /tp here player -bbq as option ;) Shure all of those will be toggleable to save your speaker's life ^^

    @Maxis010: i was just curious it wasn't ment to attack you ^^ Just didn't noticed that there is a built-in command set. Found CraftBukkit_commands. :3

    @Flatliner: hmm this is indeed weird oO Are you shure that you only rebooted the server? Hmm maybe something didn't loaded correctly during startup. But nice to know that it works now. If that happens again pls let me know.

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    I did figure out the answer to my question, but I will try and explain for the sake of anyone else who might have the same question. Before I get to that however, I would like to say that I DO now use this plugin and so far it works great, keep up the good work, and thanks for the quick response.

    Now, what I meant by default commands are the commands that are built into minecraft itself, without bukkit or plugins for it at all. These commands are built into the "vanilla" server structure and include /tp /give /list as well as administrative commands such as /ban and /kick. These commands ship with the software so to speak. For the most part they work flawlessly, but sometimes when things are added to the mix that were not there originally, like multi-worlds for example, these built-in commands can get confused about how to operate. For example, /tp has no concept of multi-worlds and will simply teleport you to a set of coordinates. This does not work if the person you are teleporting to is on another world, you will just end up on the corresponding coordinates on the world you are in.
    This is trouble.

    Your plugin DOES NOT "replace" the /tp command persay according to what I saw as trying to use the original syntax brings up the help menu for your plugin, but this works for me. Anyone trying to use the old commands will quickly figure out how to do what they want to do; either /tp <name> to teleport themselves somewhere or /tp <name> to <othername> which can have the same use as the original syntax (and more).

    P.S. Sorry for the speech-ish long post, but I wanted to clear any confusion right out of the water.

    P.P.S. I see there were posts in the meantime while I was typing this out and you figured out what I meant, I will leave it up anyway though for informational purposes for people looking at the plugin.
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    @Darkstand: As you may have read i simply didn't care / didn't know what built-in commands are present and misunderstand the word "default".

    Thanks for the detailed comment.

    Version 1.3.4
    • fixed help support
    • changed help display
    • reformated all classes
    • changed maven dependencies to support higher versions
    • added new command /<command> help
    • /<command> help <subcommand> triggers help search
    • added new command alias for help /<command> menu
    • added new configureable option disable.menu
    • added new property disable.tp.lightning, tpp.tp.lightning permissionNode
    • added configureable option log.strikeLightningNotFound (log.sleNotFound) if you intend to use it with CB < 766
    • added new command /<command> options <node> <value>; For now it is possible to set boolean values (WIP); Note that this is currently not per User
    • added new property disable.admin.options, tpp.admin.options permissionNode
    • added new command /<command> version - Display version; This option is accessible for all
    • added new property disable.version, tpp.version permissionNode
    • added config.yml as ressource to jar package
    The direct link to the jar file will be fixed later. Currently it points to the latest ZIP

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    Psycho Robot

    Wait, what's this about lightning? I looked in the OP and didn't see it explained anywhere.
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    @Psycho Robot: If you use the tool to teleport with left click or summon players to you with /<command> <player> a lightning effect will be added.

    This option is turned off by default. To turn it on you set this option ingame to false|0 via the new command
    "/tpp options disable.tp.lightning <value>" where <value> can be 0 (zero) for false or 1 (one) for true.

    You could also try the new /tpp help command if you like IF you have installed Help Plugin ^^

    Something to note about tp.lightning: As a side effect it will also strike a lightningEffect if you are teleporting underground because there is no height check. I did checked it with a mate on my devserver and it turns out that it could be useful to track your movement so i left it in there.

    Please let me know what you think about this. I could also add a configureable option to allow/disallow undergrund lightning.

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    Psycho Robot

    It would make logical sense to keep it in, since the lighting is caused by the sorcery used to teleport, whether its underground or not.
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