[TP] Tele++ v1.3.4 - Full-featured teleportation suite - Moved to BukkitDev!

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by lycano, Apr 20, 2011.

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    Tele++ v1.3.4
    The complete teleporting solution for bukkit powered servers
    Craftbukkit 1846

    This project has been moved to BukkitDev
    Please visit the new project page on BukkitDev http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/tpp/

    Project moved to BukkitDev

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    Hope you have great progress on 1.4. :)
    But i think it's really sad, that this plugin still miss the /tpa & /tpa here system :(
    I find it being the only thing missing, and it have been that way for a long long time.
    Just wanted to make you aware.
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    Once you upgrade this to latest CB i might use it, although im planning to use superperms and not permsEX...
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    Any word on Pex support? You said you would have something a week ago. Really missing my feather!

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    Hes kinda been saying he will release something next week for the past 8 straight months. :oops: It feels like Duke Nukem Forever, where it is taking so long that things have changed and people have moved on and alternatives have been made and noone really remembers it anymore. I mean the game went from alpha, to beta, and to release, and now post-release, and still no releases. In that time-frame I have released hundreds if not thousands of versions of my plugins, refactored the entire code-base of PreciousStones multiple times, created SimpleClans from scratch, quit the game twice, and came back three times.

    In reality we should be on Tele++ 6.0 by now. Except for your continued support for old and new Tele++ users, which has been great Lycano, there have been no noticeable advances on Tele++. Version [1337]? That was ages upon ages ago. Version numbers don't even follow that format anymore.

    I keep hearing of a 1.4, but looking at his Github I see your last commit was May last year. At this point I'm not even sure there is really anything out there to see. :/

    Sorry Lycano, but I've been hearing, 1.4 is coming soon for so long I'm beginning to think you're lying to us.
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    superperms support?
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    phaed thanks for the comment. Its an honor beeing compared to Duke Nukem Forever which was a really nice game btw when it came out and sold tons of copies ^^ Also i congrat that you have that much time again as it seems.

    Speaking of Ages .. 1337 was released in Novemeber so its not that long ago .. anyways i dont want to start arguing about beeing late. Its a fact that i did fall behind releases (actually its one RB behind) but im not a liar and honestly im shocked hearing that from you in this way.

    About versions ... 6.0? really? so should i do the same like the mozilla foundation did? Just count upwards?

    In fact i would have apreciated if you contacted me via conversation first before posting your assumtions filled with overstatements like "hundrets ... thousands of versions" released. It depends on how you use versions: Implementing small changes and count one major version up or just add a subversion to show "its just a small change".
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    Sorry about that, I do come off brash at times. But seeing your latest announcement of "it will be finished on the 3rd" and being the fact that its the 19th, and being that its the same thing you have been saying for months and months, it just kinda made me lose all hope.

    But yes it is how you use versions. Development of these sort of things are agile, with multiple releases each one fixing bugs and or adding features, the product is always in a perpetual beta, and there is always a working version out for the current release. Otherwise you tend to lose your client base to your competitors while you're working away on your codebase behind close doors.

    I really do hope you make a splash when you release, but like I said, I've been hearing it for so long that I no longer know what to think. 8 months is a long time.
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    phaed you ever considered joining spout dev team? they have alot of work to do.ps love simpleclans.


    Im happy with the plugin as it is ... in my eyes its good as a final release what i would like to see is just an update for the new event system. Maybe just an update to bring it to recommended?

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    o0AzzA0o well its not that easy but its doable ^^ Im currently updateing wormholeXTreme as it is completely broken. TelePlusPlus works as far as i know and will be updated directly after it.
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    Yea its no drastic rush im just glad that plugin is still supported imo dont worry about adding features :p
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    Having an issue.. when I try /tp name to x y z it says it teleports them but it never does.. anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it?
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    any guesstimated time until this is done?
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    palmershone sry i dont have an exact date. I did work straight through last weekend to only update two plugins because of their functionality.

    Anyways everytime i have free time now i work on it. if its not done on weekdays it will probably done on Saturday or sunday.
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    Thread locked at the Developer's request. Please see this plugin's page on BukkitDev for more information (link in OP).
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