[TP] Tele++ v1.3.4 - Full-featured teleportation suite - Moved to BukkitDev!

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by lycano, Apr 20, 2011.

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    Tele++ v1.3.4
    The complete teleporting solution for bukkit powered servers
    Craftbukkit 1846

    This project has been moved to BukkitDev
    Please visit the new project page on BukkitDev http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/tpp/

    Project moved to BukkitDev

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    Pretty sure that's on the list of features for 1.4 if I remember right. (I could be wrong though)
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    I just installed this today, and am trying /tp mover, but I get "Not a valid world or player"

    Not using permissions on this server. Do I need to?
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    @Vulgrin you probably have CommandBook installed which uses /tp as Teleport Command. If you want to use TelePlusplus and TP from CommandBook (or any other plugin) use /tpp instead.
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    this plugin is very useful
    and i want to use it to teleport me to the region make by worldguard
    anyway can do it?
    too many teleport haven't "/tp back"
    i feel worry about that
    can you help me?
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    All my players can use the /tp jump command and I have set the permissions up so they can't.
    Would this be because I am using SuperPerms or another reason?
  8. "No free space to teleport"

    I seem to be getting this alot when tp'ing to players. I never got this get this when using Easy TP :/
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    @po5 well if you get "no free space to teleport" there is not enough room to teleport you at the target location.

    Notice: a new compatible version will come this weekend. I finally managed to get some free time from work ^^

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    I have one suggestion and one request. I did a search of the thread and didn't find anything relating to these, so my apologies if this is a repeat.

    First off, moving chests with the mover tool makes the chest drop all its contents. If there is any way to fix that, that would be wonderful.

    Secondly, is there any chance we could get waypoints or something similar to make traveling fast and easy without having to remember coords?

    This plugin is awesome, keep up the good work!

    EDIT: I thought of one more thing. Could there be a changeable limit to how many blocks you can teleport through with the tool? I just went a few hundred blocks farther than I wanted due to a misclick, which caused my server to give me overloading warnings.

    EDIT x2: I also found a small dead zone with teleporting. At the edge of Steve's reach, the last block that he can highlight with the reticle can only be teleported to if you have it highlighted. You can't just point at it like with most other areas.
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    Question for future releases:
    - It's possible that /tp back works together with warp-plugins like MyWarp?
    - It's possible that /tp back works together with Home/spawn-plugins like HomeSpawnPlus?

    If I have to look at some users or locations with /home name, at the spawn or on a warplocation, I don't want to create everytime a warp to go back to my last location.

    - Alternative: Command to set a temporarily /tp back -location before warp/spawn/home, like /tp tmp
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    @KarrothMelu dead zones is cause of the changed onInteract stuff .. fixed in 1.4 cause i changed some stuff to onPlayerAnimate =) Nice suggestions though i thought of this a long time ago .. giving you a history list for moved objects with mover tool.... but i havent much time in the last month to release all those new stuff :/ But yeah currently v1.3.4 acts strange with the mover tool usage ...

    @Jobsti well i could connect to mywarp but i would prefer to simply make a the history viewable and giving you an option to mark an entry as "favorite" ... this way you could teleport to certain locations easily by doing /tp to #marking or so ... ill see what i can do about this ^^
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    Info Notice: Im currently rebuilding my compiler environment. Thus i come back from work mostly at ~20:00 im trying to get all my plugins up-to-date. I know its quite a long time since nothing happened here but i want to let you know that im not letting you down. Im doing my best to release an updated version as soon as possible.

    Regards. lycano
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    Thanks Lycano. Its always good to see developers stick with their plugins.
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    Hey maybe a nice feature would be, if jumping is costing hunger? Maybe a static value or a dynamic depending on the distance traveled.

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    @xZise intresting thought ^^
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    Without warmups and cooldowns it is even possible with Tele++ to avoid most of the hunger … ehr … drain.

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    You might want to think about updating the title with the proper version #
    Also can Lycano or anyone else confirm this is working on #1185?
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    the feather is a little bit buggy. if I want to teleport me on a block i landing far away behind it.
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    Can confirm. Either that, or use Superpermbridge. I use these 3 permissions for my users:
    superpermbridge.tpp.tp.*: true
    superpermbridge.tpp.jump.*: true
    superpermbridge.tpp.world.*: true

    I don't know if it's been suggested, but my users love t++, and want an easier way to tele to coordinates, maybe with a saved alias. I had to find another plugin, which I'd rather not do.
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    @Silverseppel this is a known problem as of 900er builds cause PlayerInteract changed. In 1.4 its moved to PlayerAnimation. Im currently working on putting a stable 1.4 version out for 1.8 as i found some strange behavior when using the tool or mover under some special circumstances.

    @esocid saved aliases is on my todo list.

    @xZise Tpp currently doesnt clean the event atm as the plugin isnt compiled against 1.8 nor v1.3.4 is ment to be used with 1.8 as many stuff has changed according to events and teleportation.

    --- Well you all may ask yourself "Okay you talk about 1.4 but where is it?" - Unreleased as of intensive testing and error checking for 1.8 But be shure Tele currently is on high priority and will be relesesd before my other plugins asap (when finished all test) i dont want to release an unfinished version.
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    I dont think this has it :( but is thier a plugin were u can do /across {Left/Right} {Amout}
    So it telepports you the amount you want across and witch way
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    I've got some problems with permissions.
    I'm using the phoenix permissions.
    I gave myself all the permissions (*) and all the other people these:
    But for some reason, they can't teleport to me.
    And there is no message like 'You do not have permissions to use this.'

    What did I do wrong?
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    @jespertheend maybe you toggled teleport so that only mods can teleport to you. Try the /tp toggle cmd
  26. Just curious, but will 1.4 have native PermissionsBukkit support?
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    nope, didn't work.
    Do you need my .yml (permissions)?
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    OK, it work's now. Everyone can tp to each other. But nobody can tp to me. I've tried /tp toggle. But that didn't work. When I made someone op. It did work.
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    @jespertheend then its obvious that a permission system was not found. Tele++ would fallback to isOP only if it doesnt find Permissions (PEX Compat or Permissions (TheYeti))
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    Hey -
    Would it be possible to add a feature to stop players from teleporting to other players between worlds? I'm having an issue of people murdering each other in Survival due to porting straight to them in Build.
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