Inactive [TP] SpawnArea v0.2 - Spawns players in a set area randomly [1.0.1-R1]

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    SpawnArea - Spawns players in a set area randomly
    Version: v0.2

    SpawnArea takes points set from a configuration file to determine a random location in which to spawn a player on death.

    On first run SpawnArea will create a file named 'points' in the 'SpawnArea' folder. The 2 points may then be set by using integer values that create a rectangular region in which to spawn a player.

    The default points set by the plugin on first run are (-10,-10) and (10,10)

    It will also create a file named 'config' in the 'SpawnArea' folder. There is one option, 'first-spawn' which may be set to true to make new users be spawned in this area.

    • Spawns players in a random set area
    • Area is customizable from a file
    • Will not spawn players on lava, fire, water, or cacti
    Download SpawnArea

    • Version 0.2
      • Added 'first-spawn' option
    • Version 0.1
      • First release.
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    Haven't gotten to that just yet, but I went ahead and added in an option for first-join users to be randomly spawned. I'll see about going multi-world soon.
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    thank you sir =)
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    Hi people i downloaded the plugin and it's runnig when i type /plugins is shows the plugin name but how can I set spawn when i type /setspawn or /spawnset it shows invalid command type "help" ...etc... sry for my bad english :D
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    Will this plugin overwrite the /sethome /home bed commands ? I'm looking for something when players die it sets them to a area that's safe in a region. For all the kids griefing the players /sethome with blocks or digging large holes and players continue to spawn and spam to death. Also anyone know if this is 1.1.0 tested thanks!
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    This plugin doesnt work 100%
    its really awesome, however if a player dies in the nether (And most likely the end)
    He gets put at thoese Points in the world

    Id really like it if they got moved back to the Orginal (normal World)
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    Please update it for 1.2.5, it is a great plugin for PVP servers.
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    Update pls. I need this plugin!!!
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    Does it work for the starting area?
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    Hello, I'm building an awesome PVP Deathmatch-Map style game and I could really use a plugin like this! Anychance that this could be updated to work with 1.2.5-R4.0? Or possibly are there any other plugins that yield random player spawning(Still updated to 1.2.5-R4.0)?
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    Any chance of updating this? Looks interesting, but doesn't work with my current build of Bukkit:
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    Hello, this plugin looks amazing, but one suggestion: compatibility for WorldEdit to select the region, so it's not a pain to get the coordinates to make your spawn area. Also, is this plugin 1.3.1 compatible?
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  16. Works fine for me, just follow Josvth's advice.

    Posting again for people who never scroll up:
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    Can you please update this plugin?
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    Just for confirmation, does this plugin make players spawn randomly when they first join the server? Also what would happen if you die, Would you spawn randomly again?
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    Is this multiworld compatible, also is it possible to set a circular area, i have a round border on my world and would like players to spawn anywhere in that circle.

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