Inactive [TP] SpawnArea v0.2 - Spawns players in a set area randomly [1.0.1-R1]

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    SpawnArea - Spawns players in a set area randomly
    Version: v0.2

    SpawnArea takes points set from a configuration file to determine a random location in which to spawn a player on death.

    On first run SpawnArea will create a file named 'points' in the 'SpawnArea' folder. The 2 points may then be set by using integer values that create a rectangular region in which to spawn a player.

    The default points set by the plugin on first run are (-10,-10) and (10,10)

    It will also create a file named 'config' in the 'SpawnArea' folder. There is one option, 'first-spawn' which may be set to true to make new users be spawned in this area.

    • Spawns players in a random set area
    • Area is customizable from a file
    • Will not spawn players on lava, fire, water, or cacti
    Download SpawnArea

    • Version 0.2
      • Added 'first-spawn' option
    • Version 0.1
      • First release.
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    This is pretty nice for a PVP type world.
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    Thank you.
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    You should add another feature to this. Just an option atleast. But a Border that joins with the border that you made for spawning but this border wont let you out.
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    Have you considered using BorderGuard for your border control issues?

    That said, it does not appear to allow setting of a border based off a rectangular region, if that is what you are asking for? A second plugin could easily be made to do so.
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    Yeah I have it lol. But I thought that would be a nice feature to have.
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    Being rather fond of separate plugins doing separate things, I think this will do what you have asked this one to do. Simply set the two points files to the same set of points, and it will both keep them in an area, and spawn them in it.
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    Verified working properly in 860.
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    Verification is nice, but the title has to say it.
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    I know. Nuclear is on vacation and I"m just letting him know for when he gets back ;)

    (Cannot edit title)
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    Confirmed to work in 860
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    Confirmed to work in 928
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    Confirmed to work in 935.
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    Can you implement multiworld support?
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    Nice plugin! I use this for my pvp server :)

    Tnks you :)
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    I will in the next version.

    For now, confirmed working in CB 1000.
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    Confirmed working in 1060
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    Can you make an option in the config that would cause it to choose from a list of spawn points randomly? (eg, if i typed /setspawn 1, /setspawn 2, /setspawn 3, etc , it would randomly choose from those three spawn points where to spawn a person.)
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    I'm considering using this for my private PvP server but first I need to know, will it spawn you underground? Cause I dug my arena out instead of building it above ground to save time.
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    It uses Coords, Coords go above and below ground.
    Awesome plugin btw, will be using this XD.
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    The idea of the plugin is great and I have searched for this for a very long time.
    But its not that what I need.
    I have different cities and I want to spawn my players on their first spawn in a random city.
    IN the city. not something inbetween where they never find any civilisation.

    Do you think that is possible to perform?
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    It is possible with some modification... but I cannot promise I will have the time to do so in the near future, sorry.
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    Hey NuclearW thank you again for creating this plugin for me. I would like to have this compatible for 1185, it doesnt seem to be working or maybe its just my server? Id like you to see if this plugin works for the latest bukkit build. =)
  24. Any news on multiworld support?
    Ideally, i'd like to have a set spawn point for first timers (0,0), then a random spawn point on death.
    I would also like to have a set spawn point in my other 2 worlds. (Multiworld support)
    Would this be possible?
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    Yes, multiworld support is what I need, and this plugin is complete! I would like my players to only spawn in one world, not the world they were in when they died.

    Also, take donations man, I'll send some your way.
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    okay, this is going in my war server.
    if anything goes wrong i will tell ;)
  27. @superrawr
    There is a plugin on bukkitdev called Random Spawn which does this, but with multiworld.
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    Can I get the source code please? :) I need something like this for my rpg server but for a command... Plus I'd really like to study it I'm new to plugins!
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    Thanks this is just what I needed! :)
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    need this myself, A player to spawn in World (X) randomly (or multi-predefined locations in config/ingame) and randomly (or another way to predefine locations) for on death.

    Pretty much want a player to be able to teleport to PVP world, join in a random location and if dies, doesn't get spawn camped.. Well until he finally safezone his home and makes a bed to save his new spawn location.

    thank you for the plugin btw

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