Inactive [TP] SimpleBack - Go /back to your death point! [1.2.3 R-0.1]

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    SimpleBack - /back without the hassle!
    Version: v1.0

    Plugins like Essentials have a /back command to return to the location of your last death. SimpleBack gives you that awesome command WITHOUT all the extras!

    Type /back after dying to return to your death point. This can only be done once per death.

    Download v1.0
    (source code in jar)

    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
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  3. Hello,

    it's a very good and simple plugin but can you add permission for use back command please ? :)
  4. Or can you add a Vault Support for Permissions ? Thanks!
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    The permission for the /back command is "back". ;)

    Thanks for this plugin!
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    could you add Vault support for iConomy?
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    In Essentials, it is possible to use /back when you have use /home, /warp, or /tp and such, to go back to the place you were when you used that command.

    Is it possible for this plugin to do this?
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    -_- why does it say I have no where to go back to?
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    Can you leave a message sent to the person that has died that you / can use back to return to your death instead
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    Some of my players randomly don't load the chunk they have died in and fall into the void. I'll assume it is another plugin that causes this if nobody else has the issue - it isn't too common.
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    waiting for 1.3.1 version for this plugin :)
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    I would like to this Plugin SOURCE COD please!

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