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    Officially moved to BukkitDev
    Note: Original post kept for historical purposes. :)
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    ScizzrHome - Home Sweet Home
    v 1.7 | Download | Source | .

    Please read the changelog if your Permissions aren't working correctly after upgrading.

    This is my very first Bukkit plugin and I want to get it out there. It's a simple Home plugin. I'm going to be working on adding more functionality, time provided. Feel free to suggest things and be sure to report those bugs!

    Important Notes:
    @ If you do not have Permissions installed, most things will be enabled for everyone. Only ops will have access to the following:
    (no cost when setting and using homes)
    '/home reload'
    '/home p:<name>'
    '/home set p:<name>'
    '/home clear p:<name>'
    '/home set-all <name>'
    '/home clear-all <name>'
    '/home list <name>'

    @ Multiple homes
    @ Global homes (similar to warp functionality)
    @ Ability to use, set, clear someone else's home(s)
    @ iConomy support (cost per use/set a home)
    @ Permissions support
    @SuperPerms support

    'ScizzrHome.*'                            - Allows everything
        'ScizzrHome.basic.*'                    - Allows all of these:
            'ScizzrHome.basic.use'                - '/home' - Teleport home
            'ScizzrHome.basic.set'                - '/home set' - Set location
            'ScizzrHome.basic.clear'              - '/home clear' - Clear location
        'ScizzrHome.advanced.*'                 - Allows all of these:
            'ScizzrHome.advanced.use'             - '/home <name>' - Teleport to a home
            'ScizzrHome.advanced.set'             - '/home set <name>' - Set a home
            'ScizzrHome.advanced.clear'           - '/home clear <name>' - Clear a home
            'ScizzrHome.advanced.nolimit'         - 'No limit on number of advanced homes'
        'ScizzrHome.global.*'                   - Allows all of these:
            'ScizzrHome.global.use'               - '/home a:<name>' - Teleport to a global home
            'ScizzrHome.global.set'               - '/home set-all <name>' - Set a global home
            'ScizzrHome.global.clear'             - '/home clear-all <name>' - Clear a global home
        'ScizzrHome.other.*'                    - Allows all of these:
            'ScizzrHome.other.use'                - '/home p:<who> [<name>]' - Teleport to another player's home
            'ScizzrHome.other.set'                - '/home set p:<who> [<name>]' - Set another player's home
            'ScizzrHome.other.clear'              - '/home clear p:<who> [<name>]' - Clear another player's home
        'ScizzrHome.list.*'                     - Allows both of these:
            'ScizzrHome.list.self'                - '/home list' - List your homes
            'ScizzrHome.list.other'               - '/home list <who>' - List homes of another player
        'ScizzrHome.nocost.*'                   - Allows all of these:
            'ScizzrHome.nocost.basic.*'           - No cost for using or setting basic homes
                'ScizzrHome.nocost.basic.use'       - No cost for using basic homes
                'ScizzrHome.nocost.basic.set'       - No cost for setting basic homes
            'ScizzrHome.nocost.advanced.*'        - No cost for using or setting advanced homes
                'ScizzrHome.nocost.advanced.use'    - No cost for using advanced homes
                'ScizzrHome.nocost.advanced.set'    - No cost for setting advanced homes
            'ScizzrHome.nocost.global.*'          - No cost for using or setting global homes
                'ScizzrHome.nocost.global.use'      - No cost for using global homes
                'ScizzrHome.nocost.global.set'      - No cost for setting global homes
        'ScizzrHome.admin.*'                    - Allows access to all of these:
            'ScizzrHome.admin.reload.config'      - '/home admin reload config' - Reload config file
            'ScizzrHome.admin.reload.homes'       - '/home admin reload homes' - Reload homes list
    @ RB 1337 support
    @ SuperPerms Support
    ~~ Same permission nodes as Permissions support!
    @ Minor bug fixes

    @ RB 1317 support

    @ Massive bug squashed (players with capital letters unable to use/clear their homes)

    @ RB1240 support
    @ Many smaller cosmetic improvements
    ~~ StartsWith() matching, such as 'sci' matching 'Scizzr' when you do '/home sci'. This only works when you are using or clearing a home. This works on both players and homes. Example:
    /home p:sci that -- This would match for Scizzr's home named 'that', pending there isn't another player whose name starts with 'sci'. When in doubt, use complete names, as the default behavior is to check the house list for exact matches and if it finds an exact result, return it.
    ~~ Ability to clear all of your (or another player's) homes using one command. /home clear [p:<who>] all
    @ Limit for advanced homes, as well as permission node to bypass this limit
    @ BukkitPerms support on the way (most likely ScizzrHome 1.6 with MineCraft 1.9 release)

    @ RB1185 support

    @ Case insensitivity - use, clear, and set homes without having to capitalize them
    @ On plugin load, automatically converts the homes list (only when needed)
    @ Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when players set a home named ':' then use '/home list'
    @ More administrative options

    @ RB1060 support
    @ Global homes (iConomy 5.0.1 support included)
    @ More administrative options (use, add, clear a home for someone else)
    @ Listing of homes (self and other players)
    @ MAJOR code fixes. I failed quite a bit on 1.1 but all is better
    @ Permission nodes now use [blah].use instead of [blah].home
    @ Added 'basic.version' config node to help with version checking and config updating.

    @ Permissions
    ~~ Changed permission node 'ScizzrHome.multi.*' to 'ScizzrHome.advanced.*'
    ~~ Added more Permissions nodes
    @ iConomy support added
    ~~ Configuration file to adjust cost per use/set
    @ Slight code tidying

    @ Initial release
    @ Permissions support


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    best mod!
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    Updated to 1.7 - See the change log for more info.
    Please direct all comments and issues to the BukkitDev page.
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    I have a wee problem. :( I'm a newbie at this so if you respond talk to me in a way I can understand not like you are talking to REDNBLACK. So anyway I'll get to the point 1: I watched your video, got REALLY PISSED OFF because when I downloaded I got the 1.7v and your video is the 1.2v and so I was like:??? 2: When I downloaded I got a .jar file so I opened with WinRar. Ik how to but the plugin.yml file in the plugin file in the server plugin folder but, I have No idears what to do with the other stuff. Ik im a newb at this and sorry if I am wasting your time.
    ~Odell00~ P.S. yes it is a note :D
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    Good point. I'll remake the video for you. :)
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    Well thanks, I'm glad I helped "remind" you to make a new video. But I asked my friend rabbid_zombie if he could tell me and he did. So basically for all people that are not too smart and only now about how to println in java then all you have to do is download and put the plugins folder. Also thanks to Scizzr to being active on his plugins! One last thing, Do you know if imminent fate's bukkit installer is updated to minecraft 1.0.0?
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    No idea on that software(?); I don't use it.

    My videos are coming along, just trying to get the new CommandSigns working to help my video. :-D

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