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    RealTeleporter - Teleportation gates

    This is a very simple-to-use teleportation gates system, that permit to freely create and link teleportation gates.

    The main RealTeleporter Project page is now on bukkitdev.

    Please do not use the forum for bugs reporting, as I can't read all your posts !
    Use the bukkitdev tickets system instead.
    You can freely talk about the plugin here into the forum, but without the developpers :)

    • Create/delete/link/loop teleportation gates using commands like EpicGates or WarpGates
    • This plugin was made as EpicGates 0.3 and old unmaintained WarpGate plugins have some bugs that are not quickly removed
    • Teleporters are created on a single block. If you want dual-or-more-blocks téléporters to work, you will need to create several teleporters
    • Work with thousands teleporters without making your server lag
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    Seriously, nice job! I use this Plugin alot on my server. It's really easy to understand. No problems so far! :D

    I'll hope that you will add the permissions fast. I need them really. Some people will make gates for fun.
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    Ok thanks anyways
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    Hi, this is really great! If I understand correctly, anyone can create gates? I see that you plan to implement permissions. Until then, can you maybe make a setting that allows only operators to use the commands? That would be great!
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    This plugin is having a problem with CB #818. When I teleport to another location that is a mile away, ONE chunk doesn't load where I stand. So, I fall into the void and die. For some reason I used nearby teleporter block and telported back and the chunks load just fine. I tried removing the teleporter and creating and still the same. It loads the rest of the chunk around me except where I stand.

    EDIT: It is just a bukkit bug. ChunkLoad plugin fixes this problem.
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    Will you update this plugin to support CB #818? There are a few errors when teleporting, mostly the kicked for moving to quickly one. which is very annoying.

    EDIT: never mind. bukkit just released #819 which fixed that issue >.>
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    miguel mercieca

    Hi there :D I love this plugin it works awesome :p But I am having one slight problem :/ A few of my teleporters, even though connected perfectly, are leading to the place in a sort of broken version. The floor will be gone and there will be no blocks and I will be bouncing endlessly.. Anyway to solve this?
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    Good plugin. But please to add a function for to select an area (with air) and make a big portal. :)
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    hey i have a problem with the plugin... it keeps spawning me in a big hole where i can see at the bottom the void. first i had it with xcraftgate and tought it was the fault from the plug-in but i have it with this one to... how can i fix this?

    1.png 2.png

    cheers tom

    oh and btw i removed xcraftgate

    *EDIT* I saw in one of the comments that somebody tryed it with Chunkload and that worked.. here is a link for everybody who has also a problem with this:

    Just use the /chunk command on the block where you teleport.
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    Any chance for you to make some kind of gate effect? Like water or something? Other than that, freaking amazing! I love the ease of creation. Good replacement for AncientGates. =)

    It seems the portals are only one block, anything to expand them to take up the whole frame of the gate?
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    @tickleman : #819 inactive, please test against latest RB.
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    This works well with the latest bukkit (#953)

    Could you take it back into active plugins ? Thanks :)

    Done. Thx for getting it back to life :)

    Sources are now on github. Enjoy it !

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    The PC Tech Guy

    This looks good. I'll see if it operates like EpicGates, allowing me to have any block as the teleportation spot, since I use warps on rails and inside portals.

    And it does! It suits my needs perfectly! However, there is no "landing" block. Maybe it can be configurable?
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    I don't want to make any kind of pressure, but is there an ETA on the permissions?
    That would really be helpful since i use one portal on my server that shouldn't be allowed for some ranks.
    The plugin is great and works fine. Thanks for the good work :)
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    Can you please create a new command that when they pass a teleporter..
    they change name?
    preffix i mean..
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    Nice plugin. Easy to use. I really wish you would put permissions though.
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    I'm running this on CB 1185 and it seems only OP can use the portals ?
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    Very easy to use!
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    does this still work for the new bukkit 1337?
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    Thanks i have been looking for this and it Works :D!
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    hey. This is nice, but i was wondering if only ops can use the commands, or if there is a way in the config file.

    also, yes. i tested it.

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    hi i loved the plugin and added it to my server straight away. after i set it all up 2 two diffrent points i tryed it out. and every time i did it it teleported me in to the void. what should i do? or can u fix this problem?

    thanks for your time
    niall wiggins
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    Bonsoir, super plugin mec. Il est super simple par rapport à toutes ces suites surfaite et il est diablement efficace. Ne lâche pas ce plugin l’ami :D:D
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    probably the chunk bug. sometimes the destination chunk does not load. I think this will be bukkit's job to remove this problem that did not exist on previous versions of craftbukkit.
    try : delete your destination door and create it some blocks near (and loop it again). when you move your destination point, it sometimes work (perhaps when you are on the neighbor chunk)
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    You mention this works with multi-worlds (teleport from say a creative world to survival mode). I haven't gotten it to work (without having the Multiverse-Core addon also included). Could you please elaborate on how to get it to work (without that extra plugin) please!. Awesome Plugin!!!!
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    This plugin help you to teleport between multiple worlds, but it does not manage multi-worlds !
    You will also need a multi-worlds manager (as the simple WorldManager or your Multiverse), as I will never include the world management features into RealTeleporter sorry.

    Have fun :)
  27. Hey, I am using RealTeleporter with Multiverse, and it works great for Admins, etc. However, when normal users try to use it, it says "You can't go here...." I searched for a Permissions node that would allow their transport, but I found that the plugin doesn't have Permissions yet? This is a great plugin, and I would love if someone could help me resolve my issue.
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    thanks it in now working
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    works great on Minecraft 1.0.1
    thank you !!:)
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    Amazing plugin! It runs perfectly when accompanied by ChunkLoad. However, could you add a confirmation popup?
    ie: someone unintentionally runs onto the pad, and gets a message in the text box, saying:
    "Do you wish to Teleport? if yes type, yes. if no, type, no.
    Could it also be configurable in game, as in i select a teleport, and use /rtel confirm on OR /rtel confirm true
    EDIT: OK, i think this would only work if permissions were set-up. Maybe it could work without?
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    @mahari3 why not. I copy you request into a new ticket.
    No permissions for the moment sorry...

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