[TP] OpenWarp 1.0 - Basic warp & home functionality [1060]

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    OpenWarp - Create and use warps and per-player homes; jump to locations; keep warp history
    Latest version - 1.0 (download latest)

    Note: This plugin is now on dev.bukkit.org!

    OpenWarp provides advanced warp functions to SMP players, including per-player "homes," a warp history, and quick jumps to relative locations. It is designed as a replacement for Essentials warp behavior, but can be used in almost any situation.

    • Set both public and private warp points
    • Warp to your private warps or anyone's public warps
    • Keep a private "home" location
    • Jump immediately to location under reticle, top of current column, previous location
    • Maintain a list of past locations and visit them in reverse
    • Limit players' warps - both public and private - with quotas
    • Supports both PermissionsBukkit and Permissions 2.x/3.x; set per-warp permissions
    • Full multi-world support

    OpenWarp recommends CraftBukkit 1060 or newer, and requires a CraftBukkit with mutable permissions (1024 or newer). It is also strongly recommended to use a permissions management plugin such as PermissionsBukkit.

    • v1.0 (b66) - Initial release
    The source code and outstanding issues are available on GitHub.

    Most players will interact with OpenWarp via the primary command /warp. The most common commands include:
    • /warp list [public|private]: List the currently visible warps
    • /warp {name}: Move to the named warp
    • /warp set {name} [public]: Create a new warp at the current location
    • /home: Move to the current player's home
    • /home set: Place the player's home at the current location
    • /jump: Move to the location under the player's reticle
    • /top: Move to the topmost solid block in the column
    • /back: Move to the previous location
    For a complete listing of available commands, including full syntax, see the command reference on GitHub.


    The permissions nodes are generally similar to the commands they allow. OpenWarp uses the same permissions for both PermissionsBukkit and Permissions 2.x/3.x. Common permissions are as follows:
    • openwarp.warp.list allows players to list warps
    • openwarp.warp.use allows players to use the /warp command
    • openwarp.warp.set allows players to create any kind of warp
    • openwarp.jump allows players to jump to locations
    • openwarp.top allows players to move to the top solid block
    • openwarp.back allows players to move back to their previous location
    If no permissions plugin is detected, OpenWarp will attempt to separate commands by op status. It is highly recommended to configure a permissions plugin and provide more granular permissions assignment to players.

    For a complete listing of permission nodes, see the command reference on GitHub.

    • v1.0 - Initial release. Implement warps (public/private), quotas, homes, history, /jump, and /top.
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    Can you add an update so that for people without permission's mod can at least have it so my users can list warps and set there homes without being ops.
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    The current builds already do this. If you haven't, get the latest from the build site.

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