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    Nifty Monkey

    ******** NOTICE ********

    NiftyWarp is no longer following or updating this forum thread.
    For all support, please use the BukkitDev site.

    ******** NOTICE ********
    NiftyWarp - A warp/home plugin that allows for private, listed, and unlisted warps.
    Version: v1.2
    CraftBukkit Version: 1000

    NiftyWarp was written because I wanted to create and manage warps in a way that was easy, but that didn't end up in a giant, cluttered-up list for everyone on the server. However, I didn't want to simply create personal warp lists only because I wanted the make sure it was easy for people to be able to share access to their warps if they so chose.

    • Warp Types
      • Create "listed" warps that are visible and useable by anyone.
      • Create "unlisted" warps that are invisible to others, but still useable by anyone.
      • Create "private" warps that are invisible to others, and only useable by you.
    • Change warp type for easy sharing with others.
    • Simple home warp creation and usage (e.g. /home, /sethome)
    • Cross-World Warping
    • Clearly see which warps are yours and which ones belong to others
    • Configurable default type
    • Permissions support (and three non-permissions-plugin options as well)

    Permissions 3.x (Optional) - tested with 3.1.3
    also works with Permissions 2.x (Optional) - tested with 2.7.4

    Feel free to post feature suggestions in this thread!
    Commands (open)
    In order to be able to function alongside other warp plugins, all of the main commands are unique to NiftyWarp and prefixed with "nw". However, for ease of use, I've also included quite a few common and intuitive aliases. Here are the commands listed using the aliases people are most likely to use. Below them are the main command and other alternates if you need to use this in conjunction with another addon.

    /addwarp <warpName>
    Add a warp
    - Command: /nwadd
    - Alternates: /nwa, /addwarp, /createwarp, /setwarp

    /deletewarp <warpName>
    Delete a warp
    - Command: /nwdelete
    - Alternates: /nwd, /deletewarp, /removewarp

    Set your home warp (currently just makes a warp named "home")
    - Command: /nwhomeset
    - Alternates: /nwhs, /homeset, /sethome

    Warp to your home (currently just warps to your "home" warp)
    - Command: /nwhome
    - Alternates: /nwh, /home

    /listwarps <worldName> <private | unlisted | listed>
    Get the list of warps. You can use asterisk for world to get all worlds if specifying type.
    - Command: /nwlist
    - Alternates: /nwl, /listwarps

    /renamewarp <warpName> <newWarpName>
    Rename an existing warp
    - Command: /nwrename
    - Alternates: /nwr, /renamewarp

    /setwarptype <warpName> private | unlisted | listed
    Set the privacy/visibility of a warp after creation
    - Command: /nwset
    - Alternates: /nws, /settype, /setwarptype

    /warp <warpName>
    Use a warp
    - Command: /nwwarp
    - Alternates: /nw, /nww, /warp

    /warptocoord x y z <worldName>
    Warp to a specific coordinate
    - Command: /nwwarptocoord
    - Alternates: /nwwtc, /nww2c, warptocoord, warp2coord, wtc, w2c

    Permissions (open)
    Permissions Plugin Nodes

    These permissions are for managing and using your own warps. Easy setup is to just set 'niftywarp.use.*' for your users.


    These permissions will allow you to delete/rename/set other people's warps. Add the 'niftywarp.admin.*' for all of the admin functionality.


    Permissions 3.0 users

    3.0 (and 3.0a+MP) seem to have some issues that I can't seem to work out just yet. Best bet is to use one of the non-Permissions-plugin rulesets defineable in the NiftyWarp.yml file (see the Quickstart README for details)

    Non-Permissions-Plugin Rulesets
    • ops-only - means only Ops can use this plugin's commands.
    • ops-for-admin - means only Ops can use the admin type functionality (such as renaming other people's warps).
    • ffa - or Free For All ... means anyone can use any commands/functionality
    Upcoming Features (open)
    • Configurable Safety
      • Safely placing you when the warp loc is inside a block
      • Safely placing you when warp loc is now over lava
      • Safely placing you when warp loc would cause you to fall to your death
    • Configurable namespace
    • More /listwarps options
      • Admin:
        • See all warps by type (private/unlisted/listed)
        • List a specific person's warps (including private)
        • (and a few more ideas I have)
    • Warp Import/Export routines
    • iConomy Support
    • Warp sharing (e.g. /sendwarp)
    • Warp copying (e.g. /copywarp)
    • Help command (e.g. /nwhelp)

    Version 1.2
    • Updated to 1.7.3 server support (build 1000)
    • Added ability to warp to a coordinate (x,y,z,world)
    • Added a "maximum warps" per user config option. Defaults to 20
    • Added destination chunk loading before warping
    • Added filters to the ListWarps command (world and/or type)
    • Added basic internationalization for in-game messages. Currently, German is supported. Will add more on request
    Version 1.1
    • Updated to 1.7.2 server support (build 953)
    • Simple home warp creation and usage (e.g. /home, /sethome)
    • Permissions overhaul
      • Permissions 2.x support
      • Better Permissions 3.x support
      • Three new non-Permissions-plugin based options
    History (open)

    Version 1.0
    Initial functionality:
    • Add warp
    • Delete warp
    • List warps
    • Rename warp
    • Set warp type
    • Warp
    • Permissions support
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    how do you edit the maximum warps per user?
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    Nifty Monkey

    To copy/paste from a posts just barely up the page ...

    Paste this into your empty config file:
        max-warps: 20
    And then change the 20 to whatever value you want.
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    does the warps work in nether?
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    Is there any ETA on when the "more admin /listwarp options" will be implimented into this plugin? The server I help moderate has many warps, and we've been trying to clean them up. Thanks!
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    Nifty Monkey

    Not a good ETA at the moment, but if you let me know what specific functionality you need, I can push that bit to the top.
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    The seeing all warps by type feature would be really nice, but I really wouldn't want to rush you on anything though, so please take your time.

    Thanks for the support!
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    broken with 1.8 builds :(
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    Nifty Monkey

    Yeah, I had a feeling that would be the case. Though I was kinda hoping for a craftbukkit RB (and the weekend) before tackling this. Would you mind writing up a ticket for NiftyWarp on the BukkitDev site and I'll handle it most likely this weekend.
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    Nifty Monkey

    Ok so I put out a hotfix for the commands not working with 1.8-based builds. It's on the BukkitDev site.

    I also wanted to mention that I'm not going to be updating this thread anymore, given the new site. All updates and issues will be handled on BukkitDev

    Check it out here:
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    dose not work every time i try to set warp i get this message
    sorry Dave cant do that
    what do i do [creeper]
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    Nifty Monkey

    As you can see from my post right above yours, I'm not intending to follow this thread anymore. Please go to for further updates.

    For now, if you go to the new site and download version 1.3, you can set it up to use PermissionsBukkit or you can set it up to not use a permissions plugin at all.

    After installing 1.3, if you want no permission plugin, just place the following in your NiftyWarp/NiftyWarp.yml:

        use-plugin: false
        ruleset: ffa
    Check the readme again to decide which ruleset you want.
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    I have a question...only admins can set warps, right?
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    Nifty Monkey

    It's based on the permissions you setup. You can configure it this way if you want.
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    Nice plugin you got here, however, there is one thing I'll bother you with. I am using a plugin called Colors to add suffixes and prefixes to nicknames or to change their color. The thing is, whenever I do something to the name all of my private warps are inaccessible.

    As far as I can see you are not assigning private warps to the account but to the the name. This means that when I move a player form default group with prefix [Guest] to the builder group with prefix [Builder] all of his/her warps are lost. On top of that, if I change the whole group prefix from [Guest] to [Citizen] I will screw up a loooot of warps :(

    I could, technically, fix that in the database manually, but the transformation format you used to code the database is unreadable for me.

    I have no idea if you are going to do anything about this but, in my opinion, the easiest way to fix this would be to add an option to exclude a part of the name from the database. For example, if I exclude [Builder] and [Citizen] then it doesn't matter if I am <[Builder] Earlstreim> or <[Citizen] Earlstreim> or just <Earlstreim> because the plugin will read only my name.
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    does this allow over righting warps so say i set warp called test123 and someone else sets warp called test123 is it over writed?
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    Seems like a good plugin but cannot try it out because it's 1.7.3... Will there be an update soon so it works on 1.8 or are you waiting for 1.9?
  18. can u make that the player can warp themselv with klicking on a sign?It would be very nice
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    will this be updated in bucketdev for cb 1337 or will it work as it currently is on bucket?
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    I have used xWarp for all our warping needs on the server for some time. However, since it recently went berserk, I got this plugin. From what I can tell so far, the plugin is very nice. It's simple and easy to use and the installation took nothing except download ing the .jar file to the plugins/ folder. Plus, you can have unlisted warps, which is a feature that xWarp does not have. However, if I could make one suggestion, it would be this:
    would it be possible to allow the messages to be customized by the administrator in a config.yml file or something similar? An addition such as this would be very helpful in perfecting the server. Colors in these messages would also be appreciated. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this suggestion and--once again--great work on the plugin.
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    This looks very nice and hot :D
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    It doesnt works for me in 1.2.3. in 1.1 it worked great, but now i cant get it working if you know whats the problem is please msg me if you do im very grateful because i really need this plugin.
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    Would you add in Warp Signs? like:
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    Dude, this plugin is awesome! So far, I don't have a single bug. But I have one problem. When I try to make warp signs with essentials, it says warp does not exist. I figured out that the warp has to be created by essentials. Can you tell me how to convert NiftyWarp warp file to essentials? That would be very helpful. And please tell me how to stop essentials from relaying commands, because I can only create warps with niftywarp because essentials relayed the command.
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    Can somebody help me out? People are complaining on my server that their warps are getting deleted? then they randomly come back. What can I do? sometime sthey dont come back for a while. Sometimes it comes back on relog..?
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    It looks like an awesome plugin but I have one question, can you do /setwarp <name> and make it automatically private?

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