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    MyHome v2.2
    Release Date: 1st March 2012
    Yes, MyHome 2.2 works on 1.2.3, Try it.

    Recommended Craftbukkit Build: 1.1-R4+

    Permissions Support:
    MyHome can use Permissions 2, Permissions 3, PermissionsEx, GroupManager, bPermissions, bPermissions2 plugins or the built-in SuperPerms to manage permissions and in some cases, user/group settings also.

    Economy Support:
    Supports iConony 4, iConomy 5, iConomy 6, BOSEconomy 6, BOSEconomy 7, EssentialsEco and MultiCurrency to allow charging for using MyHome commands. This is provided via Register

    Getting Help & Feature Requests:
    Please use the MyHome DevBukkit ticket system to report bugs and submit feature requests. There is also a forum where you can ask questions which are not ticket suitable.

    ChangeLog v2.2:

    Important: You will need to re-generate your config file as it has completely changed.
    • Fix: SuperPerms now correctly allows ops to run commands (when enabled)
    • Fix: Decreased the sensitivity of movement detection
    • R5: Updated to new event listeners
    • Localization: German Translations: Thanks to Maxs
    • Localization: Updated Russian Translations, Thanks to MisterFix
    • New feature: Only allow /home to be used within x blocks of their home point
    • Per user/group distance node: myhome.distance.home
    • New feature: Table name in the database can be changed
    • bPermssions 2 support
    • More cleanup and optimization
    • New config layout - remake your config! [New config.yml]
    New per user/group node:
    * myhome.distance.home - Maximum blocks away from their /home point that /home will work.

    Older changes (open)

    2.1b only: Fixed non PEx plugins failing because I am an idiot
    2.1a only: Fixed an NPE when using SuperPerms

    Important: Be sure to update the permissions if you allow players to bypass the economy costs.
    • A massive permissions overhaul to make things more reliable
      • bPermissions support added
      • SuperPerms support added
    • Feature Localizations (english, spanish and danish so far)
    • Feature: Some commands (like deleting homes) works via console
    • Bug Fix: Zero second timers no longer block in laggy servers
    • Bug Fix: Beds cannot /sethome if the user doesnt have that permission
    • Lots of cleanup (you wont see this bit).
    • Permission Change: Economy "free" permissions no longer included under myhome.home.*
    Permissions changes:
    (*) - Allow /sethome and /home usage for free
    ( - Allow /sethome usage for free
    ( - Allow /home usage for free

    Added /sethome which can be enabled in the config (Config: allowSetHome = false)
    The new /sethome uses the same permission as /home set so no extra permissions needed.
    Added a cooldown for setting the home position (Config: coolDownSetHome = 0)

    v1.9.4c - Unreleased (fixed with a symlink on the webserver):
    Fixed the update url going to lib/lib.

    Updated SQLite download urls.

    Added Manifests to JAR to fix lib issues

    Forked plugin from 1.9.3
    Fix for onPlayerJoin changes in Bukkit
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    Does your plugin conflict with PermissionsBukkit? Cause when I try to use the /home command I just get the message "An internal error occured"...

    Is there some sort of log that I could search through?
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    i see no need to up date from 2.0 to 2.0.1 but good plugin :D
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    any way to make this work with towny? It conflicts with either that or Register.
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    I have tested Towny Advanced, MyHome 2.0.1 and Register together without any problems. All 3 of these were tested today using the latest versions.

    I've changed the Register.jar link to a more up to date one. It seems Niji doesnt keep the latest Register.jar on Github which is linked from the Register thread.
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    For some reason when the cooldown is up and they try to /home it tells my players they have 0 of XXX time before their cooldown is up.
    XXX = 900 seconds on my server
    Here is my config.

    coolDownNotify = true   #Whether or not players will be notified after they've cooled down
    downloadLibs = true   #Should MyHome attempt to download any libraries
    abortOnDamage = 3   #Global: 0: No aborting, 1: Abort for PVP only, 2: Abort for PVE only, 3: Abort for both pvp/pve damage
    setHomeCost = 0   #Global: How much to charge the player for using /home set
    locale = en_us   #Localization: what language to use for MyHome
    costByPerms = false   #Should costs be dictated by settings in a permissions plugin - Per user/group costs
    abortOnMove = true   #Should /home abort the warmup if the player moves during that time
    mySQLpass = password   #MySQL Password (only if using MySQL)
    compassPointer = false   #Whether or not users' compasses point to home
    loadChunks = false   #Force sending of the chunk which people teleport to - default: false - Not recommended with other chunk loaders
    homeCost = 0   #Global: How much to charge a player for using /home
    additionalCosts = false   #Should group/user costs be IN ADDITION to the global costs
    homesArePublic = false   #Should home warps be made public by default
    useColors = true   #Should messages in MyHome use colors?
    allowSetHome = true   #Whether MyHome should also watch for /sethome - This may cause conflicts with Essentials
    coolDownSetHome = 14400   #Global: The number of seconds between each use of /home set
    eConomyEnabled = false   #Whether or not to hook into an eConomy plugin
    additionalTime = false   #Should group/user timers be IN ADDITION to the global timers
    respawnToHome = true   #Whether or not players will respawn to their homes (false means to global spawn)
    bedsCanSethome = 0   #0 = Disabled, 1 = Using a bed will /sethome automatically, 2 = /sethome is disabled and can only be set by using a bed
    bedsDuringDay = false   #Whether beds can be used to /sethome during the day without sleeping in them. bedsCanSethome enables using beds.
    mysqlLib = true   #Should MyHome attempt to download the mysql lib- downloadLibs must be true to use this
    enableFreePerms = true   #Enable the permissions to allow free usage of /home and /sethome - If you use a * permission and dont want it to be free
    warmUpNotify = true   #Whether or not players will be notified after they've warmed up
    mySQLuname = root   #MySQL Username (only if using MySQL)
    usemySQL = false   #MySQL usage --  true = use MySQL database / false = use SQLite
    mySQLconn = jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/minecraft   #MySQL Connection (only if using MySQL)
    sqliteLib = true   #Should MyHome download the sqlite lib - downloadLibs must be true to use this
    coolDown = 900   #Global: The number of seconds between when users can go to a home
    warmUp = 5   #Global: The number of seconds after a user uses a home command before it takes them
    enableBypassPerms = true   #Enable the bypass permissions? If you use a * permission and dont want bypassing, set to false
    timerByPerms = false   #Should cooldown/warmup timers be dictated by settings in a permissions plugin - Per user/group
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    Could you please add support for PermissionsBukkit. It is after all the official default permission plugin:)
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    Same. The recent update broke this plugin for my server and rely on it. :(
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    +1 for Bukkit Super Permissions support.
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  10. Updated to bukkit 1260. Shows the error:
    A home for the given player does not exist
    No settings changed while update. Any ideas?
    MyHome 2.0.1

    There was an error between CommandBook's home feautures and MyHome.
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    Will it support PermissionBukkit?
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    PermBukkit support has been added ready for 2.1
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    How can i set cooldowns and warmups using permisson 3.
    Where do i put this

                cooldown: x
                warmup: x
                sethome: x
                home: x
                sethome: x
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    how can i avoid having players go into a negative balance? was using warpzor and stopped anyone who didnt have enough econ funds but this just makes players go negative.
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    Then your copy of register is old.
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    nope. using 1.5. And tested myhome on bukkit 1317, 1331+.
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    when a players moves his head or a mob bumps him, it cancels the timer. is that a bug? it would be nice if at least you could look around while warming up, but the mob bump or player bump would be cool :)
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    I translated the plugin to Spanish (

    But now, how can I make this plugin work in the server? I try to set this file in the locale folder into the jar (where myhome_en_us.propierties is located). After that, I edit the MyHome.settings and I add to language: es_es ... But it doesn't work :(


    EDIT: I announced that the console says, when I start the server:

    15:50:24 [INFO] [MyHome] Using localization: Spanish (es_es)
    LOL? Anyways it is in English language ingame...

    EDIT 2: I have (and Myhome detects it) PEX v1.15. Even if I not set permissions people can set a home sleeping in a bed. Anyways, they can't use /home... But it would be nice if you fix it so people don't set a new home or recieve any message when sleeping in a bed... (/sethome command doesn't work as expected, but people that sethomes sleeping in beds... Can do it :S)
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    Thanks for the translation, I'll add it.

    The localization stuff has not been fully implemented. While you can change the setting it doesnt do anything yet. I forgot to remove it from the config before pushing out the last version.

    Cool, I'll fix that.
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    Thank you for the reply. Do you know when you will release the version where we can use the locale files for having the plugin in another language than English?
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    Help. The plugin works so far but it keeps saying.

    [WARNING] [MyHome] Help plugin not detected. Only providing help via /home help
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    I can't seem to get any permission nodes to work.
    i use PermissionsEX and started it up with no errors.
    I also use Register.jar in my lib folder
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    Can users set more than 1 home?
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    That happened to me, try adding the - node (inverse).

    Ex: - -myhome.home (or whatever the nodes are, I don't remember)
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    MyHome 2.1 is getting:

    * A massive permissions overhaul to make things more reliable (done)
    -- bPermissions support added (done)
    -- SuperPerms support added (done)
    * Localizations (english, spanish and danish so far) (done)
    * Some commands (like deleting homes) works via console (done)
    * Config will be in yml format and easier to read (in work)
    * Fix: Zero second timers no longer block in laggy servers (done)
    * Fix: Beds cannot /sethome if the user doesnt have that permission (done)
    * Fix/Change: Economy "free" permissions changed to not be included under myhome.home.* (done)
    * Lots of cleanup (you wont see this) (done but always more)

    More to add to the list as it is finished.
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    And be able to set more that 1 home? >D
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    @Spathizilla It would be really useful to be able to use commands like home clear <name> from the console, for automated removal of banned players homes etc. But it don't seem to work, right? I just made this killer bash-script to automate the removal of banned players homes, only to discover that i can't run myhome-commands in the console.
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    I'll see what I can do
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    can you add it so that admins dont bypass the timers etc
    it makes it a little unfair us admins dont have to wait and warm up etc
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    2.0.1 already has the option to turn off the admin bypass permissions.
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    cool thankyou!

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