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    MultiHome - Multiple named home locations:
    Version: v0.11.3

    This plugin is much the same as other multi-home plugins, except this plugin supports named home locations and home sharing. no longer do you need to keep a list of which home number is for what location; why not simply name the location from the start?

    When the plugin generates it's data files for the first time, it will import and convert your home locations if you use Essentials or MultipleHomes.

    To enable home-on-death, set enableHomeOnDeath, under MultiHome, in the config file to "true" and give the appropriate users the multihome.homeondeath permission.

    All test displayed to the user can be fully customized. This also allows for translations to other languages!

    Sleaker: Too much to list here... Heaps of stuff. You rock!
    HereInPlainSight: Submitting a pull request to add PermissionsBukkit support. Also a pull request for new event system.
    Maxis010: For providing basic support in this thread.

    Donations help with development of this and other plugins, as well as the upkeep of our server. They're completely optional and give you that feel-good feeling we all know and love. :)


    • Supports multi-world.
    • Multiple per-user home locations.
    • Home locations use names rather than numbers.
    • Can respawn player to their default home upon death.
    • Forwards-compatible with SimpleHome data file format. Simply replace "MultiHome/homes.txt" with the homes.txt from SimpleHome to migrate.
    • Can list and delete home locations.
    • Optional warm-up, cool-down and max-homes settings for all Permissions groups. Global settings for undefined
    • Automatically imports home locations from Essentials, MyHome and MultipleHomes data directories.
    • Can invite players to your home. Can globally invite all players to your home. Can impose a time limit on invites.
    • Every piece of text displayed to the player can be customized!


    Source Code:

    • Support for custom commands.
    • User-settable option to enable/disable spawn-to-home.
    • Lockable homes.
    • Persistant, user settable HomeOnDeath option.
    • Option to store home locations in MySQL database.
    • Settable message colors.

    If you encounter bugs in my plugin, open an issue on GitHub:

    Commands (open)

    • /home - Teleport you to your default home location
    • /home <name> - Teleport to a named home location
    • /home <player>:<name> - Teleport to another players home location if you have permission or an invite is open.
    • /sethome - Set your default home location
    • /sethome <name> - Set a named home location
    • /sethome <player>:<name> - Set a home location for another player. Requires permission. Leave <name> blank to set default home.
    • /deletehome <name> - Delete named home location.
    • /deletehome <player>:<name> - Delete another player's named home location. Permission required.
    • /listhomes - List home locations for yourself.
    • /listhomes <username> - List home locations for another player. Requires permission.
    • /invitehome {<user>|*} - Invite another user (use "*" for global invite) to your default home location.
    • /invitehome {<user>|*} <home> - Invite another user (use "*" for global invite) to your named home location.
    • /invitehometimed {<user>|*} <time> - Invite another user (use "*" for global invite) to your default home for a short time.
    • /invitehometimed {<user>|*} <time> <home> - Invite another user (use "*" for global invite) to your named home for a short time.
    • /uninvitehome {<user>|*} - Retract invitation for another player to visit your default home.
    • /uninvitehome {<user>|*} <home> - Retract invitation for another player to visit your named home.
    • /listinvites - List invites open to you.
    • /listmyinvites - List invites you have open to others.
    Permissions (open)

    • multihome.defaulthome.go - Allow user to teleport to their default home location.
    • multihome.defaulthome.set - Allow user to create their default home location.
    • multihome.defaulthome.invite - Allow player to invite others to their default home.
    • multihome.defaulthome.invitetimed - Allow player to invite others to their default home with a timer.
    • multihome.defaulthome.uninvite - Allow player to retract invitations to their default home.
    • multihome.namedhome.go - Allow user to teleport to a named home location.
    • multihome.namedhome.set - Allow user to create a named home location.
    • multihome.namedhome.delete - Allow user to delete a named home location.
    • multihome.namedhome.list - Allow user to list their home locations.
    • multihome.namedhome.invite - Allow player to invite others to their named home.
    • multihome.namedhome.invitetimed - Allow player to invite others to their named home with a timer.
    • multihome.namedhome.uninvite - Allow player to retract invitations to their named home.
    • multihome.othershome.go - Allow user to teleport to another player's home without invite.
    • multihome.othershome.set - Allow user to create another player's home.
    • multihome.othershome.delete - Allow user to delete another player's named home location.
    • multihome.othershome.list - Allow user to list home locations of another user.
    • - Teleporting to default home is always free.
    • - Setting default home is always free.
    • - Teleporting to named home is always free.
    • - Setting named home is always free.
    • - Teleporting to other players home is always free.
    • multihome.listinvites.tome - Allow player to list invites open to them.
    • multihome.listinvites.toothers - Allow player to list invites they have open to others.
    • multihome.ignore.cooldown[/B] - Player will ignore the cooldown timer.
    • multihome.ignore.warmup[/B] - Player will ignore the warmup timer.
    • multihome.homeondeath - Player will be taken to their default home when respawning.
    Changelog (open)

    Version 0.11.2
    • Consolidated MultiHome and MultiHome_m commands.
    • Fixed a permissions bug.
    • Improved compatibility for Essentials.
    Version 0.11.1
    • Plugin resends target chunk to clients one second after teleporting. Might fix teleport chunk glitches.
    Version 0.11
    • Updated to latest Bukkit version.
    • Trying a fix to alleviate missing chunk glitches.
    Version 0.10
    • Fixed a typo in handling "{AMOUNT}" payment tags.
    • Added support for Bukkit permissions and SuperPerms.
    • Switched to using "Register" for economy handling.
    • Added permissions list to plugin.yml (for Bukkit perms support).
    Version 0.9.7
    • Rewrote permissions nodes.
    • Fixed permissions loading and economy loading (or lack thereof).
    Version 0.9.6
    • Merged update from Sleaker.
    • Added economy support.
    • Added PermissionsEX support.
    • Bunch of tweaks.
    Version 0.9.5
    • Updated to CraftBukkit 953
    Version 0.9.3
    • Updated to CraftBukkit 798
    • Added importing of newer Essentials home formats.
    Version 0.9.2
    • Fixed cooldowns.
    Version 0.9.1
    • Fixed typo in permissions.
    Version 0.9
    • Massive code rewrite.
    • Added invite system.
    • More permissions.
    • Lots of stuff, some large, some small.
    Version 0.8
    • Optional home-on-death. Players can teleport back home rather than to spawn when dead.
    Version 0.7
    • Imports home locations from Essentials and MultipleHomes.
    Version 0.6.2
    • Fixed a bug where plugin wasn't honoring groups correctly.
    Version 0.6.1
    • Fixed unnecesary warp scheduling when warmup time = 0
    Version 0.6
    • Updated to CraftBukkit 670
    • Implemented new config file.
    • Per-group warm-up, cool-down and max-homes settings.
    • Split create and teleport permissions.
    Version 0.5.2
    • Fixed a bug to do with MultiHome loading before MultiVerse and removing all home locations.
    Version 0.5.1
    • Fixed listing homes when no homes set.
    Version 0.5
    • Added /listhomes and /deletehome
    Version 0.4
    • Added support for Permissions/FakePermissions
    Version 0.3
    • Homing from another world will now teleport between worlds before teleporting to home. Fixes a server bug when changing worlds and locations simultaneously.
    Version 0.1-0.2
    • I honnestly can't remember... Released, I guess?
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    Since the config has groups in it, how do I assign those groups to players?

    Is it something like a permission?
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    There is a major bug :(
    When someone teleports to their home, they sometimes suffocate on the roof/walls.
  4. For the moment this requires Permissions or PermissionsEx where you just assign someone into a group by the same name. PermissionsBukkit doesn't have a visible group system, only psuedo groups. It's something I'm going to look at after I finish the /trimhomes command, which is done except for testing against permissions and groups, because I use PermissionsBukkit and don't have this stuff set up to test against naturally.
    Craftbukkit bug in their teleportation code from what I read elsewhere. So far I haven't suffocated but I have mysteriously found myself on my roof after /homing. I'm sure they've either got a fix in dev builds or are working on one.

    Edit: Spoke out the wrong end of my personage.
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    But what is the permission node I would assign?
  6. Oh hey I should totally read the code before I speak. PermissionsBukkit works fine for groups with MultiHome. I'm not sure what permissions system you're using, but if you're PermissionsBukkit you have to assign them to a group via the /perm command. I honestly can't give you a better answer about any other perm systems except that you don't actually give them a permissions node. Your players should be assigned to groups already, so you should make a new subsection in the config named the same as their group name. There isn't an actual permission node to assign.
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    Oh! So the group name in the config = the group name in PermissionsBukkit?
  8. Exactly. :)
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    Thank you :D
  10. Okay, so here's the situation. Some people on BukkitDev informed me economy plugins aren't working, I recompiled my current beta build with the fan updated version of Register that should in theory fix the issue. If anyone's having an issue with that you're welcome to try the beta build but this isn't a promise. I don't use any economy system on my server so I can't test it yet and I'm waiting to hear some feedback to see if it worked at all.

    That said I compiled in the new /trimhomes command with the build. You can use the command as a standalone to cycle through your config and trim players down to their allowed number of homes or you can specify a number after it to trim players down to that number of homes, default home inclusive. That being said this is a beta command. Back up your players homes (home.txt in the MultiHome directory) and please let me know how it goes. If you use this please take all appropriate precautions. The permission node to use the command is 'multihome.trimhomes'.

    You promise you read the above? Good. (open)

    Edit: Oh, yeah. Permission nodes.
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    So if I do /trimhomes, if one group can have 5 homes and a second group can have 10 homes, then each group will get them trimmed corresponding to the amount they are supposed to have?
  12. In theory this is how it's worked on my test server with PermissionsBukkit. But I have a very small sample config/user file to work with, so I recommend you back up your homes.txt before you do it just in case.
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    Ok thanks! I have 3014 lines of homes atm. I'll tell you how it works out :)

    Also, could you add a command to see the invites of other players. For example, '/listinvites Player123' would show all the invites Player123 has from others. This way I know where his other home locations might be if I need to investigate them.
  14. Okay so Hydrosis hasn't come back telling me I destroyed all that he's worked for in life, so I'm going to call /trimhomes a success. In addition the old build did nothing to fix the economies not working issue. On the other hand the new version gave up on Register and updated to Vault if anyone's been missing the functionality. Vault's a softdepend so it won't hurt anyone who doesn't have it, and since Register wasn't working you're not losing anything there either because it was broken anyway.

    Same as before. (open)

    Edit: Curses to you, autoformatting!
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    Sorry for not replying (got busy the whole day). Err, the download link for 0.11.4 and 0.11.5 aren't working :3

    0.11.4 is 0.11.3
    0.11.5 is 404 Error

    Nevermind, the link you posted has a typo ^_^
    You added some extra tags at the end "[/spoiler][/url]"
    Here is the working link:
    Make sure you read HereInPlainSight's Posts first! (open)

    /trimhome didn't work
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    Apparently I don't have permission, even as the server owner. And Reading up it seems I need to have PermissionsEx or something installed just to use this.
  17. Any permission system should be fine, failing to find any permission system the plugin checks to see if you're an Op. Do you have a permissions system installed at all?

    To any person who's wondering about /trimhome being broken, Hydrosis sent me a much better test file for me to try and break more things with (wewt) but I probably won't get to it for the next few days. On the bright side I have an idea of exactly what the issue is, and now that I have a better testing environment it shouldn't take me long to get to the bottom of it when I have time. My sincere apologies that I'm leaving a broken command in place for a while.
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    No, I don't have any permission system installed at all.
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    Can you limit the number of homes a person can have?
  20. Confirmed there's an issue with no permissions system. I'll add it to my list of things to do. It might be a few days before I track it down.
    You can limit the number of homes a group can have, and you can always put a person in their own group. So technically yes.
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    And how do you do this?
  22. That is enormously dependent on what permissions system you're using. For MultiHome's end of it, check the config.yml and follow the template at the bottom.
  23. Hey, i am trying to make my bukkit Mc server.
    I have a problem with the multihome.homeondeath.When a player dies, they respawn in spawn and not at their default home.
    I have added the Multihome.homeondeath to members permission, and i have changed the multihome config file. So that multihome is set to true, but it still dosent work :/
    Any idea why it aint working? Any responce would be much appreciated!
  24. I cannot reproduce this issue. To be clear, both the config file must have the enableHomeOnDeath set to true and users who may respawn at their default home must have the multihome.homeondeath permission set true for the settings to work. That said, it's possible you have another plugin which is hooking the respawn first and invalidating your settings. I'd try and see if you can get it working with multihome and your permissions plugin alone first, then add your other plugins in. If it doesn't work, it's for sure another plugin causing the problem.
  25. Im struggling to get the
    /delhome command working,
    I have put this permission multihome.namedhome.delete onto my users but they still cannot seem to use it?
    Got any help for this?
  26. You mean the /deletehome command, yes? ;)

    Multihome does not have a /delhome command. If however /deletehome is not working for you, I cannot reproduce this issue and would need more information.
  27. I have just tried the command in-game and this occured in console,
    01.04 18:57:24 [Server] INFO [MultiHome] Player chris09332 tried to delete home location [3]. Permission not granted.
    Even though i have the correct permission node in place :)?
    Thanks for reply,
  28. What permission system are you using? Whichever one it is, can you link me a of the permissions file?
  29. Ah it seems after I double checked my permission nodes it kept deleting my mutlihome nodes 0.o ?
    So it all works now,
    Thanks :)
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    My users say they have issues with porting, if they go home they are periodically falling out of the world.

    Could this be caused by MultiHome oder any other Plugin which manipulates the Chunk loading?

    Has anybody else such problems?

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