Inactive [TP/MISC] DreamLand v3.5 - Skylands are in your dreams [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    Naitsirhc Hsem

    DreamLand is a plugin that allows your players to "Dream"!

    DreamLand is now on BukkitDev!


    Happy Dreams!
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    idk same here... i just finally went out of it... i found alot of gold... no diamond D:
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    You spawn on top of your roof because the placement code isn't perfect. He said that he's working on that. He also suggested on page 1 or 2 to make your roof higher - I don't know if that is still working, but it's worth a try.
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    I dont know if its your plugin thats doing it but.... i can not place beds they disapear... after placing them, like half the bed will appear then it will disapear and apear back in my invitory.

    Running craftbukkit build 953 bukkit754 and version 1.7.2 minecraft and i have 1.7.1 jar for dreamland
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    Naitsirhc Hsem

    Arcaian was right, hat is an issue with the placement code. I am rewriting it next weekend, for now try making your roof 1 higher.
    I do not do any modification to your bed, I simply detect when you trigger the BED_ENTER event. I don't think DreamLand is capable of that.
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    I GOT IT how about you die (but it doesn't show and then you spawn next to your bed minecraft already does that... you just need to make it so we keep the items
    or the items we get in the dreamlands we can only have... in the dream
  8. Could you make it so beds no longer set spawnpoint in the real world?
  9. you type "nightmares" in the todo. what do you mean with that go to nether instad of heaven? xD
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    Naitsirhc Hsem

    sorry, that is not the purpose of this plugin
    That's what I'm thinking, I will work more on it this weekend
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    Will this make use of the exisisting map from skylands plugin I may change to this.
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    Naitsirhc Hsem

    yes, you will go to "your main world name" + "_skylands" same as the other plugins
    world -> world_skylands
    asd -> asd_skylands
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    Naitsirhc Hsem

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    Whenever somebody tries to leave by jumping off, they get "PLAYER MOVED TOO FAST!" and then they crash. Any ideas how to stop this?
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    Naitsirhc Hsem

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    I run a server with more than 1 main normal world. What happens when people from 2 or more normal worlds enter the bed? Do they both go to the same Skyland? And if so when you go to jump off to get back to the normal world will it place you in their respective world at their respected location? And how will that work with different times from each others world?
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    Could you please add a way for us to just use like /dreamlandgoto or something so we dont all have to use the bed?
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    There's already another plugin out there that does that...
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    yes but it don't have permissions
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    Naitsirhc Hsem

    many worlds -> skylands
    skylands -> many worlds

    person enters a bed, location and world stored
    person goes to skyland (same for all players/worlds)
    person leaves skyland (goes to stored location and world)

    I might and make it permission/op only

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    You rock sir!
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    That would be awsome, thank you very much!
  23. I got a request:
    When player quits the server it's getting teleported to the bed world.

    Hope you could implement that because else I need to digg into the source :p
    Then I won't get happy when there is an update every time...
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    It's like Heaven... but different.
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    Can you implement rename skylands world?

    Because I called my main world "Main" (how original) and i was expecting that this plugin create a world called "Main_skylands", but instead it creates "world_skylands", can you put something like StyxSpace, where you can rename the world that the plugin is generating?
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    Naitsirhc Hsem

    can you post your It should have created Main_skylands
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    BTW: looking forward to the nightmare release :D

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    Naitsirhc Hsem

    this weekend hopefully :)

    It uses "level-name=world" as the base of the skylands name. nightmare release should have a way to set this

    If you dig into the source and make some good changes, feel free to submit them to me for integration into the release version of the plugin

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    k thx 4 the quick reply :D
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    I just noticed that they are sperated.. but when you first join dreamland your normal inventory is used.
    could you fix that?

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