Inactive [TP/MISC] DreamLand v3.5 - Skylands are in your dreams [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    Naitsirhc Hsem

    DreamLand is a plugin that allows your players to "Dream"!

    DreamLand is now on BukkitDev!


    Happy Dreams!
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    Naitsirhc Hsem

    yes, read the config options
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    G1R Productions

    Sorry to lazy but thanks for info ill be using this once bukkit 1.8 is recommended
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    maby stupid or asked before but hard work to read 20 pages of replys so i ask it
    can you add a function for just sudenly ending a dream or nightmare
    like you wake up in the midle of the night and how about night skiping if everyone sleeps?
    i hope you can awnser my questions
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    G1R Productions

    Possible to have it generate normal 1.8 world? i imported 1 but all new chunks were skylands

    Edit: Basically is it possible to make this plugin act as a multiworld plugin that you enter the world by a bed and can only stay during night.
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    Naitsirhc Hsem

    Read the main post

    I am working on it, I am busy for now though

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    Requesting update.
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    Naitsirhc Hsem

    I just started working on it several minutes ago. It will be a feature rich update :)
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    Please keep the configuring options as many as possible - Alternatively much like DreamLand version 1.7.1.
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    Naitsirhc Hsem

    I am adding/fixing
    delegating a bed using a sign (disabled by default)
    selecting the type of world for dream and nightmare
    flytool durability
    re-add setdreamspawn

    and full 1.8 support
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    It would be really cool if you could make a completely featureless version of this plugin. So whenever you went to bed, you teleported to the 'dream world' and when it became day (or you got hurt) in the real world, you would wake up. That way all the other settings such as flying, and no damage, can just be set using other plugins. This would also make it easier to teleport to whichever world you wanted.

    Thanks for the great work! I love what you're doing here, this is the main plugin of my server right now, everyone loves it. Keep it up :)
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    Naitsirhc Hsem

    I might fork it and add a DreamLand minimal download :)
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    everytime i spawn i enter a nightmare? why am i not going into the skylands?
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    Naitsirhc Hsem

    try changing the chance of nightmare to 5
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    That would be wonderful!
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    hey there
    first of all, this plugin is really nice. i had only one little error spawning in nightmare (needed to reset the spawnpoint via multiverse [only to mention this])

    Is it possible, that you may (config) get the same kit everytime (if depleeted in last dream) when starting to dream?
    or get the kit refilled everytime dreaming?
    thx in advance, neX
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    Naitsirhc Hsem

    I like that idea, but it might have to overwrite part of the inventory
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    what about "pinning" the Items to the specified inventory slot?
    so, if you spawn a feather in slot[0] (first quickuse slot) and move it to another slot, it will be moved back to slot[0]. or check on start dreaming if the choosen slots are ocupied, if they are, drop the Items on tat slot directly beneath the player, so he will get it right away again but on other slots.
    OOOOOR..... (yearr.,.. me is tinkering a lot =P ) give the Player special items... (like multiverse does with its wooden axe) that are not compareable to the normal ones, and set the amount of stacked items/durabillity everytime dreaming to the predefined number.
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    Naitsirhc Hsem

    I like the idea, but don't have the time to implement it. The project is open source so feel free to submit changes and I will try to work them in :)
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    Is there any way we can have an option to control whether or not ALL players wake up when it's daytime?

    I and another are Ops on a server, and we have to deop ourselves just to enable that feature, and needless to say it's slightly irritating.

    Thank you! This is an awesome plugin!

    and I really don't want to go through the hassle of using a permissions plugin simply because it takes a while to set up :/
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    Naitsirhc Hsem

    Sure, I will post an incremental release sometime in the next few days.
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    Enjoying your plugin on my old server! Planning to do a full revamp of the server, starting fresh, and a thought dawned on me. Is it possible to set a seed code for skylands?
  23. You could do it manually through one of the config files (bukkit.yml in the root bukkit directory will let you specify worlds and seeds, you should look up syntax if you're doing it this way and remember that YAML's picky), but if you have a world management system most of them have some way to specify a seed. I use DimensionDoor. Create the world with whatever world management system you use and you should be able to choose the type of world (normal, skylands, nether) and specify the seed. Then make sure Dreamland's set to use that world.
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    Thanks :D
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    I love this plugin but I need some help :(
    When I start it up, without doing anything in the Config, it works fine, but when I try to edit something in the Config, the Console no longer starts up Dreamland, Any ideas? :l
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    I really like this plugin, but there's one problem with it: Night isn't skipped. Meaning that no one on the server can skip the night. If I'm alone, and I wake up, it's still night. Can you add an option so the plugin switches "mode", that you can stay in dream land for as long as you wish, while the night is still skipped?
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    It wont let me carry the feather over to the skylands for me. :(
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    This plugin is amazing!! Thank you so much for making this! Great config too! I only have one request, and that is to make "/home"s for the dreamworld and the nightmare world, and to maybe allow very few trees to grow in skyland (maybe config settable before spawning the world?) AMAZING PLUGIN!
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    Naitsirhc Hsem

    If you read the description you would know that it separates your inventories.

    Great ideas, I will look at how the skylands tree plugin works and try to integrate some of the features. I will think about the /home. Thanks for the feedback!

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    My players love the plugin! The last suggestion I could make is to allow the skyworld to generate cloud islands, like floating islands made out of unmeltable snowblocks. That would be so sick! But for now I can just worldedit it, and I'm happy with this. 10/10 for this plugin! :)

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