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    Naitsirhc Hsem

    DreamLand is a plugin that allows your players to "Dream"!

    DreamLand is now on BukkitDev!


    Happy Dreams!
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  2. So if I understand you want a newly generated world every time you enter the skylands?
    Or do you wan't to be that the world is exactly the same as before players changed things in it.
    If to use my plugin WorldRestore.
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    no not quite im saying is an example:
    I have a world named The_missing lets say.
    It has no skylands or nightmare land or whatever.
    I add the plugin dreamland
    the next time I go to sleep i go to the skyland
    because when I restarted the server It generates a new skyland for the already created world that DIDNT have one before.

    please tell me if this helps you understand what im saying.
  4. I guess I'd like to know what you would WANT to happen, explicitly, because what you're saying IS what happens, and that's the expected results.
  5. Those are the expected results indeed.
    Currently the plugin need to have a world that is a Skylands, because bukkit is so designed that you need to load a world with a environment predefined (Normal, Nether, Skylands). We where always loading a Skylands as default and I can assume some people want other worlds.
    Maybe it is a good idea to have an enviorment option in the config.

    Well keep it in mind, probably will be in the v2.5 release.
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    I got it to work, this plug just needs to be load before residence
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    Had a "nightmare", tried to wakeup and lost all my stuff. Immediately took the plugin out of my server.
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    Naitsirhc Hsem

    a list of other plugins and any exceptions would be nice

    I removed it, I was under the impression that it was unused. I can add it back in if you wish

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    incredible, 1st time running. no errors. :D
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    Naitsirhc Hsem

    My guess, that is an issue with another plugin. This configuration does not even have you spawning mobs with this plugin.

    Great to hear it!

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    do players have there own dream worlds or is it shared?
  12. Shared.
    Had the same thing happened to me. But you know, it wasn't Dreamland's fault, it was the interaction of another plugin. Scavenger. Dreamland keeps a separate inventory for you. So the way it worked: Go to sleep, Dreamland takes your inventory for safe keeping. Have a nightmare. Die. Scavenger saves current inventory (empty). Respawning puts you back at your bed -- in process, you wake up. Dreamland restores your full inventory because you woke up. Scavenger restores your empty inventory. Therefore, Scavenger kills your inventory.

    Problem was easily solved by removing Scavenger's permissions to the nightmare world.
    Edit: BTW, nice knee-jerk. :p
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    I have a serious problem

    I have two inventories. One for the normal world and another for Skylands

    If I teleported to another user with / tp or / tpa ... etc overlapping objects. That is not reset to the other world but still there
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    Well, yes, it would be nice if you could :p Until it is, I'll just have to keep the nightmare chance at 0.
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    hmm if thats the case i wonder if there is a way that you could add a permission node where if a player has it, they will be generated there own skyland and nightmare. (ex node: dreamland.owndream) (ex folder: (mapname)_skyland_(player)).
  16. There is a possibility but that is just too much for the server I think.
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    well i run a small server so for someone that could take the overhead the permission would be worth it plus the worlds would be stored in files and only accessed when a player sleeps (or something like that...)
    ps for the admins that use a '*' permission node, you should probably throw something in a config or perhaps a boolean style command. Im not sure how you would do it but some way to distinct exactly which players would have there own dreams and which don't. its more just a thought whether it is a possibility or not i just want to be able to have separate dreams for greifing sake lol.
  18. Please use you punctuation and capital letters better...
    Barely readable :p
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    sorry i had a long night and my grammar is horrible. allow me to re-phrase that.

    I run a small server so i would be able to support this feature.

    For someone that could take the overhead of the feature would make it worth it if you want to have your own ideas put into 1 map and not have to worry about greif or annoying players lol. I would also enable some essentials that would let you spawn blocks as there are separate inventories.

    To my knowledge the worlds would be stored in files and only accessed when a player goes to bed and loads there dream (kinda like teleporting or something like that...)

    Also, while rewriting this i realized that a lot of admins use a '*' permission node.
    It would probably be better if the option was put into a config file that way you could have the option of completely not enabling it at all.
    Another good idea would be a "list style setting" of players allowed to have a separte dreamworld and players that can't so you could limit memory load peaks.

    its just a suggestion, its obviously your call if you want to even bother with the idea. I just want to have my dream to stay mine! lol :p

    thx for the patience with my grammar, love the plugin so far
  20. That is perfect :D
    Well keep it in mind, there are many other things on the road-map that need to be done first.
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    but of course that's to be expected.
    java programming is very time consuming, 1 step at a time is always the best way to not lose focus.
    i will keep an eye on this thread.
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    Please do
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    lol its funny how unlucky my friend is 3 times in a row i got a good dream and he got nightare XD
    im loving the plugin, the simple layout is a nice change to rather then .yml (crap crap = false crap-crap-crap.)
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  25. If you want to change to permissionsbukkit they have an bridge to make these plugins work with it.
  26. It will be nice to bring back this command plz x)

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    Naitsirhc Hsem

    It's in the 2.5 todo
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    with the waypoint plugin the /spawn command teleports you to oblivion... it is fixed on reload or disconnecting.
    not a huge issue just figured i would report it.
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    Hey, I added a post on bukkitdev (Where'd it go anyway?) so now that this is backup (Yay!) Just thought i'd post it here. Are you supposed to be able to build in the dreamland? Because if so, my users can't. No matter what they're permissions (Except for op for some strange reason. That seems to allow building) they just can't place anythings. They can dig, just not place. Help? (If not, can you add that to a configuration or permissions node? :D)
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    Hi, everyone in my server loves this plugin but there is a bit of a problem... Ever since I updated my Multiverse 1.0 to 2.0, no once could enter the Sky Lands anymore. People say that their beds disappear.
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    This isan't working either I just end up with a black screen, my can get on just fine so its not the server

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