Inactive [TP/MECH] Challenges v0.3 - Create functional challenge courses [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    Challenges v0.3
    Create functional parkour or adventure challenges by using signs as checkpoints. Avoid creating new worlds or using cumbersome beds.​
    - Create checkpoints that set the spawnpoint of players who use them
    - Group checkpoints into challenges that allow players to see their progress through a map
    - Make reset signs, warp to checkpoints, set your spawn anywhere
    - Download the jar and move it into the plugins folder​
    - Start/restart your server​
    Players right-click signs to set their spawn at checkpoints throughout the map.​
    Create checkpoints by making a sign with "[Checkpoint]" on the first line and a name on the second line. You can repeat the same name in different challenges, but not in the same one. After making the sign, look at it and use "/ch register" to make it usable. Do the same thing with "[Reset]" to make reset signs. Use "/ch warp <checkpoint>" to teleport to a sign.

    To make a new challenge use "/ch create <name>". Register signs to it with "/ch register <challenge>". List all challenges with "/ch list" and see their checkpoints with "/ch info <challenge>". Remove challenges with "/ch remove <challenge>".
    - /ch register [challenge] (Register a checkpoint sign, optionally to a challenge. This will overwrite any existing checkpoints)​
    - /ch warp <checkpoint> (Warp to a checkpoint sign)​
    - /ch create <name> (Create a new challenge)​
    - /ch list (List all challenges)​
    - /ch info <challenge> (List checkpoints in a challenge)​
    - /ch remove <challenge> (Remove a challenge)​
    - /ch spawnhere (Set your spawn here)​
    - /ch reset (Reset your spawn)​
    - challenges.use (Use a checkpoint/reset sign, use /ch reset)​
    - challenges.create (Create a challenge, register signs)​
    - challenges.break (Break checkpoint/reset signs)​
    - challenges.list (List checkpoints)​
    - challenges.remove (Remove a challenge)​
    - challenges.spawnhere (Set your spawn)​
    - challenges.warp (Warp to a checkpoint)​


    Version v0.3 (7/5/12)
    - Challenge names on checkpoints
    - The same checkpoint name can be used for multiple challenges
    - Challenges display progress

    Version v0.2 (7/4/12)
    - Name changed to Challenges
    - [Reset] sign creates a reset
    - Permissions are needed to remove signs
    - Signs can now be grouped into challenges
    - Checkpoints are removed upon destruction
    - Warp command for getting to checkpoints

    Version v0.1 (7/3/12)
    - Release on
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    This would be better is at the end all the checkpoints are reset by standing on a pressure plate or entering a small region. But its basically what I'm looking for, great job. I wont be downloading though as we need one where it reset all checkpoints.
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    Large update released, renamed to Challenges. I'm hoping to expand this plugin to provide a full suite of tools to create in-game challenges, so servers can easily run parkour courses and other games. Please post any suggestions or problems you have.

    Another update, challenges are more logical to create, with their names on signs. Progress is displayed throughout a challenge and the challenge name is used. I'll probably create a tutorial video soon!

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    Very nice thread and plugin, approved.
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    You should make this an all out parkour plugin (add add region that makes you lose when you fall into it, a [Finish] sign, etc.)
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    I get this when trying to /ch warp
    15:18:22 [SEVERE] null
    org.bukkit.command.CommandException: Unhandled exception executing command 'ch'
    in plugin Challenges v0.3
            at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
            at org.bukkit.command.SimpleCommandMap.dispatch(
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.dispatchCommand(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.handleCommand(NetServerHandler.
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.Packet3Chat.handle(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.d(
            at net.minecraft.server.ServerConnection.b(SourceFile:35)
            at net.minecraft.server.DedicatedServerConnection.b(SourceFile:30)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.q(
            at net.minecraft.server.DedicatedServer.q(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.p(
    Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.entity.CraftPlayer.teleport(
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.entity.CraftEntity.teleport(
            at me.mothma.challenges.Challenges.onCommand(
            at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
            ... 15 more
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    You need to warp to a certain checkpoint

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