[TP] KonseptGate v0.6.2 - Stone telepads [1.5.1-R0.2]

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    Version v0.6.2

    Simplified/stripped-down teleport/gating plugin using stone pressure pads as telepads.

    Why pressure pads?
    Because it's a very easy event to detect without spending any resources listening for them.
    Why stone?
    Because wooden ones don't look as cool. No, really, it's because an item placed on a stone one won't press it down.
    Why at all?
    Ever since my favorite teleport plugin ever, EpicGates, went into inactivity and disrepair, I have wanted to provide a relatively similar mode of transportation as simple as possible.
    I built it for my own server over at minecraft.webkonsept.com, hence the odd name. "Konsept" is Norwegian, and means "Concept". As I've seen people lamenting the inactivity of EpicGates I decided to release KonseptGate to the general public.

    • Simple, uncomplicated use.
    • Multiworld-capable (thanks to Bukkit being Multiworld-awesome!).
    • Each gate can have any number of sources, but just one target.
    • Relatively nice on the resources.
    • Origins and destinations easily recognizable as teleport pads, but do not take up a lot of room.
    • Automatically places a configurable block with a stone pressure pad on it for you.
    • Right-click the pressure pad to find out where it leads.
    • The telepad is protected against harm.
    Note that EpicGates does not, and probably never will, support gate "ownership" or restrictions.
    In stead, use something like SimpleChestLock to lock the origin pressure pad.

    /kg - Takes the selected action (see below) against the indicated gate(s)

    Actions with and their [required] and <optional> arguments. (open)

    create [name] <target gate name> <teleport command>
    Creates a KonseptGate with the name [name] that is optionally already linked to <target gate name>. The target gate does not have to exist yet.​
    Will create a glowstone block (unless otherwise configured) with a stone pressure plate on it.​
    It will also turn the two blocks directly ahead of you to air so that you won't suffocate when you emerge from the gate.​
    Be mindful of what way you are facing, as that is the way people will exit the gate when they arrive.​
    If the <target gate name> is not given, the gate will go to the default gate as set in the configuration file. If that configuration is blank, or that gate does not exist, the gate will inform any attempted user of this.​
    If you don't want a command to be executed by the player when he/she teleports, simply omit the <teleport command> part.​

    command [gate] [command]
    Executes that [command] as the teleporting user when he/she steps on [gate]​

    delete [name]
    Deletes the KonseptGate with the name [name], removes the pressure plate and tries to guess the correct block to have underneath.​

    move [name]
    Same as create in many ways, but the KonseptGate called [name] must already exist, and will be moved here.​
    Be mindful of what way you are facing, as that is the way people will exit the gate when they arrive.​

    link [origin] [destination]
    When people step on the gate at [origin] they will emerge at [destination]​
    Both gates must exist.​

    list <name piece|page>
    Shows a list of all the gates.​
    Give an additional argument to search for gates who's name contains that string.​
    For example "/kg list foo" will match the gates "food_room" and "kung_foo"​
    It matches against both source and destination.​
    If the argument is an integer, it will show the page of that number. For example, "/kg list 3" will show page 3.​

    Discards all the gates in memory, and loads a new set from gates.txt​
    This will also refresh all the teleport blocks (including the underblock and pressure pad), and clears out the emergence blocks, setting them to Air.​
    It will also reload the configuration.​
    This, of course, happens automagically when you start or reload the server.​

    jump [name]
    Jump to the KonseptGate called [name] right now.​
    Suggested use for this is for admins to quickly move around. It is not the intention of this plugin to become Yet Another Warping Plugin, so it's not intended for public use.​

    Tells KonseptGate to ignore you when you step on a pressure plate. This allow you to step onto a pressure plate and use /move to change the direction of that KG, for example.​
    Lasts until the server is restarted, reloaded or you issue the command again.​

    verbose: false
    underblockID: 89
    defaultTarget: 'warpzone'
    verbose decides whether or not the plugin nags at you to try and turn you insane.
    underblockID is the ID number of the block you want below the stone pressure pad.
    defaultTarget is the name of the KonseptGate you want newly created gates to be linked to unless another name is given. You can say '' if you want it blank. When listing and giving a page number, gatesPerPage decides how many gates per page.

    For simplicity, all the commands/actions use konseptgate.command.<commandname> permission.
    For example, if you want to /kg jump someGate you need the konseptgate.command.jump permission.
    To use a gate to teleport, you need the konseptgate.teleport permission.
    If you have the konseptgate.info permission, right-clicking a KG will tell you what it's called and where it leads (if linked). Note that if you lack the permission, it does nothing, so you can "hide" KonseptGates in between other blocks with stone plates on them...

    Download KonseptGate
    Source code

    Version 0.6.2
    • Fixed wonky list output when /kg list-ing gates with no command.
    • Updated the missed deprecated async tasks and reverted the one I made synced to be async again. Makes no sense to sync it.
    • Thanks a bunch to guyag again for the work put in. Even if I didn't end up using his actual commits, it's still his code, pretty much.
    Version 0.6.1
    • Merged guyag's pull request, fixing NPEs when giving silly command arguments.
    • Updated use non-deprecated tasks (synced) to track who's considered "in transit".
    Version 0.6.0
    • Correct "northness", so you come out facing the right way again.
    • Added COMMANDS to gates.
    • Made the source code jump through hoops to get rid of some odd encoding issues.
    • Some minor performance tweaks.
    Version 0.5.3
    (0.5.2 never made it past beta)
    • Fixes the "plates don't pop up" issue by not having them be pressed down in the first place.
      NOTE: This breaks any redstone currents you're expecting from the plate!
    Version 0.5.1
    • Fixed tiiiny little plugin.yml problem that was conflicting with 1.1-R6
    • Tested and found working with 1.1-R6
    Version 0.5
    • Moved to new and improved Bukkit Events system
    • Much improved /kg list, with support for paging.
    Older releases (open)

    Version 0.4.1
    • Tells you why a gate doesn't work when the target world is not loaded. NPE fix.
    • Creates the teleporter after registering it, so the stone plate doesn't plop if it's on a block that doesn't "vanilla" support it, like glass or glowstone.
    Version 0.4
    • Loading or creating a KonseptGate is no longer as destructive to it's vicinity. Non-hindering blocks such as signs, grass, ladders and torches will be ignored and not considered in the way of teleportation.
    Version 0.3
    • Much improved gate protection. Protection against, for example, pistons.
    • Threw out obsolete Permissions support and moved to the new configuration API
    • Allows the underblock to be pretty much anything, even air, and makes it "physics proof" so it doesn't pop.
    • Improved gate file reading, lessening the chance of the gate file being corrupted/emptied.
    Version 0.2
    • Fixed where multiworld-support would be purely theoretical if a gate was loaded before the world it was in.
    Version 0.1
    • First public release
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    Pink Floyd

    This is the first plugin I found while looking for one that can go to one destination but not teleport back. Going to give this one a go, thanks. :)
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    Good luck with it, and let me know if you have any issues.

    And yeah, you can set five pads to teleport in a ring, or you can set a gate to go nowhere, if you like.

    I forgot to document the function to determine where a pad goes. I'll add that to the OP.
    It's right-clicking on the stone pressure pad itself, by the way.
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    Pink Floyd

    I've added the plugin and it's just what I needed right in time. Basically, on my server, there's a rank that has to be bought into with iconomy money. I've set the spawn location to their group and put a massive glass sphere around it. But they were like "But pink, how are we to get back to the main town now?" Saw your plugin and was like; shabam! One way portal back to home with no possible route back to outsiders. One of many examples on how this is very useful.
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    Glad you like it.
    EpicGates has a special place in my heart as far as plugins go, so I've tried to stay as close to it as I could while still filling what changes I needed.
    Hopefully this can be equally useful to people.
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    Haven't tested it with #982.
    What's the bug? That sometimes the gate doesn't trigger, or what?
    Please be detailed about what the problem is, and also share what other plugins you have. Perhaps you have something else that might impact pressure plates?

    The more details you give, the more likely it is that I can rectify the problem.
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    Hehe thanks! I'm using a few of your plugins they are pretty useful ^ ^
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    Thanks! I make these mostly for myself and the usefulness they present on my own server, but if they're useful to others that's always a bundle of fun.

    @arsjet , I can't reproduce the problem on the latest RB, which is still 953.
    The only "problem" I can see is that the plugin will stop you from teleporting twice very shortly after each other, and that a pressure plate has to "pop out" before it can be used again, which takes a couple of seconds.
    I really need more information if I am to reproduce the problem, and until I can reproduce it I can't fix it.
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    hey i linked to tele pads together and they will work for about 1 go trough each then they will just stay pushed down and i dont know what to do. i reload and they stay like that. so i have to break them and then reload and then they finaly work.
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    There is nothing in KonseptGate that will keep them pressed.
    How long did you wait for them to come back out? What other plugins do you have that could be messing with pressure plates?
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    i just figured out that its like recharge time lol
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    Okay, good.
    How long does it take? Shouldn't take more than a couple of seconds...
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    ya just a couple of seconds
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    Just to let everyone know; I just finished testing under build 1000, and it's working fine.
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    warps are deleted after a server reload ????HELP
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    That's very odd. I've done hundreds of tests, and never ever had that happen.
    With 0.2 that shouldn't even happen if you rename a world (they'll just become invalid, not gone).

    In fact, the list of gates isn't saved at shutdown/reload. It's saved when a gate is created!
    If you create no gates during a session, there are no write operations.

    Still, I'll see what I can do about having the plugin do a sanity check of some sort before writing, and keep backups.
    In the meantime, you'll have to do your own backups. If you don't have them, I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.
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    do u want a list of the other plugins i have installed
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    Yes, and a log if you have it?
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    The PC Tech Guy

    The only way this doesn't replace EpicGates is that it can't be used on any block. For example, I use gates to automatically teleport someone to the Nether. I can't put a pressure plate in a portal, nor can it be placed on a railroad track... :( Otherwise this is a good idea.
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    You can specify the block the pressure plate is on, but yeah, in that respect it does not behave exactly as EpicGates did.
    It's not very hard to change, but I actually prefer it this way. Feel free to fork it, of course.
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    The PC Tech Guy

    I found one that works almost exactly like it, though. It's called Real Teleporter. So I eventually found something that suited my needs.:)
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    Great to hear it!
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    So i'm guessing this plugin won't work for 1.0.0?
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    That's a pretty poor guess, then, as it works fine. You just can't use glowstone any more as it is suddenly glowglass... I'm using endstone myself, but you can use pretty much anything not deemed "glass" by Mojang.
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    This plugin is proving to be very useful and I've had no problems with it under the 1.0.1R1 Release!
    Thanks for taking the time to make it!
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    You're very welcome, and I'm happy it's serving you well.
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    With me, the pressure plates get stuck often (you can see that they are in the "pushed" position), and the teleports won't work until you use the move command again. Server reloads don't seem to affect this, it's just happening randomly. I have plenty of plugins, so I don't know whether the pressure plate bug is really in KonseptGate or not. Just needed to know if anyone other is having the same problem, since the constant moving of 'em portals is pretty annoying :)

    What server reloads do affect, is that if you have a sign on the wall 2 blocks above the telepad, the sign and the pressure plate will break. That's not a big problem, though, I just moved the signs one block higher.

    It seems the pressure plate problem might be caused by server lag, since I just noticed that they will get up again if I wait enough (about half a minute or more) near the portal.
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    Yeah, I've had that happen on my test server, and it's because it's severely underpowered.
    What helps is if you use a stone or wood type underblock, and not glowstone or glass.
    Somehow that makes it simpler for Minecraft to handle.
    Also, you don't need to move the gate when it happens, you just /kg reload to re-initialize the gates.

    About the signs, that's because KG automagically clears the block above the plate so it's actually possible to step on it.
    I've considered making it check if the block is a sign or whatever, but I usually build the gates in little "alcoves" and put the sign on the outside anyway, and haven't needed it.

    If you do, however, that might be the motivation I need :p
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    I have the same permsissions to every group yet the , guest roll is unable to use them . (when you join the server your a guest and cant destroy until promoted to builder) any help ?

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