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  1. kFeatherTeleport
    Version: v0.9.5

    Download kFeatherTeleport.jar
    Source Code is included in jar file

    kFeatherTeleport provides the most basic feather teleportation in a save way.

    ATTENTION: new plugin page @ devBukkit:

    • Easy to use: Hold a feather and right-click anywhere
    • Hold an egg and right click to teleport back to last location
    • Can be configured to consume feathers if used
    • Can be configured to use another type of item instead of feathers
    • Can be configured to be limited to a given minimum and/or maximum distance
    • Permissions support (NOTE: This is yet the plugin, NOT the new Bukkit Permissions interface)
    It will safely teleport you ontop of the block you clicked as long as it has 2 free blocks to stand on - This may mean you end up on top of a mountain or that you will teleport yourself out of a mine/cave

    How To:

    You are good to go after installing the plugin, if you only want to teleport around with the feather.

    Possible settings in the file (you need to edit your file and include the ones you need - you dont need to include all):
    • kft-consume-feathers=AMOUNT
      will require and consume the amount of feathers if AMOUNT contains a positive value (0 by default)
    • kft-consume-back=AMOUNT
      will require and consume the amount of back material if AMOUNT contains a positive value (0 by default)
    • kft-feather-left=[true|false]
      will set the feather teleportation action to left mouse click
    • kft-back-left=[true|false]
      will set the back teleportation action to left mouse click
    • kft-minimum-distance=AMOUNT
      will require a minimum distance to be traveled via teleportation if AMOUNT contains a positive value (0 by default)
    • kft-maximum-distance=AMOUNT
      will limit the air travel distance of a possible teleportation if AMOUNT contains a positive value (unlimited by default)
    • kft-cooldown-time=SECONDS
      will add a cooldown time before each teleportation in number of SECONDS configured (0 by default)
    • kft-report-permissionErrors=[true|false]
      will report to the user, that he has no rights to teleport if so (false by default)
    • kft-feather-material=[ID|NAME]
      will set the feather material to another material item than the feather (e.g. 3 or DIRT for DIRT Blocks)
    • kft-back-material=[ID|NAME]
      will set the back porting material to another material item than the egg (e.g. 3 or DIRT for DIRT Blocks)
    • kft-back-teleport-off=[true|false]
      will deactivate back teleporting if set to true
    • kft-skyport=[true|false]
      will activate sky teleportation (which means you might end up somewhere else than expected when clicking the sky)
    • kft-glass-solid=[true|false]
      will make glass solid so that one can no longer teleport through glass
    Support for Permissions plugin is provided if present and will allow for the following permission modifications:
    • kft.teleport.rights
      Users with this right will be able to use the teleportation but will also need to pay the amount of feathers set if kft-consume-feathers property contains a positive value
    • kft.teleport.forfree
      Users with this right will be able to use the teleportation and will do so for free even if kft-consume-feathers is set
    • kft.reload.configUsers with this right will be able to use the /kftrc command to reload settings
    • kft.teleport.nominimum
      Users with this right will not have a minimum distance restriction if set via kft-minimum-distance
    • kft.teleport.nomaximum
      Users with this right will not have a maximum distance restriction if set via kft-maximum-distance
    • kft.teleport.backUsers with this right will be able to teleport back to their last position from which they teleported
    Commandline functions:
    (NOTE: leave out the leading slash / for use in the server console)
    • /kftrc
      will refetch settings and can be called via server console, or via chat if the user has the necessary rights
    Changelog (open)


    Version 0.9.5
    • Updated to newest Bukkit API support (1.1.x)
    Version 0.9.4
    • Added kft-teleport-left and kft-back-left to allow for left mouse click teleportation
    • Added kft-skyport to allow for sky teleportation and disabled by default
      (clicking 'on' the sky will no longer teleport you)
    Version 0.9.3
    • Added kft-glass-solid to allow for teleportation on top of glass
    Version 0.9.2
    • Added kft-cooldown-time to allow for cooldown of teleportation
    • Added a try and catch block for a faulty bukkit method
    Version 0.9.1
    • Added kft-back-teleport-off property to allow for deactivation of back teleporting
    Version 0.9
    • Added back teleport functionality via another Material (default EGG)
    • Added permissions and settings for the back porting (kft-consume-back and kft.teleport.back)
    Version 0.8
    • Added permission modifications kft.teleport.nominimum and *.nomaximum
    Version 0.7
    • Added kft-minimum-distance property for minimum travel configuration
    • Added /kftrc command to allow for reload of settings
    • Added kft.reload.config permissions modification
    Version 0.6
    • Modified permission error reporting to not report any errors unless set otherwise via (kft-report-permissionErrors)
    • Added kft-maximum-distance to allow for a limitation of possible travel distance
    Version 0.5
    • Cleaned up code a little
    • Added event cancellation on successful teleport to prevent block placement and alike (e.g. for teleporting with DIRT blocks)
    Version 0.4
    • Fixed bug where a player would receive permission error messages with items other than current feather material
    Version 0.3
    • Modified kft-consume-feathers to allow for an integer value to define the amount of consumed feathers
    • Added Permissions support (kft.teleport.rights, kft.teleport.forfree)
    • Added kft-feather-material property to change type of item for teleportation
    • Updated to new craftbukkit recommended build [605]
    Version 0.2
    • Added feature to consume feathers if used
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
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    kft.teleport.forfree isn't working on 1.8, BukkitPermissions.
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    Hi, i've been using this plugin on my server for some time now, and after updating to 1185 bukkit the plugin hasn't really functioned properly. The maximum distance is not functioning properly, I set it to 60 blocks, but it will still jump huge distances if you miss your target, causing huge server lag.
    I was wondering if there is anyway this issue could be resolved, the console stats that Kfeather has loaded this setting, making the maximum jump distance 60 blocks, but it is not limited.
    The time between jumps functions properly, as it is set to 3 seconds, this works.
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    Love this mod.
    One issue though for use in my boxed off arena: when teleporting to a wall, the player goes through the ceiling and is out of the arena. Anyway to make it teleport the player to the ground in front of the selected area to TP rather than the roof ?
    Can you add a true/false option to change this?

    What about a height limitation option?
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    worked fine, nice plugin , thanks :)
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    Hey, can you please update the plugin? =)
  7. Hi, I updated the plugin, to work with the latest bukkit API. However, I wont yet create a plugin page for it, unless its really wanted/needed. There seems to be enough other teleportation plugins, dont know if my version really gets used anymore
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    Well, i think this is the best one iv'e tried =)
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  9. Kerim
    Much appreciated.

    Wanted, a node for bypassing all nerfs, ie delay, minimum/maximum. This way i can hand out a crippled version and use full for myself.

    Also, option for glass panes to be solid or not. I like how glass is not, but now everyone is using panes... which is annoying.
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    hey thx for the plugin but what do i need to put in my permissions because i only want that the op can do it!
  11. hi sac388,

    sorry for the late response. Look into the detailed description at the top of the page and use the permissions section:

    what you want is, that OPs have following right -> kft.teleport.forfree

    greets and cheers

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