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  1. kFeatherTeleport
    Version: v0.9.5

    Download kFeatherTeleport.jar
    Source Code is included in jar file

    kFeatherTeleport provides the most basic feather teleportation in a save way.

    ATTENTION: new plugin page @ devBukkit:

    • Easy to use: Hold a feather and right-click anywhere
    • Hold an egg and right click to teleport back to last location
    • Can be configured to consume feathers if used
    • Can be configured to use another type of item instead of feathers
    • Can be configured to be limited to a given minimum and/or maximum distance
    • Permissions support (NOTE: This is yet the plugin, NOT the new Bukkit Permissions interface)
    It will safely teleport you ontop of the block you clicked as long as it has 2 free blocks to stand on - This may mean you end up on top of a mountain or that you will teleport yourself out of a mine/cave

    How To:

    You are good to go after installing the plugin, if you only want to teleport around with the feather.

    Possible settings in the file (you need to edit your file and include the ones you need - you dont need to include all):
    • kft-consume-feathers=AMOUNT
      will require and consume the amount of feathers if AMOUNT contains a positive value (0 by default)
    • kft-consume-back=AMOUNT
      will require and consume the amount of back material if AMOUNT contains a positive value (0 by default)
    • kft-feather-left=[true|false]
      will set the feather teleportation action to left mouse click
    • kft-back-left=[true|false]
      will set the back teleportation action to left mouse click
    • kft-minimum-distance=AMOUNT
      will require a minimum distance to be traveled via teleportation if AMOUNT contains a positive value (0 by default)
    • kft-maximum-distance=AMOUNT
      will limit the air travel distance of a possible teleportation if AMOUNT contains a positive value (unlimited by default)
    • kft-cooldown-time=SECONDS
      will add a cooldown time before each teleportation in number of SECONDS configured (0 by default)
    • kft-report-permissionErrors=[true|false]
      will report to the user, that he has no rights to teleport if so (false by default)
    • kft-feather-material=[ID|NAME]
      will set the feather material to another material item than the feather (e.g. 3 or DIRT for DIRT Blocks)
    • kft-back-material=[ID|NAME]
      will set the back porting material to another material item than the egg (e.g. 3 or DIRT for DIRT Blocks)
    • kft-back-teleport-off=[true|false]
      will deactivate back teleporting if set to true
    • kft-skyport=[true|false]
      will activate sky teleportation (which means you might end up somewhere else than expected when clicking the sky)
    • kft-glass-solid=[true|false]
      will make glass solid so that one can no longer teleport through glass
    Support for Permissions plugin is provided if present and will allow for the following permission modifications:
    • kft.teleport.rights
      Users with this right will be able to use the teleportation but will also need to pay the amount of feathers set if kft-consume-feathers property contains a positive value
    • kft.teleport.forfree
      Users with this right will be able to use the teleportation and will do so for free even if kft-consume-feathers is set
    • kft.reload.configUsers with this right will be able to use the /kftrc command to reload settings
    • kft.teleport.nominimum
      Users with this right will not have a minimum distance restriction if set via kft-minimum-distance
    • kft.teleport.nomaximum
      Users with this right will not have a maximum distance restriction if set via kft-maximum-distance
    • kft.teleport.backUsers with this right will be able to teleport back to their last position from which they teleported
    Commandline functions:
    (NOTE: leave out the leading slash / for use in the server console)
    • /kftrc
      will refetch settings and can be called via server console, or via chat if the user has the necessary rights
    Changelog (open)


    Version 0.9.5
    • Updated to newest Bukkit API support (1.1.x)
    Version 0.9.4
    • Added kft-teleport-left and kft-back-left to allow for left mouse click teleportation
    • Added kft-skyport to allow for sky teleportation and disabled by default
      (clicking 'on' the sky will no longer teleport you)
    Version 0.9.3
    • Added kft-glass-solid to allow for teleportation on top of glass
    Version 0.9.2
    • Added kft-cooldown-time to allow for cooldown of teleportation
    • Added a try and catch block for a faulty bukkit method
    Version 0.9.1
    • Added kft-back-teleport-off property to allow for deactivation of back teleporting
    Version 0.9
    • Added back teleport functionality via another Material (default EGG)
    • Added permissions and settings for the back porting (kft-consume-back and kft.teleport.back)
    Version 0.8
    • Added permission modifications kft.teleport.nominimum and *.nomaximum
    Version 0.7
    • Added kft-minimum-distance property for minimum travel configuration
    • Added /kftrc command to allow for reload of settings
    • Added kft.reload.config permissions modification
    Version 0.6
    • Modified permission error reporting to not report any errors unless set otherwise via (kft-report-permissionErrors)
    • Added kft-maximum-distance to allow for a limitation of possible travel distance
    Version 0.5
    • Cleaned up code a little
    • Added event cancellation on successful teleport to prevent block placement and alike (e.g. for teleporting with DIRT blocks)
    Version 0.4
    • Fixed bug where a player would receive permission error messages with items other than current feather material
    Version 0.3
    • Modified kft-consume-feathers to allow for an integer value to define the amount of consumed feathers
    • Added Permissions support (kft.teleport.rights, kft.teleport.forfree)
    • Added kft-feather-material property to change type of item for teleportation
    • Updated to new craftbukkit recommended build [605]
    Version 0.2
    • Added feature to consume feathers if used
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
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    Awesome mod. Our admins can't even play regular MC anymore because of it!
    Can you tie this in with WorldGuard so that users can only use feather in regions that they are a member of? Just an idea.
    Thanks for the mod.
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  3. @phobos2deimos: on the first look I cant seem to find an API to hook into with WorldGuard, but I only glanced at it.. this weekend I will take a closer look and try to make your suggestion work, thx for this good idea
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    I want to be able to teleport on top of the glass.
  5. @arsjet: done

    just add kft-glass-solid=true to your
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    Thank you very much!!
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  7. I like the option for solid glass, even tho i prefer to teleport through it when stalking my new users in invis mode to make sure they dont do naughty things.

    Having trouble with plugin on Build 820. It only works if you are logged on and do a /reload and then it will only function until next login. then it stops working.
  8. @sorken: I will make sure to check this behaviour out, thx for the feedback!

    On a side note: you dont get any exceptions or other error reporting in your server console, right?
  9. No, would have reported that if it did. But i have noticed some extra weird behaviour. From time to time it decides that rightclicking with any material at all with act as a feather. And it seems to happen on B819 aswell, just less often.

    Update: Moving between worlds reenables feather functionality. Until next relog ofc.. then it stops working again.
  10. @Sorken: I cant reproduce your problem, and Ive tried many varieties of reload and lots of different users loging in etc.

    Could you possibly give me a complete list of your plugins, so I could check if there is any clash of events?

    Edit: Or could you just try and disable all other plugins and see if that behaviour persists? And then reactivate some plugins and retry etc
  11. Ofcourse, I will go down to bare minimal amount of plugins and start testing.

    OpenInv <- the evil one!
    HeroSneak <- Not causing the issue, thought maby autosneak was on and that cuase the issue.
    kFeatherTeleport <- wee!

    ... ugh, just typing out the list gives me a headache. And I may actually have a clue myself.. *runs off to test*

    Edit: It wasnt herosneak as i thought it would be, but OpenInv.. strange as that one doesnt use any rightclick functionality.

    Edit2: Further testing shows it was a clash between OpenInv and BukkitContrib. Updating BukkitContrib to 0.0.4 Alpha resolved things so OpenInv functions properly aswell.
  12. Ah OK, so OpenInv..

    I will see if that is catching any Player Events that might interrupt something.

    Thx for trying this out :) I will keep you updated on any workarounds for this problem.

    Edit: OpenInv does have a right click functionality for using sticks to open someones inventory :)
    I will check what exactly is causing the problem after work.
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    This is awesome Thank you soo much, donit even care about the silly little buggs:D
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    could there be an option for turning off fall damage when using the feather?
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    Could we get an update for the new recommended build please?
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    Exactly the plugin I was looking for! Works way better than /j command in Essentials (that we were using before). I have a few recommendations though:
    -that you add the word JUMP in the title (this page was hard to find as I was looking for an alternative to /jump - /j)
    -that you take out the teleportation to the sky (I appreciate the long distance recognition, unlike Essentials, but when you click the sky, it take me I don't know where, and then I'm lost)
    -that you change the default object from feather to compass, as it requires you to craft it, costs 4 irons, is like in the french show "fanta bob show". (I first searched 'compass') and this is the logical choice (a compass is made to find your way...)
    -that your config file generates in a dedicated folder, and not in This is the first plugin I find that asks me to change it, and that's annoying.
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    I Have Problem i Neew a use this teleport Only Op! Not users new only op - admin what i can do to use only admins?
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    hi, i am a big fan, and i must be missing something. me and my friend use this plugin on our server all the time, but every time we've installed it( had to a few time) we can never find the config stuff, i know i am missin somethin, can ya help?
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    There's no config file with this. You have to change default settings in (in your server root folder) that you can open with notepad++
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    thanks! so i just add the specific settings i want to my serever.props folder?

    tried it, works great, thanks! never considered putting it in the sever.props file, thought there needed there to be a plugin folder for it. guess i should stop skimming pages :D
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    It does not work for me.
    my looks like this :

    >blackbinary@Gabriel /var/mc/test-env $ cat
    #Minecraft server properties
    #Tue Aug 09 15:11:35 CEST 2011
    server-name=BlackMining-World [Swiss]
    motd=1.7.3 is Online. Buikkit build \#1000
    #will require and consume the amount of feathers if AMOUNT contains a positive value (0 by default)
    #will require and consume the amount of back material if AMOUNT contains a positive value (0 by default)
    #will require a minimum distance to be traveled via teleportation if AMOUNT contains a positive value (0 by default)
    #will limit the air travel distance of a possible teleportation if AMOUNT contains a positive value (unlimited by default)
    #will add a cooldown time before each teleportation in number of SECONDS configured (0 by default)
    #will report to the user, that he has no rights to teleport if so (false by default)
    #will set the feather material to another material item than the feather (e.g. 3 or DIRT for DIRT Blocks)
    #will set the back porting material to another material item than the egg (e.g. 3 or DIRT for DIRT Blocks)
    #will deactivate back teleporting if set to true
    now, if the server starts or i reload the config it always make the output:
    2011-08-10 13:42:40 [INFO] [kFeatherTeleport] finished loading (v0.9.3) [featherMaterial: COMPASS, backPorting OFF, maximu
    mDistance: 20, cooldownTime: 3, glass is solid, Permissions enabled]
    No Error /Exceptions..
    But the Items does absolutly nothing.

    i use the bukkit 1000
    ------ EDIT --------------------------
    I have the Problem found ! i cant use the same Item even if the back option is turn off!

    @Kerim please pleas please can you make a option to do the same thing ether with LEFT or RIGHT Klick?

    I like to set it to LEFT0 so that i can use the rightklick for a other special feature of a other plugin
  22. @snouz

    Hi and thanks for using my plugin. First of all: impressive Hogwarts there! :)
    Now to your requests:
    - adding JUMP makes no sense to me, since this plugin really has nothing to do with jumping
    - I will add a sky prevention, good idea
    - default object always was the feather, not gonna change that, since many plugins had this as default since the beginning of minecraft, and changing your own default isnt that hard :)
    - adding another config file would be an option, but i prefer to keep my settings in one place.. it looks neater this way and there arent many options you need to enter in to your


    Hi there, I dont really get your problem.. Your config seems fine, you should be able to teleport around with Right clicks. Left clicking doesnt work for you.. Is that your main problem or is there something else? I will add a left click option after testing thouroughly that it does not produce any problems. But the addon never said that it would support left click so far :)

    • added skyport prevention
    • added left mouse click settings
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    I just wrote like 10 lines and lost them...

    @Kerim Ok, I summarize, what I was saying was:
    -there's a film named jumper, with people basically having the same power than your plugin
    -I searched through every tp plugin to get this function, and feather teleportation doesn't describe what I wanted, so it was hard to find.
    -there was a bug, I guess it's corrected. When you click the sky, when the click touches the top of the map, and there's a cave under that coordinate, you just teleport to that cave.
    -about the config file: I have to argue. It's harder to delete plugins if configs are in It's also easier if there's a config file created with default values, and alternate values in comments. But that's just accessibility concerns.
    -about the compass, I found them: hatfilms! the ones that make official trailers for updates!
    -what I don't like about the feather is that you find them everywhere. It's stackable and all...
    -all that being said, your plugin works great and I love it! These were just constructive criticism, tweaks and details to have more people to use it : )

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  24. @snouz
    I know that movie jumper and I also like it, but still, only because of one movie that calls teleportation jumping.. there are thousands if not millions of books and movies that call it teleportation :)

    I like your constructive critics, its always welcome, and I dont mind if more people get around to using this plugin, but in the end: This plugin is what it is, I wont change the basic fundamentals of it, if not necessary.. People should use it for what it is :)

    About the config file: I guess I will add the possibility to have a separate configuration file when I get the time for it..

    P.S: clicking the sky means I get reported that the player had BEDROCK as target.. this was different a couple bukkit versions back where I would still get AIR blocks, also the height wraps around, so clicking the sky means you click BEDROCK at zero height, which in turn would make my plugin go up from the bottom of the world whereas previously it would be the other way around.. I would have the maximum height from which I would choose a suitable place beneath that.. so if you catch the logic: you will now end up in a cave if there is one, but before you would end up on the surface.. anyways, just never activate skyporting and everybody will be OK ^^
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    I figured out what was happening with the click in the sky. It's just that it was surprising, when you missed the top of the mountain and instead got stuck in a deep dark cave. It could give you heart attack but this is over, the nightmare is over now.
    About teleportation, my point was just that jump is not only vertical, it also means (in my english-french dictionary) a leap forward. I just meant that there are so many teleportation plugins out there: some use portals, some commands, others signs, and there's nothing in the title that could make someone figure out the mechanics of this one. I find "jump" clear, enough to search it in the list of plugins. Well, I couldn't find any other word that fit what I needed.
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    the problem is solved. Discoverd that you cant set "port" and "back" to the same Item even if "back" is turnd off. - of course you would never choose this setting. It was my fault. :)

    Yes i know, the Left click was just a feature request. for example forward and backward on the same Item..
    - or, in my case i like to have the Rightclick free for a other Plugin like "Geocacher"

    Thank you !! :D
    You just got some [diamond][diamond][diamond]!
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    btw thank you for your last update. The click on the sky is perfect. It becomes fun to click anywhere you want without worrying whether you click the sky or the ground :) Kudos!
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    There is still a minor bug. When you click in the upper horizon (on the horizon, but slightly up) you end up SOMEWHERE.
  29. thats not a bug, you are clicking on terrain which you are not seeing though because of the limited range of displayed world blocks.. just set up a maximum distance of 200 or something..

    I might add a variable maximum distance depending on the viewing distance..
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    i love this pluggin and use or ask for it on all servers. would love to see it as a mod for single player (modloader compat and all that)! ^^
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    nice plugin, but i've got a problem
    i can use it wif permissions, but i will get alot of spam message in the console when a player use feather.
    anyway, it doesnt affect the use of feather, but i cant see the conversation through console, so i wanna ask for the solution.
    thx for help

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