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    kaTeleportation - An easy to use teleportation system

    Version: v1.1

    With kaTeleportation you may save up to 9 positions to teleport to. Just visit a location you want later teleport to in person and type "\t save <name>" (replace <name> with your own name). To teleport to this saved location just type "\t <name>" (replace <name> with the name you gave the stored location). You may save also 9 locations which are accessible for all persons on the server. You have to be an OP (Admin) to do so. All locations (those in the global list and those in your own list) are valid locations to teleport to. To list all available position in your list type "\t show". For all available location in the global list type "\t showglobal"
    You may as well delete the locations you saved. As an OP you may delete as well the locations for every one.

    For more balancing there is now a 2nd version, where you have to pay 1 gold ingot if you want to teleport. I assume that this will bring back a more balanced gameplay. So you may choose from the two version down below. All other features are pretty much the same.

    See list of commands below to get more information about your possibilities.

    * kaTeleportation makes it possible to teleport up to 18 location (your 9 own and 9 for all)
    * you had to be there once (and saved the location) to go there again by teleportation
    * you will not be teleported if there are now solid blocks where you want to teleport to
    * you will not be teleported if there is now lava where you want to teleport to
    * you will not be teleported if there is now a hole with a height of >100 blocks where you want to teleport to
    * if the hole is less then 100 blocks you will be teleported savely to the lowermost block

    * \t show - shows all your stored positions
    * \t showglobal - shows positions stored for everybody
    * \t save - saves the current position as "myhome" for you
    * \t save <name> - saves the current position as "name" for you
    * \t delete <name> - deletes the position "name" from your list
    * \t saveglobal - saves the current position as "globalhome" for all (only OPs)
    * \t saveglobal <name> - saves the current position as "name" for all (only OPs)
    * \t deleteglobal <name> - deletes the position "name" for all (only OPs)
    * \t <name> - teleports you to the position "name"

    DOWNLOADS (latest versions):
    * gold payment version: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    * normal version: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    older versions:
    * <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    INSTALLATION: Just copy the downloaded jar file into yout plugin folder of the bukkit server and start the server (or reload it).

    DEINSTALLATION: Just delete the "kaTeleportation.jar" (or the "kaTeleportation-vXXXX.jar") file and the "kaTeleportation" folder (if it exists) from your plugin folder.

    Changelog: Version 1.1
    * kaTeleportation is now multi world proof. You may now teleport only in the same world. Coordination problemes was fixed.
    * 2nd version now available where you have to pay 1 gold ingot to teleport, to make it more balanced.
    * Added 4 more slots to save positions, though now you can save up to 9 private locations and 9 global ones.
    * Changes in the position file names has been taken place. Names will be updated automaticly.
    * Source code is now within the jar.

    Future Ideas and some thoughts: I'm running a server and there are just friends playing on this server. We try to keep everything balanced (more or less) but still want to have some improvements. This was the reason why i started to make plugins for the bukkit minecraft server. Thats as well the reason why I try to have some cost for every advantage a plugin will give a player.
    I will try to develop more plugins in the future with the same idea behind it and put it all in one plugin. But for now there are just two plugins available, this one and a diving plugin (kaDiving).

    Thank you and have fun !


    PS: If there are any problems, questions, commentaries or anything else please let me know.
    PPS: If the command "\t" collides with another command from another plugin or so, please tell me and I will change it...
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        kaTeleportation - An easy to use Teleportaion system
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    ups, thx
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    hello, any permissions(PEX) support?
    I'd like that the users will be able only to /t <place>
    bcz I have anohter plugin and you plugin will might be the best to piece out my wishes
    thank you
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    There is no permission support yet, and probably will never be, sorry. So every player may set savepoints and every OP may set global savepoints. That's it for the moment.

    Your are very welcome ...
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    First want to say I really really like this plugin. It has been working great on my server! However I do have one request.

    Can you please update this plugin to 1.2? I have a lot of people who want to keep teleportating!
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    Thank you.

    I will see what i can do. Is it broken or what problems in which Bukkit version you got with this plugin? And do you use the gold payment version or the normal version?


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    Yo, this going to get updated for 1.2.5? Normal version doesn't work with

    Craftbukkit 1.2.5-R1.3

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