Inactive [TP/FUN/RP] SimpleHotel - Add simple costly hotels to your server! [1.0.1-R1]

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    SimpleHotel v1.1
    About this Plugin:
    SimpleHotel is a plugin in which I hope to expand in the future. The plugin is basically a 'payed warps' plugin, with '[check-in]' signs along with various other tools to allow you to create 'simple hotels'. This plugin requires Vault, so if you havn't already installed that on your server, I reccomend you do so as to support my plugin and many others to come in the future which will support this new API.​
    • Create hotels with [hotel] tag on top line of sign
    • Hotel pricing
    • [check-in] signs which allow users to rightclick the sign to 'check in' to a hotel
    • Commands for all major hotel operations
    • Deletes hotels when the accompanying sign is removed
    • Changes sign text to 'The Hotel:" if player does not have the correct permission node
    • Supports all major economy systems (iConomy, Essentials, BOSEconomy) via Vault

    To create a simple hotel, place a sign in game. Once you have done this, set the lines as follows:​
    To create a check-in sign, set it up as follows:​

    Permissions & Commands:
        Description: States whether or not a player can make a hotel
        Default: op
        Description: States whether or not a player can create a check-in sign
        Default: op
        Description: States whether or not a player can destroy hotel signs
        Default: op
        Description: Defines whether or not a user may buy a hotel with a sign or command
        Default: op
        Description: Defines whether or not a player can list available hotels
        Default: op
        description: Command for purchasing a hotel room for a night.
        usage: /<command> <hotelroom>
        aliases: [buyhotel, rentroom, stay]
        description: Command for deleting hotels which have been assigned.
        usage: /<command> <hotelroom>
        aliases: [removehotel, hotelremove, hoteldel, delroom]
        description: Command for listing designated hotels
        usage: /<command>
        aliases: [hotels]
    Thank you for using my plugin and hope you like it! Please leave a comment below if you have any issues or feature requests. I will update this post with pictures if anyone is confused about the setting up of a sign, or other issues.
    Tested, working with the latest bukkit dev build #1510

    Updated the post to contain a link to the source on github, the main repository.

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    Supports iConomy, EssentialsEco and BOSEconomy via vault... check the main post.

    EDIT: Probably should make that more clear in the main post, I will add it to the features :p

    Updated main post with a video, if it is even needed :)

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    This is AWESOME! Only one thing... how can it charge the player PER night? (Whole day cycle since the player bought the room) Or does it already do that...
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    I am working on it now, it is one of the future features. Currently, in my lastest dev version I have compiled, you can choose the time in ticks the player is checked into a hotel also on the hotel sign. Still to be added before I release it is a repeater which automatically charges the player every time the timer passes the time, in ticks.
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    Can u add somthing to mark the Hotel ?
    Because i want to make a big House with many rooms and each room iss a "hotel"
    or a function that the Door under the Shild with "[Hotel]" can only be opened by the person who bought the hotel ?

    Would be nice iff u add somthing like that :)

    And i can buy a hotel just 100 times and every time i get -25$ ... ?
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    Latest rb please
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    Can it be like 1 check in sign, and it will direct the player to the first available hotel, the hotel can be built in by the guy who bought the hotel, the hotel resets back to normal conditions if they can't pay for the house, it comes out of their holdings
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    Deleted user

    Could you please make a Bukkit 1337/Minecraft 1.8.1 version of this?
    Many people are still using Bukkit 1337 (including me) because they feel that the survival part of Minecraft was taken out when Notch added potions/The End to Minecraft 1.0.0.

    Thank you.
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    This plugin is confirmed backwards-compatable with bukkit build 1337, all the way down to 1240.
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    Hmmmm...bit confused, if som1 checked in to a hotel and placed his items in his room's chest and then som1 else came and checked in to the same hotel he can steal the other guy's stuff & how does this hotel thing works a skyscraper with rooms is a single hotel or I should set every room a hotel??
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    Please make a way to make seperate rooms in a hotel i.e
    and then when a player right clicked on that sign they "claimed" that room, then when you check in you auto goto the room you claimed until time is up
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    thank you so much, now I dont need to get stupid logs anymore :) [log]
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    how do u leave a hotel like un check in
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    Now please add the payment per night and a way to leave a hotel like when the guy stays at
    a hotel and he is ready to leave he type /hotel leave and he pays and leaves...
    Or if he stays at a hotel and is out of money (can not afford the night) he will automaticly be kicked
    Another good idea is to add a room service ability like a sign with [Room-Service] on top and the ammount of money on 2nd line - something that by right clicking will give the player a list of foods to eat - and by typing
    /<food type> he will buy the food !
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    11:54:59 [INFO] [SimpleHotel v1.1] error enabling economy via Vault! Disabling p
    11:54:59 [INFO] [SimpleHotel v1.1] has shut down...
    11:54:59 [INFO] [SimpleHotel v1.1] by wizzledonker loaded on server.

    whats wrong?? :confused: please help me I want this awesome plugin!!
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    hi i need help im using the 1.1 R3 build and this dont work on a sign i write
    and it stays exactly like that no change please help
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    Hasn't updated to 1.1-R3 yet :/

    Wish it would though.......
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    i'm installing now i might make a video on it (with mic :) )
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    Thank you very much. This is excactly what i was looking for :)
  22. Hello,

    your plugin sounds interesting, but I've got some requests :)

    Could you add support for multiple rooms?
    For example my hotel has 24 rooms ;)

    So players can check in at the reception and can go to their rooms.

    Now my biggest wishes ;)
    In my case, each room has his door(s), a bed and a chest.
    It would be nice, if the room and the chest could be locked for other players, when a user checked in into that room.
    Maybe the sign on each room can show Guest: Playername...?

    It's a lot of work I think, but maybe you can have a look :)
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    Can you please update this to the latest bukkti build, my players really liked this plugin :(
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    Updateing/making compadible for 1.2.4 ?? are u :confused:
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    can u please update to run with latest version
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    1.2.5? iconomy?
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    Update please it looks so good
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    outdated version whens the new one coming out looks amazing :)
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    What plugin is the one that if you're op, your name is red?
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    1.2.5 R4 any time soon?

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