Inactive [TP/FUN] MCteleport v0.1 - Allows creating of multiple Glowstone teleporters [1000]

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    Version: v0.1

    MCteleport allows you to create teleporters out of Glowstone and use them to teleport back and forth
    from other Glowstone teleporters that have been created. This mod can help eliminate much walking
    on large servers. To create a Glowstone teleporter you must build a 3 block high, 3 block wide
    doorway out of only Glowstone. To use it you must add this teleporter to your network of teleporters
    by typing "/teleadd (name of teleporter)", and then type "/tele (name of a teleporter)" teleport to
    to any other Glowstone teleporter you have created and added. Type /mctele at
    any time for help.

    You can name teleporters what ever you want!!!

    MCteleport Demo/Tutorial:

    • Allows creation of Glowstong teleporters
    • Allows use of many Glowstone teleporters
    • [*]Works with permissions plugin('mctele.teleadd', 'mctele.tele')
    Download the plugin at:
    Download the Source Code at:

    *Add Functionality to configure teleporter material.

    Version 0.1
    • Release
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    Make it so it automatically teleports you when you walk into the Portals.
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    Its a good idea, the only problem it how couldyou tell it what teleporter you want to go to with out typing.
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    set it to be permanently linked with another portal?
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    true i'll probably add that to my todo list, to add another type of portal wich is only 2-way
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    - make it cost money (iconomy) to go through (optional)
    - make it so you can configure what you want the portal made out of (like gold blocks or something so it takes hard work to make a portal)
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    Add a direct download and I'll try it out. Dropbox or something. I hate megaupload. Lol.
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    Great idea that will be the next thing i do. Thanks for the feedback

    will do sir

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    ok first of all: great plugin! (at least easy enaugh that even i was able to get it working XD)
    but also i found a little problem, which is that if i want to travel longer distances i dont end up at the destination port but like 10-20 blocks deeper in the grund (where im dying because theres no space...)
    not a big problem but i think it could be something you´d like to work on :p

    EDIT: i did some more trying and recognized that im just taken down into the ground when the map in that area isnt completely loaded (im not playing on a real server but i opened one on my computer at home to play with two of my friends, so i dont know if theres even a way to fix that or if i would just need more power to make the map load quicker...)
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    I like the idea, but it needs to have iConomy support so you can allow people to use it for a fee, would make my life on my server easier as the admins could create them and then charge the non admins to use them, until this is added I most likely will not be using it
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    To do the economy support use Register.
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    Here's an idea... Instead of permanently linking them... put a sign next to it which lists all of the other teleporters, then walk into the teleporter after you selected which one you want by clicking on the sign... Good idea?
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    look at wormhole :)
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    Heh, I found one dont worry there able to be looped or 1 way thanks though
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    you should add a way to make the teleporter to only work for select players in the config
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    I think you may want to add better permissions (with better explanations too). You should even make private tele's. Something like /teleadd farm_self
    So that only you may teleport to that farm when "_self" is added.

    There should be a list of some sort so that others can find the ports available. I also like the sign idea that will allow you to select which portal to teleport to by right clicking.
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    nice plugin :)

    plz an update for the 1.9 Bukki?
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    a good plugin,... the only problem? megaupload is closed!!!
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    woo this is a good plugin but it needs a bit more work.
    see i have a mini server which uses non command stuff
    except home commands ;)
    and to have multi world surport and teleporters will help a lot
    so keep up with the good work
    [pig] [tnt]
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    How can I download this plugin without megaupload???
    I need it!!!!![creeper]=[flintnsteel]+[tnt]
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    hello i like this plugin a lot but megaoupload is down so can you make a new ling to mediafire or github or something
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    I Realy Need this plugin for my server, can you please update the downloadlink ? :D

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