Inactive [TP/FUN] LaunchMe v2.3.1 - Cannon-based transport! [1.4.5-R0.2]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Spudstabber, Nov 17, 2011.

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    I made my own, does not suffer for loss of "PlayerMoveEvent" hook this one seems to do.
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    I've recently discovered a way of optimising it a lot nicer. I haven't released a new version of this for a while, and I plan on recoding all of this as I despise the way I coded it. Would I be able to see your version, though?
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    Hey, i have a problem, I was able to set up a cannon, and used it once, then I went to change te co-ordinates and it stoped working completly, I made 3 other cannons an nothin...
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    We are all missing the boom! Our server relies heavily on your plugin for public transport around the map. We have a central cannon dome shaped a little like a revolver cylinder, with long tubes sticking out of the top, through which the plugin fires the players. They seriously love the boom, as well as the ability to look around when launching/landing. Unfortunately, there is no more cannon love, because the recent updates have led to a string of error messages... and dead cannons. I know you're busy with life and stuff, but please, could you bring back the love? Update? Please?
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    Unsupported version D:

    Would you please recompile it for java 1.6?
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    Check the BukkitDev page. An official release was made compiled against JRE6.
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    It keeps displayed "You must be on a cannon to do this"

    and the cannon was created successfully according to the server

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    ok I've got a idea since the cords are too long most of the time make a cannon like this:

    and it'll launch you to a landing pad with this:

    think that'll work?
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    Nice plugin, totally adding to my server, Spudstabber I would love to have you on my server!
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    Tho everytime someone uses a cannon is causes server lag?
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    I dontknow if anyone had said this yet but instead of coordinates you could add something like a name of the landing pad. Either by sign or typing /launch 'landpadname'
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    Finally updated and rewritten after a long hiatus! Read the BukkitDev page, syntax for cannons and creation has entirely changed, as has permission nodes.
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    Updated it to 1.4.5-R0.2 - hopefully should be stable and (relatively) bug-free.
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    Any plugin by Spud is the best! Plugin works great bro
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    Heh, thanks!
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    Lots of updates - proper targeting system and framework for (soon-to-come) warp integration!
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    LaunchMe v2.3.1 released - lots of bugfixes, and added Targeted Cannons/Teleporters in the previous few updates.
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    hey just wondering will you still be updating this after the 1.5 update because i am useing something like this in my server and if you are going to continue i would switch over
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    Awesome Plugin But Can You Add A Vid Please?
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    Yep, pretty sure I'm gonna update it - we'll have to see, though. At the bare minimum, I'll make sure it works with 1.5.

    I need to get round to it. I'm awful at videos, but I'll try!

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