Inactive [TP/FUN] LaunchMe v2.3.1 - Cannon-based transport! [1.4.5-R0.2]

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    Yes, that was it, thank you for pointing that out, and good luck on the further development of this plugin. I love it immensely.
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    well well well thats pull out a new request from my site Landing signs xD
    I like sign better than commands idk why
    but if you dont want to make it its not that big of a deal

    I just see that storing the Location on a sign is easier than a Command because then there no need for a Database since you can just roll a test for sign with the [land] line on whenever the plugin loads.
    (like falsebook/craftbook do)
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    Deleted user

    NoCheat support? n.. also should temporary override server flying settings...​
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    would be cool if the sign could some how be rigged up to a Redstone circuit...

    there may be a plugin for that already..( I haven't seen any that are updated)

    You could than make offering shrines (wooden pressure plate to circuit, to sign) that launch you too there (gods) temple or dungeon start-area (once you have placed an offering on them,of course)

    just an idea :p

    anyways thanks for this great plugin :D
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    It does override server flying.
    You could do that with autolaunch: true and then a standard pressure plate circuit, maybe with pistons opening the door to the cannon?

    Instead of doing multiple launches from one cannon, do multiple cannons! :D Have, like, a cannon hub area, for transport.

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    I think i have found a bug...! or maybe its just me..
    I set the x to be: -243.65 and the y to 66.43. ( i have treid it in game mode 1 og 0..)
    i launch the cannon and WOOOSH!! i flyed to a location with a half rock and some half trees and it was the wrong location i fly to! it flyed to: X -233.43 Y 45.34 or around that!
    I warped back, i could not launch the rocket again. So i restarted the server, i tried to set it to a defrent location (X 245.23 Y 66.55) and WOOOSH!! I flyed to the same location as befor.. Have i did something wrong or is it a bug??

    Please help!

    Thanks in advance!

    Sorry for my bad english!
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    For a start, you cannot set Y coordinates Line 2 is X, line 3 is Z. Secondly, are you running creative? You need to set creativemode: false to true.
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    I dissaprove your username. However the plugin is awesome :3
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    can u please add my server to the server list? its survival/pvp and its called RedSox World. the ip is thanks!
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    wow, derp ;p
    (i didn't realize that you could do auto launch until i tried it after i commented)
    thanks for that will do, haha

    have been playing around with this plugin it works great, thanks again
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    I am trying to setup a quest to give player access to use cannons (not cannon signs) but it is enabled by default for everyone to be able to be launched from them.

    I saw the permission node, but how do I make it a requirement to have the permission?
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    Uhm. I think you have to add minus nodes to all those who you don't want to be fired. I'm not too sure, sorry.
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    First I thought It would be a boring teleporter plugin but this is FANTASTIC :p Are this making lagg when many people do it? And are there a way to make it cost money?

    Btw you can add this server:
    DMSS - - Survival

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    Money, yes, simply add a monetary value on the bottom of signs. And no, it doesn't cause lag when used by lots of people.
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    Can you make a example? Please :) and thanks :D
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    Um. Sign that says the following.
    That'd send them to 0.5 0.5 (AKA 0, 0) and charge them 30 dollars/zennies/pieces of cake for it, or whatever your economy system is.
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    Ok thanks :) I'm using this on my server :)

    I think there is a bug.. First time it's firing me up without typing a command but next time it won't work.. There happens nothing when I type /launch it's not even registering it in the server.log

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    If you're using creative mode, set creativemode: true in the config.
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    Will people with survival work too then??
  20. I suggest to use the old versions of this plugin, they work fine for me, the bad thing is theres no smoke effect, but it dun matter if the plugin work, actually the only bug of the plugin is the economy, dont take the money of the players if they dont have enought money to pay, that mean they travel free if they dont have money..., i add another plugin for take the money of the ppl by other way.

    im afraid to use the new versions cuz theres a lot of ppl having troubles with that thing of not being able to travel more than one time, so ill wait for a new and fixed version...
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    Hey there!
    Have you got a github that I could work on some pull requests for you on?
    I have an idea or two for a command that would make creation a lot easier.
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    well i tried it and it wasnt working. do u think i could have done something wrong ??
  23. wtf has this been updated? i got random error, i removed server.txt log and redownloaded this plugin after removing it, now it works fine. Now it says "not charged to use this cannon!" and it didnt say it earlier but i cant find anywhere how to make payment option for launches?
  24. Oh my god! I just had a nice vision about this plugin!!!
    You must add launch possibility to different world!
    Right now you make 2x signs:

    and landing needs:​

    How about add possibility to launch into different world? Like launches to air but teleports to ground instantly in other world for example if in NETHER.

    If id make teleport to nether:


    how about this?
    if could make
    Semicraft (<- my worlds name)​
    and other teleport :​

    Can this be done?
    coz i would love to have portal room with this which would throw ppl to nether,other worlds etc. Coz atm i can only make portals to same world , not from world to world jumps :D
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    Hey, this is a great plugin, but i have one problem. I have a large maze, with a couple cannons in it. But when you move and you are in mid-air (after you have been launched) you don't land on the landing point. This makes it so they are on the top level of the maze and can easily cheat. Is it possible to make it so that you can not move in the air after launch, or at least make it so it kills the person when they don't land on the gold block.
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    Really awesome plugin, longing for multiworld support! :D
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    I'd like to report a bug with the economy section, as that's how I'm limiting my player's usage...
    My cannons work fine, but there seems to be no check for how much the player's balance has. I'm using CB 1781, LaunchMe 1.8.3, PermissionsEx, EssentialsEco with Vault, and one of my non-special-permissioned players can use a cannon with 100 on line 4 even if he only had 7.25 in his account.
    If it's a problem on my end, please let me know. Thank you.
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    No, I believe it's a problem on mine. I've been a bit busy lately, so sorry for lack of updates. I'll try and get one done soon.
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    Great Plugin, but 1 issue...
    If someone performs a player movement command it bugs the cannon and the player can not use the cannons anymore (we have 4 and seems to bug them all)

    For example they type /spawn in the air or a /tp command. once they do this even typing /launch does not trigger the cannon, or any cannon on the server.

    the only way I can fix this is to reload the plugins
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    Same but I can only use 1 cannon 1 time before 1 have to reload my plugins fix thins please highly commanded on my server.

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