[TP/FIX] uNether v0.1 - Get back to your own nether portal [1000]

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    uNether - Get back to your own portal !
    Version: v0.1

    By default, when you create nether portals in your world, only the first created one is used when coming back from the nether.
    With uNether, the portal you used to go in the nether is saved, and when you'll want to come back on world, you will arrive on the portal you used before.
    It's a very simple plugin, just place it in plugins folder, and that's it !

    • Allow all players of the server to use correctly their own nether portals
    Download uNether
    Source Code

    Version 0.1
    • Releasing the plugin. Allowing player to get back to their portal when comming back from nether

    • Configuration file
    • Two modes : First where everyone get on the same place on the nether (current), and second where each world portal is linked to an other portal at the same place in the nether.
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    Checked if it works on #935.
    And it works :)
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    Update the plugin to latest recommended build and change the title accordingly.
    Failure to do so will result in this moving to INACTIVE section.
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    Mathew Alden

    Hi. I was looking for a plugin just like the second mode. Please update soon. :)
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    Just checked for the last RB, and it works fine.

    Sorry, lots of work these last days, I'll update ASAP :)
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    great plugin
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    PLEASE can you add that? The only really usefull thing of the nether is fast travel and atm its so stupidly unreloable because 5 otherworld portals all generate 1 nether portal :(
    I don't want to return to my own one, i want 1:1 portals that allow u to jump big distances in the otherworld via the nether.
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    Yeah, I'm thinking about a proper way to do that.
    I'll try to get some times this week end to do it !
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    build 965? and this is kinda a [fix] thing as well as a [tp] thing, just a sugestion, but other than that, this is great, so simple, and kinda light, but still functional, with no bugs as i see yet
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    Good point !
    I added FIX in the title, and tested the compatibility with RB1000. Seems to work fine.

    Btw, thank you :)
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    Does this plugin have the ability to block people from creating nether portals altogether? I have been having so many issues with players causing portals to randomly pop up in the normal world, and I already let them have permissions to make nether portals via Stargate...
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    You mean block all creation of portal by players, or block the automatic creation of portal on the other world when a player create one ?
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    I'm confused; I went into the nether, walked a while, built a portal, and came out somewhere completely different, without this plugin. That doesn't sound like what you're describing.
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    Don't know.
    May be the last RB fixed it, didn't checked.

    But before, everybody was caming out from one only portal.
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    Not in Bukkit.
    I never had this behavior, for all the servers I installed, all nether portal was linked to the first created portal. And that was pretty annoying !
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    You're definitely using a bad Bukkit version, or bad plugins. I just ran a completely new world on Bukkit, went to the nether, walked 128 blocks in one direction (give or take some in perpendicular directions), and came out somewhere completely different.
  18. How far apart were they?
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    Mh, last time I tried, a friend build a portal at one side of a map, and me at the other side, and I was able to go to the nether from my portal but I was always coming back from his portal. And we were arriving by the same portal in the nether.
    Every one on the server (20 people, approximatively) had this behavior.
    And, I'm not the only one having that problem, some other friends had servers and had the same problem.
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    Oh thank you, I needed this so much. I hate seeing random portals every where.
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    Sorry! Of course bukkit didn't notify me of a response as I didn't get quoted or anything, but yes....

    I use Stargate for my nether system and all 5 of my worlds and just want to remove the notch system completely by blocking nether portal creation. There was a plugin that did this before and it was abandoned, curious as to whether this one can work in a similiar manner.

    Also, if that isn't possible, could you make it use the same portal both ways? Going into the nether from ANY notch nether portal always goes into my server's nether base, and ANY portal exited from the nether always takes you to a certain portal I have created just to prevent creation of others completely?

    Basically what use could this plugin be for me if I want to avoid the default nether portal system, what options do I have with this individual plugin :)
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    Nice plugin :D
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    I can't thank you enough for this!
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    Glad to see that my plugin is usefull for some peoples :)

    I don't have much time for now, but I'll try to add features soon.
    May be what Rpa;otj asked too, to be able to disable nether portal creation .. need to think about that a little.
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    Maybe you could let people use some kind of command to "link" 2 portals (1 in the normal, 1 in the nether). Then when someone uses a portal, it checks if they went through one that's linked and makes sure they arrive at the other link. Then people could really have what they need: control over this problem.
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    i tryied this plugin on my homeserver, but it didn't work, cause of not naming my Map "world".
    I solved it by changing the String "world_nether" in 'uNetherPL.java', Line 29 to the name of my world.
    Maybe you should get the name of the map automatically, so it is more flexible to use.
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    Hey guys,
    if i create a portal ... and stand after in there, there comes the message "coordinates updated" .. but if i join back to the real world, i stand not in the portal i started ....
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    Thanks LordLeonidas, I'll add your modification to my sources :)
    I thought while doing it that I'll have a problem with worlds name ^^

    SilencShadow : If it says "Coordinates updated", it means that it already had coordinates saved for your player.
    So, you were supposed to already be in the nether.
    How are named your worlds ? You may need the same modification as LordLeonidas.
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    @ Ulrar: i've sent him my modification. So it should run for him now

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