[TP/ECON] TSA v0.9.0 - Travel Sign Authority (Sign Based Travel) [IConomy6][1185]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by hakelimopu, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Looks really cool, going to try this out now :)
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    I am in a group with the everything tag for commands '*' but this plugin is problematic with that, and using tsa.* only allows limited features.

    I'm not sure what other into to provide other then I am running latest successful build 1221.
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    Im sort of new to this, but I really want to use this mod. Can anyone tell me how to use permissions? I just need two groups. All ops, and all users (default, like random people that join)
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    You can just use the inbuilt ops system. All plugins should give all commands to ops.

    Also in light of this you can ignore my query because I wasn't opped when I should have been.
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    Why is it it tells me that the economy is not hooked in when I try to travel? I have iConomy installed.

    Edit: I'm using iConomy 6.0.3.
    When I create the sign, it tells me that the arrival or departure point is created, but when I try to travel, it says "Economy not hooked in, so no travel for you". I don't see any config file for me to edit to fix that issue.
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    I confess, I did not do as much testing with the permissions as I should have.

    I am currently working on a few updates (and testing for build 1185), so I shall give it a more thorough going-over.


    Just finished updating. Permissions seem to work correctly.
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    It would be great if you wrote what the single permission node did :)
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    1. adding default contrabands may not be the best idea since people will have to remove them, command by command since i doubt your defaults match everyone elses ideas of what they should be.
    2. The reason why i can not use this plugin on my server: It kills people. Wether the sign is placed high or low, or N/W/E/S. It randomly murders people when they arrive..
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    Um... random murder is a feature?

    But seriously, sorry for the random carnage. I will investigate.

    Question: how enclosed was the area into which the players were teleporting? I had early issues when ceilings were too low. I also had issues when departure points and arrival points were too far away.

    I think in response to the contraband issue, I shall add a "contraband clear" command so that one command removes all contraband from the list.
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    Hey hey

    It's really good plugin but to make it perfect it would need custom contraband for each sign.
    ..or im missing something and its possible to do it..

    Edit: one more thing i would love to see signs that work 2 ways this way making transports will be easier
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    Do you think it would be possible to add ownership to a sign so that any money would go toward a specific iConomy account? I have a town account set up and I would like all money to go directly into that account instead of vanishing.
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    Mordekaim: per sign contraband would add too much complexity to the plugin (i.e. add too much management)

    ROFLBOB: i will think on this. i still have the 4th line of the arrival point signs free. i could make it so that an arrival point determines where the money goes, but I will need to consider whether such a change is right for the plugin...
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    its possible to add economy5 ? i have any problems on my server with economy6 and with 5 and 6 test it... but its say:
    "Economy not hooked in, so no travel for you"
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    Does this work with 1337?
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    If a player is caught using a contraband/illegal item then you should have an option to teleport them to a certain location kinda like a screening room at an airport? Or maybe lets say 3 tries to get through say they forogt about that item then they remove it and are allowed through? Would be awesome
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    I have a Departure that has Line1 [TSA] Line2 DEPARTURE Line3 Test Line4 0
    and with just that it's telling me that there is no arrival with the name test.

    If i create a sign with [TSA] ARRIVAL Test it's telling me: [TSA] Arrival point could not be created.

    Help me solve this?
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    What does Double_Step block mean ??
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    Every time i attempt to travel i fall out of the world and die....:p
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    I would love to use this for my server. But when I place a Sign with [TSA] it says "TSA signs can only be placed on double steps." Any help???
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    Do what it asks u to - put any slab, then another 1 and then the sign on them

    I need help : I can easily place departure signs, but when i place arrival sign it says like [TSA]: Arrival point could not be created. Checked all lines - correct. What can be the problem?

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    Long time no see hakelimopu. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
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